Vancouver’s Best Pizzerias Face Off in the 2013 Pizza Challenge

Photo credit: uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs | Flickr

Photo credit: uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs | Flickr

Vancouver’s pizza renaissance is in full swing.  A few years ago, it was hard to find anything other than spongy, bargain-basement pizza-by-the-slice in the city.  These days, however, Vancouverites have their pick of gourmet ‘za, from traditional Neopolitan styles to more inspired creations with a West Coast flair.

Now, the city’s top pizzerias are facing off for the coveted title of Vancouver’s best pizza.  As part of the Vancouver Foodster Best Pizza Challenge, 14 restaurants across the city are offering brand new, over-the-top pizza creations this month.  Options range from white pizzas topped with exotic fruits to fusion creations with albacore tuna.

In the true spirit of pizza, the winner will be determined democratically, by ordinary diners with a smartphone or an Internet connection.  Here’s how it works.  Visit as many of the 14 participating restaurants in Metro Vancouver as you can before July 15 and try out their specialty creations.  Then log onto the Vancouver Foodster page and vote for your favourites.

Here are just a few of the inspired pizzas battling it out this month:

Bianchi con fichi: Gastown’s trendy Nicli Antica Pizzeria offers up this unique white pizza, featuring fresh figs atop a blend of Grana Padano, buffalo mozzarella and gorgonzola cheeses.  Pies are finished with Serrano ham, arugula and balsamic reduction. Nicli Antica Pizzeria; 62 E. Cordova St.

Carpaccio pizza: Downtown’s classy Q4 al Centro restaurant serves an upscale take on the classic meat lover’s pizza.  Shaved beef tenderloin mingles with caramelized Cipollini onions, roasted portobello mushrooms, crispy arugula and truffle essence.  Q4 al Centro; 780 Richards St.  

B.C. flatbread pizza: From Rocky Mountain Flatbread comes this eclectic pizza, topped with oven-cured grape tomatoes, roasted apples, sauteed leeks, double-smoked maple bacon and oyster mushrooms.  It’s all served on organic flatbread with buffalo mozzarella cheese.  Rocky Mountain Flatbread; 1876 W. 1st Ave. and  4186 Main St.   

Yaletown pizza: Pushing pizza boundaries, Yaletown’s new Parlour Restaurant offers this pie topped with albacore tuna, red and green onions and avocado and cilantro, then drizzled with spicy aioli.  The Parlour Restaurant; 1011 Hamilton St.  

A list of all of the participating restaurants and their specialty pizzas is available on the Vancouver Foodster website.

Do you have a favourite pizzeria in Vancouver? Let us know below.  

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10 Responses to Vancouver’s Best Pizzerias Face Off in the 2013 Pizza Challenge

  1. Via Venere for the win !

  2. Via Tevere for the win !

  3. Marian

    I like the pizzas at Giovanne’s at the Pacific Rim

  4. Michelle

    I’d have to say Via Tevere. No question.

  5. You guys should feature the web clip Gourmet VS Gourmand put together on Vancouver’s pizza scene:

    Pretty says it all.

  6. Laurie

    all depends on what kind of pizza you’re talking about. The real Napolitan pizza like in Italia that is Via Tevere of course ! If you’re talking about american way FAKE pizza, there are so many spot in Vancouver selling them!

    SO, if you want to taste a REAL pizza! Go in Italy or eat a pizza at Via Tevere :)

    Enjoy Italian way of life… the best ever ! haha :)

  7. Amanda

    Incendio – utterly amazing…

  8. Borgie

    Marcellos on commercial has great pizzas!

  9. Bob

    Barbello’s is pro

  10. Oliver

    Why wasnt pizza guys vancouver part of this? Not exactly Italian but still delicious pizza