American Mary at the Rio Theatre May 31


Jen and Sylvia Soska are Vancouver horror filmmakers. Already that’s unusual – in fact, we can’t think of one other Vancouver-born-and-raised shockmeister. (David Cronenberg is Canada’s most prominent, in fact only well-known director of horror films: check out early efforts like Rabid and Scanners). Even more unusual, though, is that the Soskas are twins. So, naturally, they’re getting a lot of attention for their second movie, American Mary.

Produced and shot locally, with Vancouver actors in supporting roles, American Mary begins its theatrical run at the Rio Theatre Friday May 31.

Starring Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps), American Mary follows broke and disenchanted medical student Mary Mason (Isabelle). Mary finds herself drawn into the mysterious underground world of surgical body modification.

Jen and Sylvia Soska

Jen and Sylvia Soska at Vancouver Fan Expo 2013. Photo credit: Shawn Conner

The movie, which has been screened at movie festivals like Austin’s Fantastic Fest (where Isabelle took home Best Actress honors for her performance), has picked up its share of both fans and detractors. Some have praised its black humour, while others have stated reservations about the plot and gore.

But if you’re a horror fan, and curious to see an effort by up-and-coming filmmakers as the movie debuts in their own backyard, American Mary at the Rio is definitely a must-see. And, as part of the opening night festivities on Friday, May 31, members of the MastersFX team, who worked on the practical effects in American Mary, will be in attendance for a Q&A following the 9:45 screening. On Monday, June 3, Vancouver burlesque dancer and actress Tristan Risk (Beatress Johnson) will be in attendance for a Q&A and photo-op with fans.

American Mary movie poster

No word on whether or not the Twisted Twins – as the Soskas call themselves – will show up. But we wouldn’t be surprised.

American Mary at the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway nr the Commercial/Broadway Skytrain station)
Friday, May 31 – Monday, June 3
Check for showtimes and for advanced ticket information.

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