Lululemon Pants Still Too Sheer? Here’s the Fix

Photo credit: lululemon athletica | Flickr

Photo credit: lululemon athletica | Flickr

Last March, Vancouver-based athletic-wear maker Lululemon made headlines after consumers discovered that some of its popular women’s yoga pants were “see-through.”  Because of a manufacturing defect, ladies who bent and stretched in their signature Luon pants were often unknowingly leaving themselves exposed.

Now, after several lawsuits, a new manufacturing process and some deep soul searching, Lululemon is offering an additional – and maybe more realistic – explanation for the snafu: You’re trying to squeeze into pants that are way too small for you.

In response to complaints that some of its yoga pants are still see-through, Lululemon has warned patrons that they may simply be buying sizes that are too petite.  On its website, the retailer encouragers customers to do “an in-store fit session with one of our educators to make sure the fit is right . . . .”

The overwhelming conclusion of these fit sessions, according to a great article by the Vancouver Sun’s Aleesha Harris: Size up.  “I walked into the Lululemon store on Robson Stret mostly confident I had been wearing the right size,” Harris writes.  “Well, as it turns out I was a little bit wrong.”  She was encouraged to go up one and, in some cases, two sizes in Lululemon’s most popular lines.

In the changing room, Harris reports that she heard similar conversations between other shoppers and sales people, “ending with an associate saying, ‘You may want to try a size up.'”  She offers a few helpful tips for shoppers hoping to avoid buying x-ray pants:

  • Mannequins in all stores wear a size 6 and are a good reference point.
  • Don’t be fooled by the stretchiness of Lululemon pants.  Always stay true to size.
  • If you’re in-between sizes, opt for the larger size.
  • Remember that Luon pants are made for yoga and offer a bit more coverage while stretching.  Meanwhile, Luxtreme pants are made for running and are much thinner.

Not everyone is pleased, however, with Lululemon’s new sizing regime and fitting tips.  Financial analyst Liz Dunn is concerned about the retailer’s decision to “tell customers to buy bigger sizes or that certain clothes aren’t made for sweating in while others aren’t made for running.”

“We believe consumers expect to be able to both bend and sweat in Lululemon’s premium-priced athletic product,” she says in a recent Vancouver Sun article.

What do you think about Lululemon’s new-and-improved yoga pants and sizing guidelines?  Are your pants still sheer?  Let us know below.  

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2 Responses to Lululemon Pants Still Too Sheer? Here’s the Fix

  1. Danielle

    This is such a ridiculous answer on Lululemon’s part. I was in Lululemon on Robson a few weeks ago and tried on several pairs of pants in various sizes… Sheer regardless of the size! So either my pants are going to fall down from being too big – or they’ll be see through! I think it’s time to find a new place to buy my yoga pants.

    • Lauren

      Costco sells great yoga pants for $12-$20. They fit like the original Lulus did and have thicker fabrics like the old Lulu did.