Get Weird at Vancouver’s Experimental Theatre Fest: The Fringe, Sept. 5-15

What happens when you pick 89 experimental theater acts – many drawn at random from a hat – and let them perform uncensored in the heart of Vancouver?

You get the brilliance, weirdness and unbridled creativity which is the annual Vancouver Fringe Festival. Staged on waterfront Granville Island, this year’s festival will feature more than 600 performances over 11 days from Sept. 5-Sept. 15. Venues range from traditional theaters to cafes and even site-specific places like fire escapes, docks and bicycles.

First staged back in 1985, the Fringe has grown into one of the city’s largest theatre festivals, drawing more than 30,000 attendees every year. Its unique format gives all artists, from novices to veteran actors, a chance to participate, while bringing new, adventurous and often hilarious theater to audiences.

Here are a few shows not to be missed at this year’s Fringe Fest:

  • Dirk Darrow: NCSSI – This one man show is part murder mystery, part magic show and all comedy. Soak up the gritty, 1940s noir vibe as Dirk Darrow solves his latest case.
  • Hockey Night at The Puck & Pickle Pub – Join two Canadian hockey fanatics as they take in the 2014 Olympic gold medal hockey game at the fictional Puck & Pickle. The comic romp initiates viewers into the strange rites and rituals of Canadian hockey culture.
  • 6 Guitars – One virtuoso performer transforms himself into six different guitarists over the course of an evening. Watch as blues rocker becomes jazz cat, country legend, folk star, classical virtuoso and electric guitar god.

For the complete lineup of shows and to purchase tickets, visit the Vancouver Fringe Festival website.

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