Monthly Fill-A-Bag Fabric Sale this Sunday Oct 20th

Our Social Fabric Vancouver 2013

There’s something about fabric that just brings up a whole world of possibilities. Could I make a fort? A pair of pants? A cat toy? Sometimes, you can’t help but stockpile little pieces of inspiration that sometimes make it into reality.

Our Social Fabric makes buying fabric and other notions a bit easier on the wallet with their monthly fill-a-bag sales. The next sale is being held on Sunday, October 20th at 871 East Hastings.

So, what is Our Social Fabric? Bigger than just a monthly sale, Our Social Fabric is a Vancouver recycling initiative that saves and re-sells fabric that would normally be heading to the landfill right about now.

At the monthly sales, you can expect lots of people and lots of bins filled with high-quality fabric, as well as big bags of buttons, tassels, and other odds and ends.

Our Social Fabric Vancouver 2013

When you get to the sale, you are given a bag, which you are then given free reign to stuff as much stuff as you possibly can without breaking the bag. Army print, soft and cuddly flannels, drapery, glittery genie pants, you name it, I tried to stuff it in my bag (and it all fit!). The bag costs $25 ($40 for 2) and is quite substantail.

Alternatively, if you already have too much extra fabric on your hands, you can also donate fabric scraps, bolts, or other textiles. Learn more about donating here.

Check out the next Our Social Fabric sale on Sunday, October 20th from 10am to 2pm at 871 East Hastings Street.

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