Honda Celebration of Light – July 27, 31 and August 3 (United Kingdom Ticket Giveaway!)

Engagement Rings by Dennis Oppenheim + Fireworks

Lots of cities put on fireworks shows. But how many host a three-night, international competition every summer featuring pyrotechnic all-stars from around the globe?

The Honda Celebration of Light returns to Vancouver July 27, July 31 and Aug. 3. This year, teams from the United Kingdom, Canada and Thailand will light up the sky over downtown’s English Bay beach. Each squad has 30 minutes to impress the judges with the most eye-popping pyrotechnics, all tightly choreographed to a matching soundtrack.

An estimated 400,000 people descend on downtown Vancouver for each night of the competition, turning the parks and beaches along English Bay into one of the biggest parties of the summer. Live music from some of the city’s hottest bands sets the stage. Food trucks offer up a smorgasbord of street eats. There’s even a Red Bull airshow overhead on July 31 and Aug. 3.

And after sunset, the real show gets underway. Starting at 10 p.m. sharp, thousands of shells and rockets launched from a special barge anchored in English Bay turn the night sky into a glittering canvas of golds, pinks, blues and greens. The show can be seen from throughout downtown’s West End, as well as from Kitsilano and parts of North and West Vancouver.

For those of you thinking of steering clear of downtown Vancouver on celebration nights because of the late-night shows and commute, think again! Tourism Vancouver is offering a fantastic stay package that includes your choice of hotel, preferred bleacher seating to the celebration night of your choice and a complimentary $50 American Express gift card (while supplies last).

Click here to book your exclusive fireworks package

We’re giving away Five Pairs of Bleacher Seating Tickets to the United Kingdom’s celebration spectacular on Saturday, July 27th! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select five winners on Friday, July 19th and notify the winners by email.

Updated Friday, July 19th: Congratulations to Liz, Jaime, Erica, Angela and Ryoko! You have each won a pair of tickets to access the YVR Observation Deck (a.k.a. some of the best seats in the house) to view the United Kingdom’s Celebration of Light spectacular on Saturday, July 27th. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Everybody else, stay tuned for a post next week for a chance to win tickets to a different celebration night!

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228 Responses to Honda Celebration of Light – July 27, 31 and August 3 (United Kingdom Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. marisa

    I haven’t been for years- this would be a great treat :)

    • Last year I canoed ‘local Vancouver style’ up close..would love to top that with bleacher seating;)

    • Karen

      This would be an awesome night out for the family and to stay downtown would just be the icing on the cake :-)

    • June

      So many memories of celebration of light. The firework is always highlight of my summer

  2. Nicole

    This will be the first time seeing the fireworks in a long time! Recently my fiancé has become obsessed with the Canadian show Pyros on Discovery channel, so what an amazing surprise this would be for him!!!

  3. robin

    would love to take in the fireworks from the bleachers!!!!

  4. Stephanie

    I love going every year!

  5. welen hsieh

    it would be awesome to be able to watch the fireworks from the bleachers!

  6. I’ve been wanting to go since watching the South Africa one a couple of years ago. Would LOVE to win the tickets.

  7. ALICE

    Never seen it from English Bay, this would make it perfect!!

  8. Cat

    Can’t wait for the show this year! :)

  9. David Marsden

    Yes, please! It would be an absolute treat for my 30th birthday this year! :)

  10. LC

    Fingers crossed for this!

  11. Eee I love the fireworks!!

  12. John Ramsden

    Id love to watch the fireworks and airshow right up close

  13. lindsay

    it’s been years since I’ve gone, this would be great

  14. jennifer clark

    Would love to win !!!

  15. Lynn Montes

    This will be the 1st year since its inception, that I have not been within walking distance of the fireworks! :( Now that I live all the way out in White Rock I am sooooooo missing English Bay this time of year and would LOVE to be able to catch the fireworks again, watching them in style!! :))) Thank you for the opportunity!!

  16. Jess

    I’d love to go! It’d be a perfect way to finish up my long distance bf’s visit here! (It’s been a year since we’ve seen each other).

  17. Vera Sal

    Glad the event returns this year!!

  18. Alexandra Plante

    Fireworks are my favourite thing about summer! I will have to see if they compare to the Saturday night shows in Montreal each summer.
    I am new to Vancouver, Inside Vancouver has been such a great resource for getting involved. Thanks, A

  19. Christine

    Recently returned to Vancouver, and I’m very excited to pick up this annual tradition at the beach once more!

  20. Jennifer

    Would love to surprise a friend who has recently moved to Vancouver with a ticket to the light show. I have told him all about it and would love to share the full experience!

  21. Shawna

    So excited that this amazing event will once again be in Vancouver!! Gorgeous back drop to amazing pieces of art!

  22. Kate

    This is my first summer in Vancouver – I’l love bleacher seats for the fireworks!

  23. Amanda

    I cannot wait for the fireworks again this year! It is always an amazing time! Plus my parents are visiting from Ontario and have never been to Vancouver before! :)

  24. Cecelia

    I live in Aldergrove and I take my son down every year to spend the day together at the beach, would love to have a new experience with him by watching in the bleachers!!

  25. Liz

    What an epic competition! Pick me, Pick me!

  26. Raymond

    I can’t wait to see this year firework from UK!!

  27. Ron

    Celebration of Light is awesome.. free seats makes it that much more awesome! :)

  28. My mom is visiting from Ontario during the festival. It will be awesome for her to see this :)

  29. Amanda

    I’ll be there whether I win or not!

  30. Paul Giles

    This is my favorite event of the year! Please pick me.

  31. Katie

    Fireworks = date night!

  32. KD Sims

    I always enjoy the spectacular show of lights each year. It will be a real treat to watch up close from the bleachers. :)

  33. Destyni

    Yes fireworks!

  34. Lilian Y.

    This will be so much fun! So exciting!

  35. I do love the fireworks!

  36. Chuck

    Bleacher seat?
    Does that mean staff near by? No drunken morons knocking little kids over? No overbearing stench of skunkweed?

    if even one of these 3 ring true, I’m in.

  37. Gary Foreman

    Im looking forward to cheering for the UK (the country I grew up ) in this wonderful annual competition :)

  38. Moira

    I’ve steered clear of the mayhem for the past 5 years or so but bleacher seats would convince me to head back into the gongshow!

  39. Marina

    I would love to see the show! Plus, I will be coming to Vancouver all the way from Alberta! :)

  40. Susan Robertson

    Such a Vancouver Summer staple.

  41. I haven’t been since I moved back to the burbs :-)

  42. shelagh hardern

    Always one of the highlights of summer. A great Vancouver tradition :)

  43. B. Li

    Don’t remember the last time I went to this. Had a baby in the winter and husband and I still have yet to have a “date night”. This would be great!

  44. Leni

    It would be a cracking excuse to go and support my home nation light up the sky over English Bay!

  45. Angela

    Would be great to win!

  46. Hercy

    My mom & niece are visiting from Mexico, I’d love to take them :)

  47. Jay Ne

    I love the yearly celebration of lights!

  48. Alex Inman

    I’m so excited for this! Especially for the air show, which I must’ve missed in 2011.

  49. Joachim

    Would love to surprise a wife with this :)

  50. These summer fireworks have been a yearly tradition, would be great for a spectacular location to watch them!

  51. Shawna

    That’d be fun!’

  52. Alice Wang

    Wow, sounds awesome. I was definitely thinking of not going this year, but with bleacher seating I may change my mind =)

  53. Everina Indenbosch

    Would love this! Sounds amazing :)

  54. tracey naughton

    Look forward to this every summer. Would be fab to win this! :)

  55. Jeff O

    the Celebration of light is always such a great show. so much fun!

  56. Lily

    I would love to watch from the bleachers :D

  57. Kanyapak

    I would love to go!

  58. Jaime

    Tickets please!

  59. Tina

    Would love to try the Bleacher seats :) Love fireworks

  60. Maison

    Awesome! I volunteer to take the tickets off your hands.

  61. Judy Warner

    I have never seen this. Looks amazing on the photos. Lookin forward to it:) I’ll bring my mom from China.

  62. Svetlana

    Sounds like FUN;)

  63. Teri Johnson

    I have a friend who has been to every fireworks that has been held at English Bay minus one…had to celebrate her anniversary, and was too late to make it downtown after that…most of the time on her own even now, as a senior, and I would be so thrilled if I could take her the deluxe way@@

  64. Liam

    Would love to go!

  65. Erica

    These would be awesome to win for my birthday. This festival is definitely one of the reasons I love Vancouver ^_^

  66. Angelika

    I would love to win! This is my last night of a 6 months stay in Vancouver and I am returning to Europe on the next day.

  67. Dylan

    Pick me, pick me!! Fun, fun!!

  68. Yana

    Just got married and would love to celebrate with my husband!

  69. jennifer reichert

    I’ve only seen it from Vanier Park several time with the music coming from bard on the beach. This would be a great reason to come to the other side

  70. RP

    Exciting! Pick me! *waves hand in the air*

  71. Aimee Epp

    One of the city’s most spectacular events!!! Can’t wait :)

  72. Jenn

    I would love tickets to this as I’m from the UK and I’ve never seen these displays before. Go Team GB!!

  73. Victor B

    Going to see UK fireworks with my 3 month old baby is going to be amazing, since my wife is from the UK..!

  74. luc

    What an awesome event!

  75. Monique Fontaine

    Would love to win bleacher seats for myself, the hubby and kiddies!!! :)

  76. Dan

    I can’t wait to see the Celebration of Light this year! My parents used to take me every year to watch them and it would always be a highlight of the summer. Now as an adult, I still look forward to going every to carry on the tradition. It would be really cool to win this contest and see the show in style this year. Fingers crossed!

  77. Bryan

    Would love to take my girl to this! She has never been to these fireworks and it’s one of my favourite parts of the summer!

  78. Amy

    My parents are visiting from Australia for the first round of fireworks… I can’t wait to take them to see them. A highlight of their trip for sure!

  79. Lydia

    Can’t wait for the fireworks!

  80. Sonya

    Thank you for creating this package. I would love to win this package. Definitely need something like this!
    – Sonya

  81. Ann

    I have never seen the Celebration of Light! Tickets please!

  82. Monique Hoang

    This is my first time to see the Celebration of Light. I am very excited, so ticket please!

  83. Iris

    My first year in Vancouver, no way that I am missing out on this event! This would be a great treat :)

  84. Alan

    Always my favorite part of the summer!

  85. Jenn

    yeeeeaaaahhhh fireworks!

  86. Crystal

    I have never seen the Celebration of Lights!

  87. cherryl dativo

    What an awesome contest! Would love to win to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

  88. margot

    Magical-Fire, water, music!

  89. Karla Karcioglu

    I am bringing my boyfriend from Kamloops because he has never seen the Celebration of Light. It was a childhood favourite of mine and an experience I want to share with him.

  90. Kali

    Fingers crossed! :)

  91. candice

    I haven’t been in 10+ yrs. … am I crazy enough to go this year? ?? Will find out.

  92. Chelle

    We’ve missed going to the Celebration of Light the past couple years–it would great to go again!

  93. PICK MEEE! I love to go to the fireworks festival every year and I would love to go to England!

  94. David Hadid

    Would love to take my gf. Hope it’s me!

  95. Kirsten

    I have not been in years, I think it is time to go again! It would give me an excuse to come over from Nanaimo.

  96. Deana

    I would LOVE to win!! Can’t wait to see the fireworks!

  97. Jacky Ip

    My wife and I try to go to the fireworks every year. If I win I think it would be a really cool surprise for her! *cross fingers* wish me luck!

  98. liliana

    I want to go to England!

  99. liliana

    I just realized it’s tickets for the celebration of lights show, I would appreciate tickets for it too!!

  100. Anthony

    I can’t wait to see the Celebration of Light!!! Tradition ever since I was a kid. =)

  101. Arman.B

    Looking forward to it…Love fireworks and would be good surprise for a friend that’s visiting!!!! :)

  102. Gloria

    Would love to win! Haven’t been to the fireworks in quite a few years (over a decade).

  103. Alan W

    Love the fireworks. Thanks so much!

  104. Beth L

    Ahh there is one on my birthday! this will be my first time seeing the fireworks, of course everyone wants to win. it’s going to be spectacular!

  105. Sunny Hsu

    I would love to get a pair of free tix to the fireworks!!!

    I loke UK~ I love fireworks!!!

    Thanks in advance <3

  106. Nelson Hsiao

    It’d be great for me to get a pair of free tickets to celebrate my upcoming birthday with girlfriend.


  107. becks

    I go every year & I can’t wait for the fireworks this year!
    *Cue Katy Perry’s “Firework”…

  108. Winnie Wong

    Would love to win these tickets! :)

  109. Sanja Mann

    Explosive lights, sound and entertainment…sounds good to me!

  110. Helene

    We have never attended a fireworks show at English Bay. What a treat it would be!!.

  111. The fireworks is my FAVORITE part of summer!

  112. Cynthia

    I can’t wait till this years fireworks! Love it!

  113. Suvina

    really would love to not have to fight for seating :)

  114. J L

    Thanks for hosting

  115. Mac


  116. Mad

    Love the fireworks!

  117. M Mak

    I want to go! I want to go! I want to go!!!

  118. Sarah

    I would love to enjoy the bleacher seats! Every year my friends and I make the trek from Commercial Drive to English Bay and set up camp as early as possible on the grass. Dinner is a picnic to save our spot and then…as the sun starts to set…groups of loud, drunken wanna-be teenagers set up camp directly infront of us. I wouldn’t mind so much if they would turn their portable music players down so we can hear the fireworks and music they are set to! Ok – rant over. Please pick me!

  119. Alina

    I want!! :D

  120. Kate

    Would be great for our senior visitors not to have to sit on the ground!

  121. Alan

    Thank you Inside Vancouver!!

  122. tracy

    Perfect! I can’t wait!!

  123. Sheryl

    I miss living in the West End for the ease of attending the fireworks; would love bleacher seats to get back down there!

  124. Janet

    It’s a spectacular show and one I look forward to seeing every year.

  125. Kevin Kwok

    Would love to take my mom & grandmother there.

  126. Judi

    Love Vancouver and would love to win tickets, well worth the trip!

  127. Looking foreword to it already

  128. Bahar

    I’d love to get a good seat this year. Planning to be there on time every year is pretty hard when there are boys in the group :P

  129. praveena

    This would be awesome

  130. Nancy

    Would love to attend!

  131. Yasmin Hall

    I was at the very first one, but haven’t been for years. A great show is gauranteed for all!!!

  132. I’d love to get some tickets!

  133. Isabelle

    The most amazing fireworks competition in the world! Even more amazing if you have bleancher seating tickets!

  134. Bayan

    This would be epic. Please.

  135. gord

    I’d love to win these tickets! :)

  136. Richard Woo

    I would love to take my girlfriend!

  137. Whitney

    This would be so awesome!!!

  138. Wayne

    My son is finally old enough that our family can go to the fireworks again at the beach

  139. Aida Lamzi

    Can not wait to Br there!

  140. Ann

    wow, firework at English Bay are fun.English too.

  141. Phoebe Ching

    Fireworks!! I go every year

  142. My birthday is July 26th and I’m sure a celebration like that would be handy! Cheers!

  143. Maryna

    It’s gonna be a year to remember for us :)) I can’t wait! <3

  144. Julia

    never been to the celebration of lights before! free tickets would be nice!

  145. Yoomin

    I’m new to BC and I’ve never been to the Celebration of Lights! I am so excited to check out the awesome event :)

  146. Twyla

    It would be wonderful to see them a little VIP style :) !!

  147. Wendy

    I have yet to attend. I would love to win the tickets!

  148. Matt

    Am in Vancouver next week travelling. Would live to come along.

  149. Lisa & Graeme

    Every year we park up around W-something-th and walk down to Kits, sit on lawn chairs by the pool, a lovely walk but would it ever be amazing to be down on the beach for a change, taking in the beauty from directly in front of the show…pick us, pick us!

  150. Eric

    Best firework show around the world!

  151. Juliana

    Can’t wait for the fireworks!

  152. Rainie

    Would love to create a romantic evening that night with someone special!

  153. Briana R

    Fireworks fireworks!!! I want to see more fireworks!!!!

  154. Ivy W

    Would be nice to enjoy the fireworks with a little bit of style! :)

  155. Rebecca

    I would love to go to the fireworks!

  156. Ryoko

    Would be amazing to see the fireworks from the best seat in the house!

  157. Brit

    Our first date was at the celebration of lights last year. Hoping to make it to every celebration of lights for the next 50 years :)

  158. Wawa

    I’d love to go!!

  159. Cassie Sung

    We want it so bad!!!!!

  160. Jewels

    This a must see event every year!

  161. cc

    pick me pick me!

  162. Brenda Hagan

    This would be fabulous, fanastic, and FUN!!

  163. Jimmy

    Oh I’d love to go! I hope I get chosen!!

  164. Joanna

    My family are in town for the summer. This would be such a lovely treat for them!

  165. Bella

    We are from the UK but just moved to Vancouver after working on the Sunshine Coast for 5 years and have never seen the fireworks – would love to go and take our two kids who would be in wonder at the sight!!

  166. Maureen

    These shows certainly trigger a sense of wonder reminiscent of wonderful childhood memories (not to mention memories of the Expo shows!). It would be so great to have my first “bleacher experience”, too!

  167. June

    Yay, fireworks!

  168. Tom

    The fireworks are a summer must.

  169. Carolann

    Our family has had a tradition of going to the fireworks since we moved here – it will be 15 years ago the week of fireworks. Fireworks week also tends to be when our out of town visitors arrive in Vancouver. It would be awesome to watch from the bleachers.

  170. Diane

    What an amazing Saturday night this would make. Fingers crossed for a great viewing spot!

  171. Tracy

    Would be amazing to watch it from the bleachers!

  172. Lisa

    Can’t wait to see the annual firework! It’s one of my must-do in summer!

  173. Max

    love to see it from the bleachers and take photos.

  174. Chao Chieh Li

    Thanks for organizing the event!

  175. Loeb

    Would love to watch! Honda celebration is one of my fav events in vancouver!

  176. Jill A

    Love fireworks!

  177. Charlie

    Fireworks baby.

  178. Mariana

    Can’t wait for these events!! A summer classic! Love Vancouver (even more in July!)

  179. Anny

    Love fireworks!

  180. Anna

    Only a brit is worthy of these tickets surely… ;)

  181. Jo

    Fireworks are one of the best parts if the summer in Vancouver! Totally looking forward to this ^.^

  182. eoin

    I would love to bring my son. Fingers crossed!

  183. Cory Wolk

    Love to take the wife and kids!!

  184. Dominik

    Love to share this with my family who are flying in today from Belgium ! :)

  185. KAY

    LOVE fireworks!

  186. Amy

    Love to go!

  187. Hei Moon

    Love fireworks

  188. Kat

    Would love to go! Most of the time I’m working and just running down to see the fireworks, would be nice to have a good spot for once!

  189. Ron

    So exciting!

  190. Craig

    Looks like fun!

  191. Christopher Co

    I’d love to win!

  192. Amandine

    A great prize, would love to win it!

  193. Amanda

    I love fireworks!

  194. Lina

    Maybe I can be one of the lucky 5?

  195. Geoff

    love the Celebration of Light!

  196. Caroline

    One of the best events of the year Vancouver has to offer!

  197. Rebecca Hall

    Moved to Vancouver a month ago, can’t wait for the fireworks

  198. Anita

    I would LOVE to go again this year as a lucky 5! It’s one of the highlights of summer in Vancouver. :)

  199. Josefina Barbera

    I love Vancouver! I drive down from Seattle to see the Fireworks show every year. It would be nice to have a seat this year!

    • Josefina Barbera

      sorry, I meant drive up. I wanted to say that before I get a million corrections.

  200. Finally have a special someone to take, would love to go, haven’t been in 20 years :(

  201. Jenny

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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  203. Bala

    Would love if iwin & see this with my husband! Festival of lights is my most favorite summer event!

  204. Lumar

    It would be incredible to win! Been wanting to go for so long! Thank you for the chance to play and win. Best of luck to all.

  205. Terence

    Awesome. Thanks for the offer!

  206. Helen C

    Hopefully I’ll be able to go~ <3

  207. Sounds like a great contest! I love watching the fireworks… would be amazing to win this prize :)

  208. Maria Ortiz

    I loved last years fireworks! hopefully this year they are far more amazing!

  209. Ken Zhu

    This is a cannot miss event. I will be there.

  210. Tami

    I’m fairly new to this city and would love to see the fireworks!

  211. Melanie

    I haven’t been for years because it is too hard to find seating….but bleacher seating would be fabulous.

  212. Mel

    Love this celebration!

  213. Steph

    This would be a great treat for my boyfriend who’s had quite the unlucky month!

  214. Paulina N

    So excited for this year’s competitors! what an amazing night this would be!

  215. Jerilyn

    I love the fireworks. I haven’t been for a long time now.

  216. Tracy K.

    this would be amazing, i’ve never been to the celebration of lights before!

  217. Doreen

    This sounds like a fun way to see the fireworks!

  218. Pamela Clarke

    Lived in UK for last twenty years and miss it dearly even though Vancouver is truly home. Would love to see the 2nd home fireworks in VIP seating. Mrs Clarke

  219. Joseph

    Pick me please!!

  220. K Lam

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  221. H Sun

    Visiting Vancouver in July.

  222. elena

    I am from the UK originally, would love to see my country out a show on!

  223. Swapnil

    First timer at celebration of lights will light up my Vancouver summer

  224. Jessica

    Nothing like seeing chemistry in action! Would be great to see the fireworks in person!