The Undead are Coming: Get ready for Zombiewalk 2013 in Vancouver

Photo credit: WinstonWong* | Flickr

Photo credit: WinstonWong* | Flickr

It’s that time of year again.

Ready to feast on brains on the streets of downtown Vancouver, roving in one unholy mob from victim to hapless victim, leaving a trail of (fake) blood and gore in your wake?

Zombiewalk 2013 is coming to Vancouver, Aug. 17.  The annual rite sees thousands of undead – dressed in ghoulish makeup, with dripping flesh wounds – turn the streets of Vancouver into a scene of unspeakable carnage, all in the name of good fun.

Anyone is invited to participate, though afterward you’ll have to walk the earth forever in a state of living death, turning to brains as your only sustenance.

The first Vancouver Zombiewalk was in 2005, when 400 participants terrified the city by marching into Pacific Centre mall, then boarding a SkyTrain before finally converging on Mountain View Cemetery.   Since then, the event has only gotten bigger and gorier.

Last year’s walk saw legions of bloody nurses, sexy cadaverous vamps, bullet-riddled postal workers, gas-mask-toting mutants and hungry, blood-spattered fiends roaming downtown streets and scaring the bejesus out of tourists.

For the 2013 Zombiewalk, participants are asked to assemble on the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 17.  The grisly procession starts at 4 p.m., proceeding down ritzy Robson Street before turning onto Denman Street and finally descending on picturesque English Bay.

Official rules note: “Though the temptation is great, please do NOT smear blood, brains or anything else on any businesses, buses, automobiles or any other public or private property.”

The first official zombie walk on record took place in Toronto in 2003, with a meagre turnout of just six participants.  Since then, the zombie virus has spread rapidly, infecting citizens in capitals throughout North America and around the world, from Singapore to Rio de Janeiro.  Minneapolis-Saint Paul currently holds the Guinness record for largest zombie walk, with some 8,027 corpses turning out for a 2012 event.

Behind the zombie walk phenomenon is a growing – and still unexplained – fascination with all things undead. The hit TV series The Walking Dead and the new Brad Pitt film World War Z suggest the zombie apocalypse may be near.

Have you partaken in the Vancouver Zombiewalk before? How was it? 

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