Group craft show at Pendulum Gallery

Dominique Brechault work

Work by Dominique Brechault. Photo courtesy Circle Craft.

A new group show celebrates the 40th anniversary of a local crafts group.

Circle Craft 40 Years and Beyond features work by both long-standing and more recent members of Circle Craft, a cooperative formed in Victoria, B.C. 40 years ago.

Thanks to the Internet and sites like Etsy, as well as a new and growing appreciation for locally made and handcrafted artisanal products, crafts are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. In this way, Circle Craft is way ahead of the curve.

The show at the Pendulum Gallery in the HSBC Building (885 W. Georgia) is a showcase for members’ more ambitious work. The more functional items by Circle Crafters can be found at the coop’s store on Granville Island. It’s the grander works that are displayed at the gallery in the exhibit, on now until Aug. 23.

Exhibitors include metal workers, jewellery makers, textile artists, ceramics and woods crafters, and many more. More information on exhibitors can be found at

Pendulum Gallery hours:

M-W 9 am-6 pm
Th & F 9 am-9 pm
Saturday 9 am-5 pm
Sunday Closed

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