The Rocky Horror Picture Show Returns to Vancouver at the Rio

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show has long been a staple of Halloween in Vancouver, with midnight showings on or around Halloween. However, this year, with the closure of the Ridge Theatre in February, fans worried it might be the end. Luckily, The Rocky Horror Picture Show returns at the Rio Theatre this Saturday night.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 musical film. Initially a box-office flop, the film has since gained a large cult following due to midnight showings, live shadow casts, and audience participation. Now, thirty-eight years after its release, it has the longest-running theatrical release in film history. Audiences dress up as characters from the film, talk back to the characters during the film, sing and dance along, and bring props to throw in the air at specific moments. The Rio highly encourages audience participation this Saturday night; if you’re in costume there is a discount on tickets at the door, and they will be selling prop bags in the lobby for $2 (BYO squirt guns and noisemakers). There will also be a live shadow cast as well as bar service (19+).

If you would like to bring your own props, please refer to the list below. More information on audience participation can be found here.

Prop List

  • Rice – for the wedding scene
  • Newspapers – to cover your head during the storm scene
  • Squirt guns – to create rain for the storm scene
  • Lighters or flashlights – for “Over the Frankenstein Place”
  • Rubber gloves – for the creation speech
  • Noisemakers – for the end of the creation speech
  • Confetti – for “Charles Atlas Song” reprise
  • Toilet paper – to be thrown in the air when Brad says, “Great Scott!”
  • Toast – to be thrown when Frank proposes a toast
  • Party hat – for the dinner scene
  • Bell – for “Planet Schmanet Janet”
  • Playing cards – for “I’m Going Home”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
When: Saturday, Nov 9th @ 10pm
Where: The Rio Theatre
Tickets: $8 online, $10 at the door/$8 with costume.

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