Bike the West Dyke Trail to Steveston Village

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With all the great weather we’ve been experiencing in Vancouver lately, it’s lucky there is an abundance of outdoor activities to do in the Lower Mainland. One of my favourite things to do every summer is visit Steveston Village in Richmond. Steveston is a historic fishing community in Richmond and is popular for its restaurants, shopping, and quaint, historic character. Vancouverites flock to Steveston to buy fresh seafood, sample fish and chips, browse the eclectic shops, and experience the small-town feel.

But did you know you can reach Steveston by bike? The West Dyke Trail goes along the Richmond Dyke and is a beautiful, serene trail that leads to the South Dyke into Steveston. The scenery is spectacular, featuring panoramic views of the ocean, and it is not uncommon to see wildlife such as geese, herons, and turtles along the trail. The trail is quite flat, making it ideal for cyclists of all levels.

Photo credit: Gord McKenna | Flickr

The West Dyke Trail can be accessed by several points (see this map), meaning you can start depending on how far you want to bike. An ideal spot to start is at the Northwestern point, but you can start wherever you feel comfortable. And though you can make a full loop through Richmond, you can always bike back the way you came if you prefer sticking to the trail.

Along the trail, there are a number of points of interest. Close to the start of the trail is the Terra Nova Natural Area, a protected wildlife area with viewing platforms for bird-watching. Many birds, owls, and hawks can be seen in this area. At the south end of the trail is Garry Point Park, a waterfront park at the mouth of the Fraser River. It’s worth hopping off your bike to check out this park with its small beach, Japanese Garden, and Fisherman’s Memorial sculpture. On a clear day, there are also a number of kite-flyers in the park.

Once in Steveston, lock up your bike and take a walk around. Browse the shops or visit the Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market (on July 21, August 4 & 18, and September 1, 15 & 29) at the corner of Third Avenue and Moncton Street. With all the fresh fish and seafood in Steveston, grab a bite to eat or pick up some fish to take home, before setting off again on your bike.

Have you ever biked the West Dyke Trail or visited Steveston? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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