Shorter Beer Lines at Canucks Game? Rogers Arena Set to Expand

Photo credit: | Flickr

Photo credit: | Flickr

With the start of hockey season still a few months away, Canucks fans already have something to cheer about.

Rogers Arena, notorious as one of the “coziest” arenas in the NHL, is about to get a little more elbow room.

Opened in 1995, Rogers was designed to fit between the existing Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts in downtown Vancouver.  As a result, the stadium has a relatively small footprint.  This creates great intimacy inside the 18,630-seat arena. (There’s hardly a bad seat in the house.)  But it also means that the concourse and concession areas are often jam-packed during intermission.

But the intermission rush hour and mile-long washroom lines may be a thing of the past by the 2014-2015 season. According to the Vancouver Sun, plans are in the works to connect the concourse with one of three new residential high-rises being built around the arena.  The first five floors of the 26-storey tower in question will integrate with the arena, providing fans some much needed breathing room.

The first and third floors of the new tower will be open to the main concourse and upper bowl concourse, respectively.  This means more space for concessions and, more importantly, shorter beer lines.  The second floor will house additional washrooms, increasing capacity by 25 percent and reducing time spent queued up for the loo.

But the most exciting addition may be an expansive new sports bar on the fourth floor of the tower-arena complex.  Here, fans without tickets will be able to grab a drink inside the arena (though they won’t have a view of the game).  Meanwhile, ticketed fans can enjoy access to special loge boxes seating four-six people, as well as larger suites comparable to the current Best Buy Club in Rogers Arena.

Work has already begun on the tower, but it needs to be at least half-completed before any integration with Rogers Arena can start.  Plans are for the expanded concourse to be up and running in time for the start of the 2014-2015 hockey season.

Anyone else think more room in Rogers Arena would be a good thing? Let us know below. 

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