#SharingChinatown – tonight!

Sharing Chinatown Zach Bulick image

Chinatown, Vancouver. Photo credit: Zach Bulick.

He’s big on Instagram. And he wants to share his knowledge and tips about the photo-sharing social media platform with anyone who wants to come along tonight (July 5).

In conjunction with the Modo car co-op and Trade School Vancouver, Zach Bulick is leading groups through the city’s historic Chinatown and its famous weekly night market. Participants will be encouraged to photograph and share their images using the hashtag #sharingchinatown.

Bulick has been on Instagram since early 2010, almost since inception – about two or three months after its launch. “There was a community of graphic designers I started following,” Bulick told Inside Vancouver. “I used it to document daily things I think are neat. I like typography and signage, and people resonated with that. Someone at Instagram made me a suggested user for a significant period of time.”

As a “suggested user”, Bulick was someone whom new signees were encouraged to follow. At his peak he had 115,000 followers. Now he’s down to about 96,000 – still a substantial amount of followers, whatever the social media platform. “It’s not something I expected,” Bulick said.

Anyone, no matter what degree their familiarity with Instagram or even the arcane workings of their camera phone, is invited to come along on a tour, which start at the corner of Keefer and Main at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30.

“We’re going to walk around and explore some of the rich beauty in Chinatown,” Bulick said. “It’s one of the most interesting places in our city. There’s a lot of interesting architecture, some beautiful signage, not to mention the night market. As a group, it’s fun to get people together and explore.”

He figures he’ll touch on basic photo techniques, Instagram etiquette, and the photo apps he uses in addition to Instagram. “It’s about starting a dialogue,” he said. “I’m not claiming to be an expert in photography, but I’m interested in connecting with people and sharing the experience with them.”

“Come with questions,” he added.

You can find Zach Bulick’s photos on flickr: flickr.com/ZachBulick, and of course Instagram: @ZachBulick

And, if you’re in no hurry, stick around after the tour for Chinatown Night Market‘s presentation of Night Vision, a photo projection exhibition featuring works by Fred Herzog and dozens more local photographers, that starts at 9:30.



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