Vancouver Summer Food Cart Fest Returns – Tasty Eats Every Sunday June 23 – Sept. 22

Photo credit: Food Cart Fest

Photo credit: Food Cart Fest

Vancouver’s street food scene is on fire right now. What better way to taste the new street food options than to attend Vancouver’s annual summer Food Cart Fest?

Food Cart Fest launches Sunday, June 23 and continues every Sunday through September 22. The wildly-popular event is as tasty as it sounds. 20 of Vancouver’s finest food trucks come together to dish up snacks and meals including deluxe grilled cheese, wood-fired pizza, fusion fish tacos, wild BC-sourced fish and chips, and Aussie hand pies. The trucks circle around communal tables. Add an ocean view, a community market, live music, DJs, more craft food vendors, and kids’ activities and Food Cart Fest is a full day’s worth of fun.

In 2012, about 5,000 foodies and summer fun seekers ventured out to Food Cart Fest at the Waldorf in East Van each weekend. This year, the organizers (Arrival Agency) and the city worked to find a more central location to entrap even more hungry Vancouverites. In 2013, Food Cart Fest takes place at at 215 West 1st Avenue. The festival is adjacent to the Cambie Street Bridge and Olympic Village; between West 1st Avenue and the seawall. If you’re taking public transport, Food Cart Fest is just a short walk from the Canada Line’s Olympic Village Station; the Aquabus’ Spyglass Place Dock; and bus routes along Broadway, Cambie, Main, and West 2nd Avenue.

Find the full list of participating Vancouver Food Cart Fest 2013 vendors after the jump.


Food Trucks/Carts at Vancouver Summer Food Cart Fest 2013

Aussie Pie Guy
The Chili Tank
Didi’s Greek
Dougie Dog
Feastro the Rolling Bistro
Finest at Sea
Guanaco Salvadoran Cuisine
Holy Perogy
JJ’s Trucketeria
The Juice Truck
Kaboom Box
Le Tigre
Mogu Japanese Street Eats
Mom’s Grilled Cheese
The Reef Runner
Roaming Dragon
Soho Road Naan Kebab
Street Meet
Taser Grilled Cheese
Vij’s Railway Express
Yolk’s Breakfast

Food Cart Fest will run Sundays from 12 to 6pm June 23-September 22. Admission is $2. Children 13 and under enter for free.

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4 Responses to Vancouver Summer Food Cart Fest Returns – Tasty Eats Every Sunday June 23 – Sept. 22

  1. Columbus

    I love food cart food and the great customer service and unique ideas which flows from it. I can already see larger restaurateurs, who are in the “chain restaurant” business might lead to a direct saturation of this sub sector. I would hate to see what happened to the celebrity Iron Chef who opened a restaurant near Robson Street, happen to our good food carting folk. That Iron Chef ended up shutting down from which, I believe was a direct result of an inability to compete with the more popular refined Casual Dining giants. These popular refined Casual Dining giants have lead to a monopoly with a few chains, many of which are owned in someway by one group. I love seeing all these new ideas and a rise to new food and service sector leaders. I love the great ideas and fantastic work behind all these carts and would love to see this sector grow and live without being swollowed up.

  2. valareeb

    We drove from Chilliwack to attend the festival last year, it was great and we plan to attend again this year.
    A question for anyone who has been this year…Do they have some seating with tables?

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  4. Love food trucks… A total foodie who will go to great lengths to find a succulent bite!

    Tell you what… Go to dougie dog, take a video of you and your favorite dougie dog hot dog and send it to me. I am not with dougie dog, I just really like their hotdogs.

    Best video wins a movie date for two.

    Send video to Mike Oulton at :

    Funny. Interesting. Shocking.
    Tell me why you like your fave dougie dog hot dog!