This weekend – Women’s Rock Festival!

Kill Matilda

Kill Matilda at the Red Room, Vancouver, Feb 19, 2009. Photo courtesy Kill Matilda.

This weekend sees Vancouver’s inaugural B Ex Spring Rock Women’s Festival. The two-day event features a program of all-girl and female-fronted bands, both local and national. If you like emerging talent you won’t want to miss this spectacular gig.

Headlining the festival is Kill Matilda, fronted by vocal powerhouse Dusty Exner. The full lineup includes acts that range from duos to a five-piece, What’s Hot.

Friday night’s show includes Victories, a garage-rock duo. 3 O’clock Animals is a trio that’s been described as “a cross between Poison, the Barenaked Ladies and Kim Mitchell.” (Kim Mitchell, for you non-Canadians out there, is a fairly well-known – in this country – singer/songwriter/guitarist who once played in a band called Max Webster. Mitchell’s biggest hits are “Might As Well Go for a Soda” and “Patio Lanterns”.)

And What’s Hot! is an all-girl band that, according to a press release, “sings about kittens, food and love.” There’s more good stuff on the What’s Hot! Facebook page, including this band bio: “Casey [singer] wanted to start her first band, and kept on running into Valerie (Mutineers) in the alley, and asked her workmate Clare (Eyelickers, Electrasonics) and her friend Leanne (Certain Breeds) who she throws children’s parties with (no kidding!) if they wanted to get something going. Then Jordie (Hotel Lobbyists, Megabear!) insisted upon drumming, and What’s Hot was formed!!! Then Bronwyn (Ovary Action) filled in on bass when Leanne was on tour, and stole our hearts!” Maybe it’s just us, but you have to love a band featuring a former member of Ovary Action.

Saturday night kicks off with Shady Mae, a four-piece rock/blues band. The Unlevels is a female-fronted trio with an indie/garage-rock sound. Lisa’s Hotcakes is an all-girl quartet with a new EP Love HZ that charted on CiTR, the University of British Columbia’s campus radio station. Kill Matilda finish the night, and the festival, with their brand of aggressive, punky rock’n’ roll.

The festival is 10 dollars a day or 15 dollars for festival pass.

1143 Kingsway
Free pool
Cheap Beers
Free Parking


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