Off the Eaten Track: New Foodie Tour Explores Vancouver’s Hidden Gems

Donald Market | East Village Photo:

Vancouver has a reputation for fresh, West Coast cuisine and daring fusion dishes. But with so many great restaurants, how do you find the hidden gems?

That’s where Off the Eaten Track comes in. The unique tours focus on hunting down some of the city’s most popular, off-the-radar eateries – the secret spots only locals seem to know about. For visitors, it’s a unique chance to plug directly into the latest crazes in Vancouver’s edgy dining scene.

Few city neighborhoods have more formidable foodie credentials than historic Main Street, setting for Off the Eaten Track’s new Main Street Restaurant and Cocktail Tour ($65). Once an ethnic enclave home to Chinese immigrants, the area has been colonized in recent years by young families, hipsters and local tastemakers. The result is some of the trendiest restaurants, boutiques and antique shops in the city.

The unique walking tour takes visitors on a progressive dinner, stopping in at five up-and-coming restaurants. Whet your appetite at a Euro-inspired cafe, where you’ll be treated to a home-baked appetizer and glass of wine. Then it’s on to an authentic, Roman-style pizzeria for thin-crust pies eaten with knife and fork. Save room for a funky supper lounge offering the best of fresh Pacific Northwest seafood. Finish things off with an umbrella drink inside Vancouver’s newest tiki bar and a sinfully sweet artisan dessert.

For more information on unique dining tours, check out Off the Eaten Track’s website.

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2 Responses to Off the Eaten Track: New Foodie Tour Explores Vancouver’s Hidden Gems

  1. dan

    This sounds like heaven for any gastronomic enthusiast. I love food and I like trying new and daring recipes. This is a brilliant place.

  2. This is the perfect city to be a foodie! The variety of food you can enjoy is simply amazing and everything is as fresh as possible and extremly flavoured.