Cat-Themed Reality Show Looking for Vancouver’s Cutest, Fastest Cats

Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar | Flickr

Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar | Flickr

Attention cat lovers: A new pet-themed reality show is coming to Vancouver – and it wants to make your cat a star.

Like Survivor for felines, the cheeky new Battle Cats will see five exceptional pets compete in a series of obstacles.  Challenges include climbing up walls, pole dancing, swerving out of the way of swinging balls while on a balance beam and chasing lasers, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun.

Produced by local company Force Four Entertainment, Battle Cats will be filmed in a special “cat agility arena” currently being built in Greater Vancouver.  For the inaugural season of the show, producers are hoping to find 30 local “cathletes,” defined as “playful cats who want to tackle our course and compete for the fastest time.”

An initial round of auditions was held over the weekend at The Bone & Bowl pet store in Vancouver’s Olympic Village.  Producers auditioned dozens of cats and their owners, searching for the perfect candidates: high-energy felines that get along with other animals and passionate owners who want to be on TV.

According to the Battle Cats website, cats chosen will be put through one-two months of agility training in order to get in shape for competition.  For the show, the best pets and their owners will then face off in an agility course featuring seven different obstacles.

Filming for the six-episode series, airing appropriately enough on a network called Bite TV, is set to begin in February.  In the meantime, it’s not too late to turn your cat into a celebrikitty.  Another audition will be held on Saturday, Nov. 30, at the The Bone & Bowl in Vancouver (1610 Salt St., in Olympic Village).

Pet owners can also enter their cats into the running at  The lengthy  online application form asks, among other things, for a description of your cat’s athletic abilities (“Are they fast? Good jumpers? Good hunters?”), a list of things they chase (“laser pointers, feathers, clickers, toy mice, flashlights, other”) and a one-minute YouTube video of your cat playing with its favourite toy.

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