Honda Celebration of Light – July 27, 31 and August 3 (Thailand Ticket Giveaway!)

Engagement Rings by Dennis Oppenheim + Fireworks

Lots of cities put on fireworks shows. But how many host a three-night, international competition every summer featuring pyrotechnic all-stars from around the globe?

The Honda Celebration of Light returns to Vancouver July 27, July 31 and Aug. 3. This year, teams from the United Kingdom, Canada and Thailand will light up the sky over downtown’s English Bay beach. Each squad has 30 minutes to impress the judges with the most eye-popping pyrotechnics, all tightly choreographed to a matching soundtrack.

An estimated 400,000 people descend on downtown Vancouver for each night of the competition, turning the parks and beaches along English Bay into one of the biggest parties of the summer. Live music from some of the city’s hottest bands sets the stage. Food trucks offer up a smorgasbord of street eats. There’s even a Red Bull airshow overhead on July 31 and Aug. 3.

And after sunset, the real show gets underway. Starting at 10 p.m. sharp, thousands of shells and rockets launched from a special barge anchored in English Bay turn the night sky into a glittering canvas of golds, pinks, blues and greens. The show can be seen from throughout downtown’s West End, as well as from Kitsilano and parts of North and West Vancouver.

For those of you thinking of steering clear of downtown Vancouver on celebration nights because of the late-night shows and commute, think again! Tourism Vancouver is offering a fantastic stay package that includes your choice of hotel, preferred bleacher seating to the celebration night of your choice and a complimentary $50 American Express gift card (while supplies last).

Click here to book your exclusive fireworks package

We’re giving away Five Pairs of Bleacher Seating Tickets to Thailand’s celebration spectacular on Saturday, August 3rd! All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select five winners on Monday, July 29th and notify the winners by email.

Updated Monday, July 29th: Congratulations to Julie,  Marie, Ellora, Maria and Wenxiao! You have each won a pair of tickets to access the YVR Observation Deck (a.k.a. some of the best seats in the house) to view Thailand’s Celebration of Light spectacular on Saturday, August 3rd. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment.

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  1. Praveena

    Would love to go

    • Eric

      Would love a trip like this!

    • Rachel

      Sounds fun:)

    • Hamid

      It will be AWESOME combination of lights and beauty of Vancouver :)

    • Sandra

      Love this yearly event, I Live in Tacoma,Wa and I sell fireworks every year.but this was one our worst yrs ever,so please pick me….in need of a vaca, p.s This is my Home sweet home I”m a full blooded Kaw Nuck First Nation woman :)

    • cool!!!


    • Geo

      what better way to spend Saturday but to watch the awesomeness in the sky

  2. Brett Kuntz

    Please and thank-you

  3. jayne

    want to win!!!

  4. Katrina Cottrill

    Would love to win :)

  5. jchim

    Hoping to win

  6. PLEASE!

  7. SR


  8. Sarah

    Would love a front row seat :)

    • Rosalieb

      I’m ready to party!

  9. Julie Huynh

    YAY!! Choose me please.. Would love to visit Thailand!

  10. sylvain

    would like to go, please :)

  11. Roxy

    Hi insidevancouver people I would love to win those tickets! so stoked for the show!

  12. Henry

    What an awesome prize!

  13. MrB

    Just moved here would love to win

  14. Janice

    Would LOVE to win!

  15. michael hudson

    this would make for a nice evening!

  16. Lawrence Hui

    I love to go see the fireworks on Aug 3rd

  17. Helen C

    *crossing my fingers* :P

  18. Marissa

    Thailand is the only night I can make it to the fireworks this year, would be awesome to have best seats in beach!

  19. Dora S

    Oh! please, please, please…….!!!

  20. lindsay

    Yes Please :)

  21. Lynn

    So nice of you!!! Thank you!! I hope I winnnnnnnn!!! :))))

  22. Richard

    Would love to take the wife to this!
    8 )

  23. Dean

    Would love to try out the seating. Thanks!

  24. Viśva

    Ammunition well spent

  25. farah

    My first year in Canada and im so excited to see this event !!! Oh pick me please for those bleacher tickets :D

  26. Thailand is the only night my Washington DC guest will be in town – let’s show the American the kind of celebration Vancouver puts together. Would be so great to have the best seats on the beach!

  27. Dan

    Yes please!

  28. Bala

    Wud luv to go if i get the tickets

  29. Hercy

    Me, me, me!! Please :D

  30. Mel

    I love this celebration and would love to go!

  31. Michelle

    Yay fireworks!

  32. Martin

    Me please~!

  33. Julia

    I want it!

  34. Tina

    A wonderful treat to a brilliant summer!!! The seats would be the cherry on top!!!!

  35. Katie

    Could really use a pick me up nite out!

  36. Dominic

    Wow! Awesome!

  37. Christina

    Hoping to win so I can secure a great spot to photograph the fireworks.

  38. Meout

    I love fireworks!

  39. connie mcnicol

    Thailand is one of my favorite places to visit! Would be amazing to win the package of a night out under the lights! Pick me please! :)

  40. Chelle

    Would love this!

  41. Steven

    Sawassdee !
    Kap kun krup !
    Is that enough Thai, it’s all I know,
    please pick me :)

  42. Michelle Lam

    Yes please to THAILAND! would love to win a trip! thanks!

  43. Chantal Ng

    Pick me please!

  44. Michelle Li

    This is awesome!

  45. Lydia

    My fiance’s Thai, so he would really enjoy it!

  46. Wendy T

    What a great way to spend the long weekend!

  47. Margaret M

    Have great day everyone : )

  48. Stephen & Lanny

    Love to celebrate our lovely trip there.

  49. Christina Robinson

    August 3rd is mine and my boyfriends first night in Vancouver! We’re staying for 8 days and this would be a great night to kick-off the vacation :).

  50. Would love to go

  51. Sherl

    It is my birthday. I would love to go.

  52. Pat

    This would be such a gorgeous evening. A true symphony of illumination in the sky. No better way to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Fingers crossed…

  53. Ellora

    Gonna be an amazing show! Can’t wait!

  54. becks

    Baby you’re a firework!

  55. lc

    Yes plz!

  56. zoe

    That would be amazing :)

  57. Maggie N.

    Please and thanks!

  58. Olivia

    Yes please!

  59. ZR

    still trying to score some free tickets.. :)

  60. Betty

    I am going this Saturday :)

  61. KJ

    Please and Thank You…That would be a perfect evening for a holiday weekend! A mother/daughter event, harder to achieve when they are adults!!

  62. shelagh hardern

    Someone has to win – maybe this time it will be me :)

  63. Son Thai Huynh

    Driving from Calgary just to see this!! Then need to drive home for work!! 20 hours total roundtrip. This would just enhance what is already a great show!

  64. Ivy

    A friend of mine is planning to visit from Toronto. Would be really nice to enjoy the fireworks in style!

  65. Pantea

    I’ve been leaving comments here for the past 2 years.. Never won. This time I want to win!

  66. Denisa

    It would be so awesome to win!

  67. kay

    pick me!

  68. Marie Green

    this would be a dream for me to win.

  69. dawn

    would love these seats!

  70. lucy kabatoff

    would love to Win

  71. wenxiao

    I want in pretty please

  72. Bayan

    Please please

  73. Isabelle

    Want to be there!

  74. Christoph Zoller

    I don’t want to be there – I need to be there.

  75. M Mak

    Oh let me be the lucky one. 0:)

  76. Kim

    It would be a perfect evening for my birthday!

  77. Bessie


  78. Ivy

    I would love to try these seats for once without the crowd :) it’d be a great post breakup gift…

  79. Jean-Luc

    Leave it to probability. Winning that ticket would be awesome :)

  80. teresa

    Would love to go! big fan of fireworks :)

  81. Uka

    Love it

  82. Orkhon

    Cant wait :)

  83. Vim

    Would love to take my wife to this as part of our 25th anniversary celebration! Thanks.

  84. Claire

    This is our first summer in Vancouver and I’m really excited about the fireworks. Pyrotechnics are a big thing for me – my husband surprised me with a big fireworks display on our wedding (as in he hired a company, not just waving some sparklers in the garden!). I loved the Canada Day fireworks so these should be amazing

  85. Jerilyn

    Pick Me!

  86. Maria Forero

    I wait for the celebration of lights every year! It’s my favorite time of the summer! Can’t wait to watch it in style!!! Thx!

  87. Christine

    In what is a rough time, this would be a very nice gift to receive.

  88. Angel Dankoski

    Would LOVE to go :)

  89. Rhyan Geddes

    Would love to surprise my gf

  90. Genevieve Fortin

    I would love to win!

  91. Gizelle

    I’ve got the camera and tripod, now all I need is a good view!

  92. laurie

    already heading down that night.Would love awesome seats
    :-) Thanks!

  93. aideen johnston

    Love love fireworks season!!!

  94. glenn wells

    Love the fireworks. Have been going since the beginning took my family to every show every summer as our family event.They grew up here watching the shows and now attend themselves. Thx guys for all the fun times

  95. Marleen

    I really would love to go with my friends. I’m new to Van so it would be a highlight!!

  96. Cathy

    I believe this is the first time Thailand is participating. Way to go! Look forward it!

  97. Ramona Lee

    This would be fantastic, I never seem to get a good view!

  98. Ben

    Let’s see some fireworks!

  99. Sue

    Sounds nice. Would love a trip.

  100. Lin

    Thailand is the best in fireworks display! Would love to go see :)

  101. pls let me win the tickets to shoot amazing photos. :)

  102. caroline

    Would love to win :)))

  103. Mary

    Pick me up !!!

  104. Omg I love going to see the fireworks! Please choose me :)

  105. Patti

    I would love to go to see this, I am very happy to be given the chance. Thanks for the contest!

  106. Elgan

    I would love this so much! From a student who can hardly keep up with schoolwork and a part time job to make sure I got food in my bellay.

    Goodluck to everyone! :)

  107. Harmony Poisson

    Wow would love to take my daughter to this!

  108. Swapnil

    I <3 Bleacher Seating Tickets

  109. Colleen B

    Love to go

  110. sarah

    you can always hope! ^_^

  111. Waltson

    Every time I don’t win, God kills a kitten. Not sure why.

  112. Julie Chris

    Can’t wait to see the fireworks this year!

  113. P Burgess

    I love to see how my country perform in this show!!!!!
    Pick me!!!! :)

  114. Dana

    Traveling to Vancouver from Atlanta, GA, USA the weekend of August 3. Can’t wait to see the Celebration of Lights. It would be even better if we won Bleacher seats.

  115. Rachel

    Yes please! Love the fireworks!!!

  116. Ponnpadit

    booooooow chicaaaa woooooow woooooow. CHOOSE ME PLEASE!!

  117. Kit

    I WANT TO WIN!!!

  118. Isabel

    Awesome prize giveaway!

  119. Lora Jim

    cant wait to go.. my first time going :)

  120. Sanya

    I’m coming from Europe for this! :)

  121. Lin

    Hope I can see the show this year!

  122. Vivian

    Gasp! Yes, yes pretty please! Let me have a memorable FIRST Festival of Lights experience before my exchange trip away 4 months! ><

    • Rebecca Quinlan

      Super excited for my first time seeing the Celebration of Light displays in Vancouver! :)

  123. Tracy

    We love the Honda Celebration of Light. It’s a highlight of the summer. And I’ve met many tourists who remember being on the beach in Vancouver watching the fireworks show. Bravo! Would love to be there

  124. Angela

    Pick me!

  125. ann

    Hey, I’d love to win! My friends from Thailand are joining me and this would be an awesome prize to win :)

  126. Squeegee Girl

    This prize is sweet! Ready to go…:)

  127. yosh

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Pick me, would live to go!

  128. Amy


  129. Queenie


  130. Jen

    i can hardly wait for the fireworks!!

  131. Lauren

    Every year my daughter and I look forward to these events. It’s a family tradition and I’m so excted!!

  132. Amy


  133. Magda

    Cant wait to experience it!

  134. Parry Chan

    I should like to go with my wife, Pick me, Please!

  135. Sajan sandhu

    Would like to see this!

  136. Betsy Sharp

    Fire works and air show! Air force brat from the 60’*

  137. Gizelle

    I’ve got the camera and tripod, now all I need is a good view!

  138. Tu Le

    Just moved to Vancouver, this city is spectacular! Would really love to experience this show from a great view!


  139. rebecca chan

    Alright Thailand!

  140. Thierry

    Pick me, pick me, pick me… ;-)

  141. Yvette Adler

    I have been working weekends for over a year. I usually miss out on the exciting events as they are mostly held on weekends but I have managed to have this weekend off and would truly enjoy this event!

  142. Melika

    That sounds really awesome, I love to go! :)

  143. Ian

    RAWWWWWR! Pick me!

  144. sheena

    This would be a great birthday treat this week:)

  145. Yukti

    Would love this treat for my family!

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  147. Manpreet

    Waiting to enjoy!!! with my hubby off course…:0

  148. Ruth

    That would be a spectacular way to kick off our Vancouver Vacation!!!

  149. Phyllis

    haven’t seen Thailand @ Celebration of lights before~
    Would love to see it!
    And it’d make a great treat for my birthday~

  150. Gemmalyn Tala

    Its so beautiful to celebrate the multicultural people of vancouver in this spectacular way !

  151. Leonard Muir

    I think Vancouver has the best celebrations ever

  152. Kristin

    I live in Edmonton and I’ll be in Vancouver that day. It would be nice to go and see this and know what the Honda Celebration of Light is about.

  153. Lauri

    Would love to see it on next Saturday!

  154. Would love this, I’m so excited about coming to this show and vancouver

  155. Lexa

    Im new here in Canada it would be a lot of fun hope i will win this please pick me up! Thank you’

  156. Dan

    I am sure Thailand will do a great Joe!

  157. Lorene Magnuson

    My 2 cousins and my sister and I will be visiting Vancouver next week from Minnesota. We’d love to win these tickets!!!!

  158. jordan

    Just saw the firework from our place in the westend and the fireworks were amazing,would love to win those a vancouver girl some love..

  159. Rod Reid

    Love to event, with my children but always, crazy when in the crowds loose track of each other just trying to find a place On the beach to win the tickets, reason being in controlled seating and up front and have not been for two years now just because of the uncontrolled searing arrangements on the beach,

  160. Sarah H

    Can’t wait to be picked as a winner!

  161. This would be the icing on the cake for our visit to Vancouver

  162. E. Johnston

    Fabulous, awesomus prize! My arthritic legs would be eternally grateful!

  163. E. Johnston

    I’m your biggest fan! Pick me!

  164. helen


  165. Jenny

    what a treat! i would love this!

  166. Jenn

    This would be amazing! Thank you for hosting this amazing event Vancouver and Honda!

  167. Jennifer

    Will be in from the U.S. and would LOVE to go!

  168. Danny Dang

    Would love to go!

  169. David Rooney

    Last night of our trip. Would be a grand finale! Karma!

  170. Jaime Paialunga

    Love Symphony of Fire!!

  171. Kendra Anderson

    Would love to win! Please pick me.

  172. tommy

    this is awesome!!

  173. We would both like to go to at least one event, but due to a leg injury walking more than a few blocks is not an option and getting close enough to see is not easy either. Would love to go..really.
    Wheelchair in the crowd is a no go. Front row seats..Yes Please!! We would pay it forward the two of us.


  174. bal

    sounds so much fun. would love to watch fireworks

  175. Vinay

    Just seen UK fireworks and cant wait to see the Canadian and the Thai fireworks. amazing display of pyrotechs. Would love to watch from the bleachers seat.

  176. Nancy

    I’d love to experience the Celebration of Lights from the bleachers!

  177. Daneda Russ

    We will be visiting from Alberta and would love to be there!

  178. NPT

    I and my kids love to win these ticket!

  179. Visiting from Northern BC, would love to have front row seats to view.

  180. angel

    Enjoyed the firework competitions last summer, hope to see it from English bay this year.

  181. Marissa

    Wouldn’t miss this!

  182. Michelle

    So exciting!! :)

  183. David

    Just arrived from ireland (10 hour flight) – and would love to see fireworks from these seats… Heard we in for a great show…

  184. Driving up from Seattle with my fiance to celebrate my 31st birthday. Would be a great gift to win these tickets! :)

  185. Vivian

    Can’t wait to watch Canada and Thailand!!

  186. Denise

    Hey! that sounds awesome!!!!

  187. Karie

    Would love to go!

  188. Cedric

    UK was great, waiting for Thailand!

  189. Ana


  190. Ana


  191. Audrey

    Fingers crossed :)

  192. Jimmy

    Would love to win a pair of tickets!

  193. michele

    It would be like a dream come true! A holiday and fireworks!
    how great would that be!

    I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    eeeeek! =)

  194. Malcolm

    Winning is bliss! Please consider my wife and I for these tickets. We are flying from New York for this.

  195. Phoebe

    would love to go!

  196. Legoboy

    Going to be awesome! Would love a Bleacher Seat!

  197. Verly

    My first time in Vancouver and would love to go!!! :)

  198. Lu

    Just do it!