Underneath Vancouver: Venturing into the Britannia Mine

Britannia Mine Museum | britanniaminemuseum.ca

Britannia Mine Museum | britanniaminemuseum.ca

More than a century ago, one of the largest copper mines on the planet opened just north of Vancouver. From 1904-1974, an estimated 60,000 workers labored inside the famous Britannia Mine, excavating a mammoth tunnel system more than 120 miles long.

Are you ready to take a peek inside?

The Britannia Mine Museum gives visitors an intimate glimpse into the underground world of mining. Put on a hardhat and climb aboard an old-fashioned narrow-gauge train for a ride deep into the earth. While water drips from the dark caverns, actors recreate scenes from the old mine with actual working drills and specialized machines.

Back out in the light of day, guests can also try their luck at gold panning. Sift through silt in old-fashioned troughs in search of real gold carried in the cold mountain water. The best part: Anything you find, you keep.

The museum also features working equipment from the old mine, from ore carts to a restored ambulance car built for underground emergencies. Old photos and exhibits tell the rich history of the site, while visitors can also duck into the historic 20-story copper mill with its cathedral-like interior.

For more information, visit the Britannia Mine Museum website.

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