Honda Celebration of Light – July 27, 31 and August 3 (Canada Ticket Giveaway!)

Engagement Rings by Dennis Oppenheim + Fireworks

Lots of cities put on fireworks shows. But how many host a three-night, international competition every summer featuring pyrotechnic all-stars from around the globe?

The Honda Celebration of Light returns to Vancouver July 27, July 31 and Aug. 3. This year, teams from the United Kingdom, Canada and Thailand will light up the sky over downtown’s English Bay beach. Each squad has 30 minutes to impress the judges with the most eye-popping pyrotechnics, all tightly choreographed to a matching soundtrack.

An estimated 400,000 people descend on downtown Vancouver for each night of the competition, turning the parks and beaches along English Bay into one of the biggest parties of the summer. Live music from some of the city’s hottest bands sets the stage. Food trucks offer up a smorgasbord of street eats. There’s even a Red Bull airshow overhead on July 31 and Aug. 3.

And after sunset, the real show gets underway. Starting at 10 p.m. sharp, thousands of shells and rockets launched from a special barge anchored in English Bay turn the night sky into a glittering canvas of golds, pinks, blues and greens. The show can be seen from throughout downtown’s West End, as well as from Kitsilano and parts of North and West Vancouver.

For those of you thinking of steering clear of downtown Vancouver on celebration nights because of the late-night shows and commute, think again! Tourism Vancouver is offering a fantastic stay package that includes your choice of hotel, preferred bleacher seating to the celebration night of your choice and a complimentary $50 American Express gift card (while supplies last).

Click here to book your exclusive fireworks package

We’re giving away Five Pairs of Bleacher Seating Tickets to Canada’s celebration spectacular on Wednesday, July 31st! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select five winners on Wednesday, July 24th and notify the winners by email.

Updated Wednesday, July 24th: Congratulations to Joyce, Shannon, Lee, Jo and Veen! You have each won a pair of tickets to access the YVR Observation Deck (a.k.a. some of the best seats in the house) to view Canada’s Celebration of Light spectacular on Wednesday, July 31st. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Everybody else, stay tuned for a post later this week for a chance to win tickets to the final celebration night!

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225 Responses to Honda Celebration of Light – July 27, 31 and August 3 (Canada Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. I’d love to go see the fireworks!

    • Tanya

      Would love to share a night watching the spectacular lites with my family:)

    • Bob

      I love the aesthetics of the light and sound .. and the experience as vancouver comes together and experiences community

    • Mehrdad

      I would love to take my family to a fun night which we normally can’t because it is always super crowded and not easy to get to the front with kids

  2. Kami

    This is my favourite event in Vancouver every year! I can’t wait to watch them again this year.

  3. Kristine

    Love fireworks! Can’t wait to see the 2013 Celebration of Light!

  4. Nancy

    Pick me please ;)

  5. Samantha

    The fireworks are my favorite part of a Vancouver summer!

  6. Praveena

    Would love to go

  7. Lucia

    I want to win :)!

  8. Sandra

    What a treat! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Karla J

    That would make an awesome B-day present! Love the fireworks!

  10. Shelagh Hardern

    Totally one of my favorite events of the summer.

  11. Devon

    Please pick me!

  12. Alia

    Pick me!

  13. welen hsieh

    Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks!

  14. Lilian

    I would love to go! This would be so much fun!

  15. Kelli Smith

    Oh please oh please oh please

  16. Lidija

    Its my 28th Birthday on July 27 and plus my brother is coming to visit me from the States.. Fireworks+Vancouver+Bday+brother = paradise
    to bad I live in Winnipeg … hope you have an awesome time

  17. Tiffany L

    i would love to watch the fireworks!

  18. Fireworks, yes, always great!

  19. VS

    Would love to go! Just moved here and it’d be a great welcome!

  20. Katrina Cottrill

    So excited for my first celebration of light experience!!

  21. laura lewko

    I would love to get some ticks cuz on 31/july is my daughter birthday also I am pregnant and have a nice seat would be great!!!

  22. Ewa

    Pretty please!? Celebrating 6 months living in this awesome place today…would be a great way to continue the celebrations!

  23. Denny

    I love this event.

  24. Bel

    Each and every year, The Honda Celebration of Light, reminds me the due date of my summer baby. He was overdue and I was “talking” to him to come out in this world to see the amazing fireworks on the sky and all the magic moments of our lifes. Cheers!
    THANK YOU for keeping the tradition alive!

  25. maria maltais

    I’d love to go see the fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Anne B

    We haven’t seen any of the fireworks shows since the kids were born! It’s time!!

  27. sharon williams

    Its my sons bday on the 30th it would be a great belated bday gift to him he will be 24

  28. I’d love to go! Please pick me!

  29. elena

    This will be the first time for me to see the fireworks-can’t wait!

  30. Annette Pasciullo

    Love Vancouvet! Love fireworks! Love to win!

  31. Chloe

    How can I say no to this!

  32. Gail Greenfield

    My son’s best buddy just moved to Ontario; they always went together since they were kids and I’d love to take my son so he could reminisce and remember his buddy.

  33. OH! I would so love to take my grandsons to this! Pick me please!

  34. michael hudson

    i love fireworks!

  35. Wawa


  36. Richard Woo

    I would LOVE to take my girlfirend if I am lucky enough to win!

  37. Richard Woo

    It would be time!

  38. Monti S

    Cant wait to celebrate with the Thailand, my home town. UK where I went to school and Canada where I live. How perfect is this year’s show for me! XOXO

  39. Kaitlen

    My daughter is finally old enough to enjoy fireworks. Sounds like a great night out!

  40. Marian V

    I’d love to win please and Thank-you for this contest!

  41. Ivy

    cant wait to go all 3 nights :)!!

  42. would love to see the fire works display

  43. kathleen

    I am on a staycation and would love to see the fireworks!

  44. Pat

    This would be unbelievable way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!!

  45. Stephanie

    I love Inside Vancouver because you help me keep up on what’s happening in Vancouver. Thanks!

  46. Jenn

    Visiting from Maine, USA – LOVE fireworks and Vancouver!!!!

  47. Rhea

    I love Vancouver!

  48. Nicole Lewis

    Can’t wait for fireworks!!

  49. Shannon

    We are heading to Vancouver for my husbands birthday July 27th, we are planning on finding a place to watch the fireworks and this would be perfect!

  50. Yas

    I wished I could take my mother and my brother to fireworks this year. My mom’s birthday is on July 26th. She has heart and hip and knee disease and can’t stand in the regular crowd.

  51. Nicole B

    I would absolutely love to win these tickets! I missed the fireworks completely last year because I was out of town for work.

  52. lee

    Love celebration of lights!

  53. Kelly

    Have not been down to the fireworks in a long time. The kids are old enough to enjoy it now.

  54. cassie

    me please :)

  55. Neilab

    Make my day!

  56. Andrew

    Would love to win this.

  57. Susan

    Pick me.

  58. Bala

    My favorite event in vancouver. Wud luv to enjoy more if i gt this tickets

  59. Jenna Kettle

    wooooot wooooot!! I’ll be in van from the 31st to the 5th!!!
    staying at Inn at the Quay in New West!!! Would be awesome to get tickets!!!! :) cherry on top of a perfect holiday!!!!
    PICK ME!!! :)

  60. Catherine

    I remember the Celebration of Light being the highlight of my year in Canada, so I’ve timed my visit this year to coincide with it. Winning bleacher seat tickets would be amazing!

  61. Trina

    This would make a great B-day present for my sister.

  62. Millie

    I would to go. Please pick me!! Pretty please :)

  63. Nikki

    Can’t wait!

  64. Courtney

    I would LOVE to see the fireworks!!

  65. Jade roberts

    Can’t wait!!

  66. LAAC

    I really wanna go! looks epic!

  67. A. Chan

    O Canada! Can’t wait for the sparkles in the sky!

  68. Elaisha

    This would be a nice treat for my sister who is visiting Vancouver for the first time!

  69. Sharon

    I can think of nothing nicer than to take my two granddaughters to this wonderful display of pyrotechnics. Thank you.

  70. Vivian

    Would love to spend the evening under the stars with the fireworks!

  71. Angelina lee

    Wanna be the lucky one!

  72. Kerry

    There’s nothing as epic as fireworks and booming music – I’d love to see this!

  73. Stefanie

    I just moved to Vancouver, I would love one of five pairs of bleacher seating tickets :)
    Boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon!

  74. Kane S.

    its great to be @ English Bay for fireworks nights – the music makes it awesome!

  75. shelly


  76. Mark F.

    Looking forward to this year fireworks!

  77. Anne-Marie

    I would love Love LOVE to go!!!

  78. Michelle

    Entering to win :)!

  79. Crystal

    First time watching Honda fireworks!! Looking forward to it!

  80. Rachel

    I’d like to go with my bf!

  81. I love the look of the fireworks shimmering across the ocean… even more so in a private seating area with no obstructing views… Better put my horseshoes on…

  82. Diana

    Love the fireworks! Go every year!

  83. Kim

    Please! Would love this prize!!!!

  84. Bessie

    I love seeing summer fireworks in vancouver!!

  85. VA

    I win!

  86. ruby-anne

    Ive been going to these fireworks on and off every year since day one either at English bay, Kits or on a boat cruise and i really think they are a good example of what our city is about in terms of community . I believe any tourists coming to our city at this time of year should take in the shows and enjoy the spirit that is in the air !

  87. Jenn


  88. Vivian

    I wanna be there!!

  89. Nikita

    Randomness doesn’t usually play in my favor, but whatever :)

  90. Alisa

    I’d love this.

  91. Lois

    There’s no better place to be then on the beautiful shore of English Bay watching the celebration of lights! Whether you are 5 or 95 it’s a wonderful setting to enjoy the summer.
    Vancouver Rocks!!!!!

  92. Diana

    We are visiting Vancouver for the first time!!
    Natives of Los Angeles, California, our 4th of July was somewhat of a disappointment this year ( cutbacks )
    We are looking forward to the Canadians doing it in style!
    Thank you, Diana

  93. Patricia

    This is my first summer in Vancouver. Would love to see this!

  94. Peter Fan

    Haven’t watched the Celebration of Light for years! Would love to go again with someone special.

  95. Roy

    My families from Australia will be thrilled , if we can get the tickets


  96. shells


  97. Joe

    I “less than 3” the fireworks. I’ve been to pretty much every single one each year with various seating locations, some bad (behind a fence) some good (on the beach directly centre of the barge).

  98. Kathleen

    would love to go!

  99. Jaime

    Oh I hope I’m a winner!

  100. Amandine

    Would love to win this one!

  101. chuck

    I’m happy to go every year

  102. michele

    i have watched fireworks in many countries now, looking forward to seeing what Canada does


    Love those annual Fireworks! I think the only way I could see them up close and personal is if I had a great place to see them such as the bleachers. Hope to win.

  104. Chelle

    Love the fireworks!

  105. Clara Lee

    Love this time of year! Probably my favourite event next to Christmas. Although, it is always a difficult decision to decide where to watch the fireworks: Burrard Bridge? Vanier Park? English Bay? On the water? This year, I would love to see it from the reserved seats!

  106. leslie

    What an unforgettable night it would be!!!

  107. Tsik

    Would love to end my birthday celebration by watching the fireworks!!!

  108. Silvia

    summer wouldn’t be the same in Vancouver without the fireworks

  109. jackie

    cant wait for it

  110. Jeff MacLeod

    Would love to win

  111. Michelle G

    Awesome :)

  112. charlene

    This is one of the most fun and exciting things to see in Vancouver great for family s, love bringing my foster kids who have never been to the celebration of lights.

  113. Daniel

    have seen the fireworks 7 years ago. can’t wait for them to start.
    so great!!!

  114. Jamillia

    Love the fireworks!

  115. joe

    Looking forward to it :-)

  116. I haven’t been to this event since my aunt moved from her English Bay 12th floor apartment. I’d love to win tickets. Thank you

  117. Kim

    Yes please!!!!

  118. Teresa

    July 31st is my 30th birthday! (Plus I’ll be 31 weeks pregnant so some seats would be amazing!!)

  119. Stephen

    Would love to bring my wife to the fireworks that night!

  120. Regina Wu

    I come from Perú with my family almost every year for the past 12 years and had experienced the fireworks once. This is my husband first summer in this beautiful city and would love to go together.

  121. T.Band

    I would love to go! I love vancouver and I love fireworks!

  122. Borgie

    Love the fireworks! So much fun.

  123. Ken

    I want this…..
    I want this…..
    I want this…..
    I want this…..
    I want this…..

  124. Suchi

    Hope I can win the ticket for my kids. Thanks!

  125. Nadine

    Thank you for the chance of being chosen!!!

  126. Kay

    Awesome prize!

  127. Maggie Chan

    I always look forward to the fireworks every summer! It’s a great event for family and friends to gather together!

  128. Raquel

    Summer isn’t complete without seeing the fireworks!

  129. ZR

    try to score some free tickets to the fireworks.. :)

  130. Nicola

    Going to the fireworks would be a fun event during my first summer in Vancouver

  131. Alice Wang

    I go every year but I’ve never had the bleacher seating! This year is the first year I need to work during the day so I would love this so I can go after work!

  132. Julie Paulson

    I can’t wait to see the fireworks!

  133. Victoria

    I’ve never been in Vancouver for this before so I’m so excited to see it this year!

  134. Allison

    This would be fantastic! I’d love bleacher seats!!

  135. This would make a great anniversary gift to my fiance :)

  136. Nick

    One of successful event every summer!

  137. Lin

    Would love to see the fireworks with my family & enjoy Vancouver nightlife :)

  138. Ashley

    The Wednesday show is the only one I’d be able to make it to!

  139. Cory wolk

    Pick me pick me

  140. Monique Fontaine

    Love to go!!!! :)

  141. Sheri

    Amazing event! We were on the water for it last year. Go Canada on 31 July!

  142. Regan Roberts

    Heading up from Portland for this. Bleacher seats would be AMAZZZZZING!!!

  143. Jen

    Sounds fantastic!

  144. Lorelei Hamilton

    We are going to Vancouver for the first time & I am so excited to see HONDA CELEBRATION OF LIGHT firework show !!!! I want our first family vacation to be the most memorable amazing time ever and what better way than to see the Greatest Firework Show on Earth !!!!! :)

  145. Pam

    Me me me! :)

  146. Astrid

    Pick me! Pick me! I’m travelling from Calgary that weekend.

  147. Mary

    Let’s cross fingers !

  148. Courtney

    Can’t wait to see the fireworks! Bleacher seats would be amazing!!

  149. linda

    Bleacher seating – that would be a neat way to watch the fireworks!

  150. Sylvia

    My husband and I are visiting Vancouver for the first time during this time of the year. We would love the opportunity to see something as amazing as these fireworks. We have heard wonderful things about Vancouver.

  151. Ken

    Never been before. A perfect reason to leave the island and visit Vancouver on a minivacation.

  152. Annabel Malak

    I have a great friend coming to visit me in Vancouver and she’s made the special request to watch this event on Saturday the 27th. I’ve attended a similar fireworks display in Montreal years ago so I look forward to seeing this event with her. It should be fabulous!!!

  153. Dawn

    This would complete my daughters birthday!

  154. I love the spirit of the sparkling night sky!

  155. Elaine

    pick me! pick me!

  156. Rachel

    MEEE!!! woopwoop

  157. Godfrey Chung

    I would like to share this special moment with my family and friends who came all the way from Hong Kong for their vacation. It would be a memorable and spectacular experience for them to see something this beautiful lighting up the night sky at English Bay and for them to enjoy the lively atmosphere of Vancouver.

  158. Rafika

    A firework day! One of those days that challenge my own birthday as THE best day of the year! So yes, pretty pretty please to tickets! :)

    (Excited already for almost no reason!)

  159. Lucy

    My first year here! Would love to see them on 3rd!!!

  160. Kett

    Would be awesome to win; my parents could come with!

  161. wenxiao

    Thanks for the contest.

  162. Cong Chang

    “Shall I compare thy to a summer’s day” I love summer light.

  163. Mel Edgar

    Can’t wait for the fireworks- a chance to be a kid again, have fun, and be in awe of our beautiful city!

  164. Colleen B

    I love fireworks!

  165. Ana Vz

    Its going to be my first celebration of Light! Fireworks fireworks fireworks! Thanks for the chance :)

  166. Ana vz

    Its going to be my first Celebration of Lights! Cant wait! Fireworks Fireworks Fireworks :) thanks for the chance

  167. Swapnil

    The fireworks in Vancouver rock!

  168. Alejandra Villegas

    I came from Mexico to watch Vancouver’s fireworks

  169. Jo

    This is such a fantastic idea!

  170. Robin

    Can’t miss the celebration of lights.

  171. Jerilyn

    I would l love to see the fireworks this year! Pick me :)

  172. Vivia Hsu

    I would love to go see the fireworks!!!! I hope I win !!! :)

  173. Timothy Ip


  174. Yu Ching Hsu

    It’d be so fun to go see the fireworks ~

  175. Tin Wai

    me meeeeee

  176. Marcel Lavigne

    My wife and I would love to see the fireworks up close. As seniors we find it hard to fight the crowds so unless we get good access to the event it’s impossible for us to go.

  177. KS

  178. Rose

    New to Vancouver – this would be an amazing way to kick off living in the City!

  179. Christina

    I have friends visiting Vancouver and this would be as amazing treat.

  180. Zhan

    First time in Vancouver and saw this contest. It would be awesome to won a pair of tickets to celebrate Canada on July 31’s show.

  181. Craig

    Good times!

  182. Carol

    Oh my good.. I really wanna goo.. Pleeeease :)))

  183. Gail

    What a lovely event, especially since it falls on the 31st, which will be my 50th birthday!! Yes, it would be a wonderful way to begin the next chapter of my life!!

  184. warren

    i can almost see then from my house . this would be fun

  185. Tamara

    Woohoo im so excited to see this for the first time!

  186. CHalkyard

    A wonderful Vancouver experience!

  187. John

    Good luck everyone, should be a great night.

  188. Ritteshni

    I am obsessed with fireworks! I would love to win tickets:)

  189. Spencer

    Visiting from Costa Rica. Will be in Vancouver July 27. My wife and I are excited to see the show.

  190. Lisa

    I want to take my out-of-town relative to see this fantastic event!!

    It’s good to change it up with the presenting countries.

  191. Mark

    It’s going to be our 1 year anniversary that week. I would love to surprise my wife with it.

  192. Alina

    tickets please!

  193. I haven’t gone for over ten years now and I would love to go! I will be leaving a few days after the 31st and it would be a great going-away spectacular!

  194. Stason

    We are traveling from LA, we would love to come to the fireworks show this Saturday!

  195. Maria Parra

    Every year it gets better… I LOVE this event!!!

  196. Ivy

    Would love to watch the fireworks on the beach!

  197. Kira Ellis

    We would love to see these Fireworks as we are visiting Vancouver on the 31st!!


  198. Amanda

    I’ll be in town for this weekend and my 3 year old absolutely loves fireworks! This is so exciting!!!

  199. elmira

    I would love to go see the fireworks!!! PlZZZ pick me :D

  200. Viśva

    Come on people let’s all get together right now♪

  201. Silvia

    This weekend will be our family’s first time visiting Vancouver. We would love to see this special event!

  202. Trudy

    Oh Canada!!! Light up our skies so bright!!!
    It would be wonderful to see the fireworks!

  203. William

    Ya fireworks!

  204. sarah

    all your bleacher seats are belong to us!

    • Farnaz

      O Canada Night can I be there with my family?

  205. Mehrdad

    I would love to take my family to a fun night which we normally can’t because it is always super crowded and not easy to get to the front with kids

  206. Melissa

    Pretty pease pick me and my family

  207. Carol Donaldson

    I would love to spend the evening watching the wonderful fireworks. I don’t live in Vancouver and this will be my first time being in the city while there on!
    Good luck to everyone!

  208. Isabelle

    Can’t wait for this!!!

  209. Isabelle

    Tickets will be mine! :)

  210. Mark

    I hope I get to see this!

  211. Opal

    Yes please! This would be make our trip unforgettable!

  212. Jackson Kwok

    I haven’t missed the fireworks with the love of my life for over a decade now. It is one of the best parts about Vancouver which we both love.

    I hope I get even luckier to experience this awesome event in a different way!

    Jackson Kwok

  213. Hyacinth Romelus

    First time in Vancouver with my Family from Slave Lake, Alberta and would be ecstatic if we got these tickets to see the fireworks delight.

  214. Waltson Liao

    My wife and negative 4 month old baby will get a kick out of watching the fireworks (literally for the wife)

  215. Belle

    Bleacher Seating Tickets please!!!

  216. missv

    I’m gonna win this! Love fireworks!

  217. John Schlosar

    Fire … I love fire … big fire … Pretty colors and big bang. Ooooohhhh. Aaaahhhhh. Thank you for your time.

  218. Ruby

    Haven’t been in years and years! Would love to make the summer of 2013 a special one!

  219. I would love to see the fireworks this year.

  220. Jackson

    My girlfriend is in town visiting for the summer. What a way to show her the sights and sounds of this spectacular event.

  221. monique

    Would love to win this