5 Fantastic Foods to Eat at This Year’s PNE Fair at Playland

PNE 2013 Donuts

The PNE at Playland is back and better than ever, and you know what that means… it’s time to stuff your face with some delicious fair food that you would never think about eating in real life. Because being at the PNE isn’t really real life, it’s an alternate dimension of carnival games, gut-wrenching rides, and deep-fried delectables.

The PNE is open every day until September 2nd, and costs about $14 for entry. Without further ado, here are five fantastic things you’ve got to try at this year’s PNE at Playland.

PNE Playland 2013

1. BBQ Ribs

Without question, most of the people who eat food at the PNE always head to the barbecue area. The area is conveniently next to the beer garden, and always has a delicious aroma of slow-cooked meat wafting from the grills. These ribs have won awards (as demonstrated by all the trophies) and if you think you can make a better version at home – you are probably wrong. Tender, fall of the bone, and loaded with delicious home-made bbq sauce, the ribs (and the pulled pork and other BBQ specialties) are a can’t miss at the PNE (unless you’re more partial to veggies). Try all the booths and vote for your favourite in the 3rd annual Rib Festival Competition.

PNE Food Vancouver 2013

2. Weird Deep Fried Things

“How the heck did they manage to deep fry butter”, you may find yourself saying this year at the PNE. The deep fry game has been stepped up with deep fried pickles, oreos, cheesecake, and more. The Mars bar is pretty good, the oreos are fine, the pickles are delicious, try for yourself. Diets don’t count at the PNE.

Foot Long hot dog vancouver

3. Foot Long Hot Dog

You could go for the crazy dogs, or the hot dogs cut up in poutine, but the best is always the classic – the foot long hot dog. Perfect for sharing with a friend, the foot long hot dog (covered in onions and fixins’) is basic, delicious, and easy to eat.

PNE Turkey leg 2013

4. Turkey Leg

Once, turkey legs were only eaten in banquet halls with a side of taters and a big glass of mead. Now, you don’t have to be living in the dark ages, you can enjoy your own giant turkey leg in your own backyard! You can find the turkey leg at the corn booth. It feels a bit regal, gnawing on a big piece of meat as you head to your next ride.

PNE Playland Vancouver 2013

5. Chocolate Covered Bacon

They say that bacon goes with everything, and were they ever right! Chocolate covered bacon hits all the bases. Sweet and salty, chocolate covered bacon is much more delicious than it looks.


Other delicacies you should think about trying at the PNE include: mini donuts (of course!), deep fried green peas (for all you vegetarians out there!), poutine, and the freshly squeezed lemonade.

The PNE at Playland is on until Monday, September 2nd, and is open from 11am until late. Entrance costs around $14-16. More information about the PNE can be found here.

Did you try any other delicious food that we missed? Let us know what you ate at the PNE!

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