Christmas at FlyOver Canada (Free ticket giveaway!)


Experience the delights of Christmas at FlyOver Canada from November 29, 2013 until January 5, 2014

Hours of Operation:
– Daily from 10 AM until 9 PM
– December 24 closed early at 5 PM
– December 25 closed
– December 26 Boxing Day open 10 AM until 9 PM

General Admission Prices:
– Adults $19.95 + Tax
– Seniors, Youth and Students $17.95 + Tax
– Children $14.95 + Tax
* Priority boarding for an extra $2

Help Santa Save Christmas at FlyOver Canada this holiday season!
Enjoy a Christmas themed pre-show and pre-boarding experience including the Ultimate Flying Ride – FlyOver Canada

And, share in the magic of Christmas at our free outdoor Christmas Plaza featuring:
– Live entertainment including holiday music favorites and more
– Santa’s Artic Art Workshop display with live ice carving shows every Friday at 5pm commencing from December 6 onwards
– Delicious tastes of Christmas with waffles, hot drinks and candied nuts by Leonidas Belgian Chocolates and Swiss Style Nuts.

Complete your FlyOver Canada Christmas by upgrading to the
Christmas Magic Pass for an extra $5 + Tax including:
– 1 x waffle from Leonidas Belgian Chocolates
– 1 x hot chocolate or cider from the FlyOver Canada Christmas Kiosk

More information on Christmas at FlyOver Canada can soon be found at

Free Ticket Giveaway!

We have a family pass for FlyOver Canada available for one of our readers. To be eligible simply post a comment below. We’ll pick a random winner next week and notify them by email. Good luck!

Updated Wednesday, December 4th: Congratulations Gillian! You are the lucky recipient of a four-person Family Pass to experience Christmas at FlyOver Canada. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Stay tuned for more great stories and contests through Inside Vancouver!

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340 Responses to Christmas at FlyOver Canada (Free ticket giveaway!)

  1. Praveena

    Would love to go

    • Kirsten

      I would love to do this with my family!! It would be amazing, awesome,wonderful……………………..!!!!!!!!!!

    • Carla

      I went this summer and screamed with delight through the whole trip and I would love to treat the grand kids to Christmas ride!

  2. rob anderson

    would be fun to take the family !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Adele

    I have always wanted to do this! I love these blog/articles! always giving helpful insights into Vancouver life! Keep them coming guys!!

  4. Tracy S

    This sounds like a cool ride.

  5. Ken Hsueh

    Awesome… love FlyOver~

  6. Erica

    This would be a great way to start the holidays! *fingers crossed*

  7. Cracote

    FlyOver Canada is so AWESOME!!!

    • Brenda

      I want to see Flyover Canada

  8. Sounds fun! Would enjoy going.

  9. Megan

    looks so fun!

  10. Christie M

    Sounds fun,would love to go!

  11. May

    Would be awesome to bring my family to experience this when they visit Vancouver!

  12. Neal R

    So looking forward to seeing it! I know my Neice would love it!

  13. Shawn de Jong

    Would love to win. Haven’t had the chance to go but I’ve always wanted to.

  14. Vivian

    I would love to experience the show at FlyOver Canada!

  15. Danika Strecko

    I have really wanted to check this out! I am also addicted to all things Christmas in Vancouver: Capilano lights, Van Dusen lights, the Burnaby Christmas heritage village and so much more! This would be a great addition to the holiday cheer.

  16. Romeo Gunn

    This sounds pretty awesome!

  17. Matt D

    My wife and 5 yr. old twin boys would ABSOLUTELY LOVE to do this!

  18. Bob

    Have heard rave reviews from others! Would love to see it!

  19. Ellen

    My daughter is in Canada ;)

  20. Nicole

    would love to experience flyover canada for the first time!

  21. Winnie Wong

    The Christmas Magic Pass looks awesome!

  22. We have a 7 yr old grandson that would love this. It might just make me enjoy the season this year, after losing my mother in June.

  23. Mo

    Would love to take my family to this!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Shawna

    Sounds awesome!

  25. Lilian

    What a great thing to do with family!

  26. Maghan

    Sounds fun! Pick me! :)

  27. Olivia

    We’d love to go!

  28. John

    good luck

  29. Yvonne

    would love to go with my family, moved last year to Canada and love it. Think it might be a great experience to watch “flyover Canada”.

  30. Kim

    We’d love this prize!!

  31. Diana Serban

    Yes please! Sounds like fun!

  32. Rick

    Our daughter who goes to school in the States would love to do this when she’s home for the holidays.

  33. Marcela

    Sounds great! Would love to go with the family!!

  34. Julie Marques

    Would love to do this!

  35. helen

    i love #flyovercanada #vancouver

  36. Emma

    My family would LOVE to go see this! Please and thank you in advance!

  37. Lucy

    I’d love to check this out!

  38. Would love to go to this

  39. Becs

    Pick me!

  40. Michelle Wong

    I’ve always wanted to try out FlyOver Canada! :D

  41. Michelle N.

    Me please!!!!

  42. Stephanie

    Been to FlyOver Canada a couple times already, would love to finally take my family :)

  43. Terry

    fly that ticket right over here please…lol..

  44. I’ve heard this is amazing!


    I can’t wait to try this in Christmas season and spread d experience to my friends nd family and to tourist especially i am working in Tourism Industry.

  46. Maria

    I enjoyed fLyOver canada two months ago an it was amazing, i will love to have the chritmas experience with my family, they will love that!!

  47. Michaela

    Hooray! This would be so much fun!

  48. I know just the family to gift this to :)
    I’ll be going during the Christmas special myself anyway

  49. Josephine

    Hard to say “No” to free stuff!

  50. tatiana

    Not that sounds like a lot of fun!!

  51. LC


  52. I know that this would be an amazing Christmas experience . pick me :)

  53. Lisa Munday

    Pick me pick me !!!!!! :-)

  54. this would be AMAZING to win!!

  55. Randy Thomas

    Sounds like a great time! Count us in!

  56. Samantha

    I have always wanted to experience this!! So cool!

  57. Gillian

    I’ve been DYING to see this!

  58. Farshad

    Fly over canada is amazing show. I would love to take my family to the show, what is better than getting free ticket for that.

  59. Joyce

    I wanna gooo:)

  60. Kelsey Baines

    I haven’t gone yet but have heard great things! I’d love to take my family.

  61. Donna

    Would be an excellent family outing at Christmas.

  62. Tracey Flattes

    Awesome – can’t wait to go back to flyover Canada!

  63. Illiana


  64. Wesley

    Would love to go!

  65. nicky

    this would be great!

  66. sue henifin

    I would so love this!!

  67. Dasha

    Sounds awesome! Definitely going!

  68. Kathleen

    would love to go!

  69. MAY


  70. Teresa K

    I would love to win.

  71. Hilton Goodes

    I have been twice – both times with family and friends from South Africa … we all were amazed. I’d like to win the family pass for my daughter, husband and grandkids. Flyover Canada will be one of the first stops for any of our visitors – highly recommended! Thanks.

  72. joyce

    ive gone to something similar in disney world…would love to see it in and of my own country:)

  73. Courtney Carpenter

    Spread the Christmas cheer & choose me :D!

  74. DanielleM

    I would love to go

  75. Mimi

    Yahoo..pick us, we would love to go!

  76. saqueib

    it would be a perfect treat for our wedding anniversary!

  77. MatthewV

    I’ve driven across Canada before; I’ve always wanted to Fly Across Canada!!

  78. Greg

    I’d like to try it.

  79. Arjun Rudra

    Fingers crossed.

  80. Rebecca

    Having just moved to Canada from New Zealand this would be amazing!

  81. george

    Would be great to take the family

  82. Wendy Cooper

    A friend mentioned that my son and I should do this! Love that there is a Christmas theme! Happy Holidays!!

  83. Lesley C.

    I’ve been bugging my hubby to try this with the kids! Hope I win!!!

  84. Darlene C

    I would love to see our beautiful country with Flyover Canada.

  85. Alejandro

    Would be nice to enjoy that time…. Im from Argentina and go back pretty soon…

  86. Chi Chi

    Sounds like fun!

  87. Adrian Wu

    Never try this. Would love to go.

  88. Sharylin

    This would be a great outing for the holiday!

  89. Kay

    Pick me!

  90. cheryl

    I would love to win free tickets from

    Would be great to take the family over Christmas…
    Fly Over Canada…


  91. Please pick me! I’d love to bring my mom there just to check it out! She’s not a fan of “rides” but I think this one will be quite enjoyable!

  92. cindy

    This would be a wonderful experience to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of vancouver.

    I hope I win!!

  93. Athena

    Wow! This would put the “merry” in our Christmas!!!! It would be a wonderful way to spend some time with my boys….

  94. rebecca cameron

    We would love this!

  95. J

    I got married this May. I would love to go w my husband and our upcoming baby boy to celebrate the first Christmas. :)))

  96. sneh

    Love to go . A perfect gift for a family outing. Please be my turn to win.

  97. Maez

    I’ve heard so much about Flyover Canada and all good things. Definitely recommending this to visitors!! Can’t wait to see it for myself. :)

  98. lucy kabatoff

    Awesome would love to go

  99. Priscilla H.

    Who doesnt love contests? Thanks for the giveaway !

  100. Alejandra Chavarria

    Wow! This sounds so neat! I’d LOVE to do this! So uplifting :)

  101. Jade

    Flyover~ Sounds so cool~

  102. Adrien I.

    My friend is coming over from HK this Dec. We would love to go!

  103. Pamela Carvajal

    November is our wedding Anniversary month… So My husband and I would love to go!! Thanks for this contest!!

  104. VS


  105. Derek S

    This would be so much fun for our family of 4. Finger’s crossed!!

  106. melissa w.

    great giveaway for a great event!

  107. Jean Z

    This would be so cool. Thanks!

  108. Christopher Co

    My cousins are new to Canada! I’d love to take them!

  109. Richard

    Would love to see it again!

  110. Julia

    Do I really need to tell you a reason why I’d like to win it?! It’s just awesome and I’d love to experience this! Can’t wait!

  111. Michael Behar

    We would love to fly over canada without having to go through the airport hassle!

  112. Margaret McCormack

    I would ♥ the opportunity to share this experience with my family. Thank you, Good luck to everyone :-D

  113. Wendy

    I would love to go with my daughter!! Please pick me~~~

  114. Heidi

    A wonderful family outing foe over the holidays!

  115. Joanna Caraan

    I would love to bring my nephew and see this wonderful spectacle!

  116. Manson

    I want to go!!

  117. Anna

    I would love to take my nephew, he would have a blast!

  118. Candy

    Would love to go.

  119. Sean

    We would love to go this holiday season.

  120. Alecia

    Would love to kick off the holiday season with my family flying over canada with Santa!!

  121. steph

    i have to small children who would absolutely love to go on their first fly over canada during the christmas season. it would definatly be a great experience to share.

  122. karen

    I would love to take my kids to the flyover. It would really add to the christmas break.

  123. Halley

    This sounds like so much fun! What a new Christmas experience this could be :)

  124. Stephanie

    This sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe even a new Christmas Tradition with our family.

  125. Jen

    We loved Soarin’ Over California … this would be amazing to go to for free (so expensive!)

  126. Meaghan

    Yay! Sounds like fun!! <3

  127. Leena

    That would be awesome!

  128. Nothing would be better than flying over Canada at Christmas.

  129. Neena

    Went to the Halloween event. My son loved it…would love to go again.

  130. pola

    I would love to take my family to see my aunt who just turned 95 , now that would be a festive flight with a surprise ending indeed! fa la la la la la la

  131. Nancy

    Would love to see this! Thanks for offering this.

  132. Wendy T

    Would love to check this out during the upcoming holidays.

  133. Wally

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  134. My girls and I would LOVE to go. Please :)

  135. Alex

    my niece and her boyfriend are coming for a visit in december and i would love to take them here! i heard about fly over canada around halloween and ive been wanting to go ever since.

  136. Katy

    Some day I’ll get to go! Looks amazing.

  137. Elena

    I have been wanting to check this out ever since it opened. I think it would definitely be a fun experience that will open my eyes even more to the beauty of Canada. Would LOVE to win some tickets! Always looking for unique things to do in Vancouver.

  138. Melissa Hoffmann

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend activity! Would love to go.

  139. Ivy

    Pick me! I’d love to bring my family for this unique experience!

  140. Joyce lee

    Never been n would love to go

  141. Tracey

    What a wonderful holiday memory! Pick me, pick me! Thanks

  142. Pat

    I would love to do this

  143. suz

    It’s one of the best ways to not be a stranger in this country.

  144. Helen

    This sounds so fun.. have been meaning to check it out and seems like this would be a great time to go!

  145. Heather

    this would be amazing for my family!

  146. Heather

    this would be amazing for my family! please pick me!!!

  147. arlene

    I have heard the video is excellent. Would love to go.

  148. Dolly

    What a lovely way to spend an evening with family! I’ve heard very good reviews and hope to win!

  149. Gillian

    I volunteer with Big Sisters and I would love to take my Little Sister! She’s 9 and has never been on a plane but is curious about flying. :)

  150. Kevin

    I would love to go!

  151. Melanie

    Yes please!!!

  152. Bala meenakshi

    Would love to go there !

  153. Rick B

    Fly me away

  154. Elaine

    Would love to see this!

  155. maiya perez

    I hope I win ****!!!! Weooo

  156. Amy

    Wow cool!

  157. Faiza Zubair

    Wow i would love to go with my family,hope i will win

  158. would def love to see this. sounds amazing!

  159. Ren

    I really want to see and experience this!

  160. Mario Cruz

    Would love to go!!

  161. Alexandra

    This had been so great to see. I’ll cross my fingers x!

  162. Isabella Hsiao

    It’d be so amazing!! Please pick me!! Thanks so much!!!

  163. Anna

    I would love to experience this, especially with the Christmas theme.

  164. Amanda

    Ah would love to experience this!

  165. Emilia

    My sister is in town would love to treat her and myself

  166. Ashley

    I would love to go for their Christmas festivities!

  167. Dianne

    That would be an unbelievable Christmas treat!

  168. luc

    I want to fly!

  169. Tanya

    Time to spread my wings. Fly me over.

  170. Gordon

    I would love to go! :)

  171. Cristina L

    Would love to take my kids to this!

  172. Emily

    I’d love to go

  173. Sharon

    It’ll be a special Christmas with the family – on the FlyOver Canada! :)

  174. Sanford

    One of the things I must do for Christmas with my loved ones!

  175. Maggie

    Would be amazing! Please and thanks!

  176. Jarek

    Been meaning to check this out :)

  177. Tina

    A sleigh ride over Canada…What more can one want for Christmas…Except SNOW of course!!! :-)

  178. Mimi

    Vancouver is awesome! Joyful holiday spirits!
    Good luck to everyone!

  179. helen

    Sounds like fun!

  180. Amber

    My daughters would love this and so would I!

  181. Kathryn Galan

    What fun that would be.

  182. Peggy

    It would be lovely to meet Santa this winter with the family at FlyOver Canada!

  183. Eugene

    What a cool attraction! My family would really enjoy the experience!

  184. Dianne

    It would be so much fun to take the kids…….

  185. Lea

    This would be a nice experience for the kids!

  186. Vivian

    Ah!! I’ve wanted to go to FlyOver ever since there were news of them happening!!! Please let it be me!!!

  187. Carolyn

    Had to move away but coming back for a visit to our favorite city in the world! Would love flyover Christmas to be a part of it!!

  188. Wendy

    Would LOVE to go and enjoy the holiday spirit with other people!

  189. I want to go so badly!!! Omg

  190. Andrew Chobaniuk

    Sounds like lots of fun, would love to go :)

  191. Nicole Riopelle

    Would love to do this with the family.

  192. Kendal

    I would love to take my niece to this! Thanks!

  193. paul Giles

    This would be amazing, please pick me!

  194. Adilson

    Pick me!!!

  195. Razia Daudjee

    My family would love to experience this, Please pick us! :)

  196. Cat

    Sounds neat.

  197. jen

    would be great to experience!

  198. Debra Such

    Would love to see this with family followed by lunch or dinner on our beautiful Vancouver waterfront!

  199. Kim Godidek

    We’d love to do this!

  200. Dal

    I want tickets!

  201. bec

    I’ve been wanting to go for a long time!

  202. Diep Dam

    i would love to go and experience this for the first time!

  203. anna

    I would love a chance to win!

  204. Monica N. Tangphatorn

    Will be the best time of the year!

  205. Angela

    This would be a great birthday event ( dec 16 )

  206. Nancy N

    I would love to experience this with my family! It seems like a wonderful christmas activity to be enjoyed by all ages!

  207. Audrey T

    Would love to go :)

  208. Abby

    i would love to go with my family this holiday season

  209. DH

    Make it my lucky day!

  210. LM

    Christmas is my favorite time of year! Unfortunately, it’s going to be a very tight one but I’d love to take my 3 much younger siblings to enjoy something very special. Memories is what it’s all about. You’d be making a x’mass miracle happen and me an awesome big sister :)

  211. Monica

    We went on a ride at Flyover Canada during Halloween time and it was an amazing experience and now I will definitely go Christmas time with my family for another wonderful experience on the ride !!!!!love it!!!!

  212. Jordan

    My family is flying in to see me this Christmas because I can’t make it home. This would be the ultimate thank you gift! :)

  213. Glenda

    My son went to FlyOver Canada but the rest of us have not & would love to go :)

  214. Vanessa

    I would love to go and see the parts of Canada I have not been able to see with my own eyes :)

  215. Monica

    Would love to invite family to beautiful Fly Over Canada…staying hopeful for the win! ~S

  216. Linda

    Flyover Canada is amazing, would love to go!

  217. michael

    would love to go!

  218. Liz

    I rode the Soarin’ ride at Disney World and we flew over California. Such a neat experience! I’d love to win tickets to see if it’s just as great to fly over Canada! :-)

  219. alicia p

    Would love to go

  220. Swapnil Shah

    merry christmas

  221. Ana vazquez

    Id love to go with my family :)

  222. Sue

    I’ve heard about it but never been to FlyOver Canada. I would love to take my family to see it!

  223. Shirley

    I missed the Halloween one!

  224. Kim

    On our to-do list this holiday season.

  225. Bernadette

    My sister and her daughter are visiting from Connecticut and would LOVE to do this!

  226. shuyi

    Would like to do this for Christmas thos year, its my first time in Vancouver :)

  227. Bobbi

    Sounds like so much fun!!

  228. KC



  230. Amber Rowe

    YES please! Would be the greatest Christmas present for my whole family. :)


  232. Claire

    We would love to go. The kids would have a blast. Fingers crossed!

  233. Usman

    I would love to go with my whole family. :)

  234. Kevin

    Would love to take the family to this!

  235. Ali

    It is an excellent idea to explore Canada and its beautiful landscapes, eh heard great reviews from this experience and want to live it.

  236. petrina bosiak

    I had a goal this xmas to do as many things as i could with the kids that were free and christmas related….we have been having a blast so far, we did the paddlewheeler in newwestminster (donation of food) , burnaby village museum, candytown, and we plan on hyatt hotel gingerbread competition , tree lighting in Jack Poole plaza, and watching ccaroleships with bonfire!! Trying to show the kids how to have fun without money….its pretty amazing what you can fine! to win tickets to this show would be fantastic topper to all of this! Go Vancouver! we have the best place in the world!!!!

  237. Wendy Clarke

    I would love to take my family to this for Christmas, for my daughter’s birthday too which is on December 7th.. Thank you :)

  238. Mag

    Yes please!

  239. arlene

    Wow what a great prize!

  240. Jillian

    Pick me! I’d love to take my kids to this show!

  241. Ashley

    Would love this!!

  242. Joanna Caraan

    Would love to win this prize!

  243. Trina Wuhrer

    I would love to take my husband. Its our first Christmas as a married couple <3

  244. Shareen

    Would love to see Canada from above! Also something cool to do with my niece!

  245. Keerti

    I would love to do this with my family! Best way to start off the holidays.

  246. Eileen

    Would love to go!

  247. Peter

    O Star of wonder, star of night
    Star with royal beauty bright
    Westward leading, still proceeding
    Guide us to a Perfect Flight!!—fly over Canada Christmas!

  248. NicT

    Would love to see this!

  249. Mark

    I would love to win tickets to this new attraction!!

  250. Laurie Peck

    Looks like a blast!

  251. Yvonne


  252. Santi

    Flying over Canada – what could be better?! Amazing!

  253. lisa

    Would be wonderful experience for my inlaws that will be visiting Vancouver!

  254. Paola

    I’d love to take my grandma!! She’s visiting from Brazil and has never seen anything like this before!

  255. Amanda

    Would love to go!

  256. Ayoub

    I like to fly to vancouver with family

  257. Ivy

    I’d love to go with my friends!

  258. Susan

    Always happy to see new attractions in our fair city!!

    We have not yet been to FlyOver but plan to in the future!!

  259. Nancy

    Sounds amazing! Perfect for family day.

  260. Gina

    I would love to do this!! Looks so fun and exciting! Especially at Christmas time!!!

  261. nsohi

    What a great idea! I would love to be able to take my best friends as a group christmas activity…

  262. john

    would love to go!!!

  263. Brie Gibson

    My family and I would love to do this!

  264. Andrew Jang

    Would love to go!

  265. Sandra

    Great Prize! Thanks for the chance!

  266. Vanessa

    Would really love to take my family to experience this!

  267. Joren Robles

    What an exciting memory to make with the family!

  268. Nadine

    I’d love to take my family to FlyOverCanada!

  269. Love love love to go!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  270. Wendy

    Yes, please!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!

  271. crystal

    would be cool to take mt nephews !

  272. Sonya

    Would love to win!!!!

  273. Lexie

    I’d love the chance to get downtown and do this!

  274. Marianne

    I’d love to go see this with my family!

  275. Tracey Flattes

    Would LOVE this!

  276. Kim Emanuele

    We’ve been wanting to see this since we heard about it, but just don’t have the $$ to go. It would be so great to win tickets for our family to go!

  277. Betty Sauser

    Would love to see this with my grandchildren

  278. Radhika K

    Sounds like fun!

  279. Larissa Meade

    I would LOVE to take our kids on a cross canadian adventure via this film!!! hope we win

  280. Jess

    Have been wanting to do this since moving to Van three moths ago. Would make my Christmas away from home and family much more cheerier!!

  281. Marita

    This sounds fantastic for our family!

  282. Vanessa Wilson

    Would love to go to this!

  283. john

    I’d love to go, looks so wonderful and great

  284. Ashley

    I wanna go!!

  285. Annie

    Please put my name in the hat …. would love to experience this adventure!

  286. Chelsea

    Would love to try this out!!

  287. kale

    This sounds awesome, I’d love to go!

  288. Carey

    Looks fun! I’d like to win tickets to this

  289. linda

    cool contest.

  290. carolin

    I would love to take my sister, broinlaw and my nephew to this show. I have friends that have seen it twice and love it!

  291. wanna

    Would love to take my family to this!

  292. It would be an interesting experience for sure. Disney’s Soarin has nothing on Canada’s beauty!

  293. X Zhang

    I’d love to go!

  294. Vanessa

    This has been on my to-do list since I first heard about it. Please, please, please, give me the excuse I need to take my kids this holiday season!!

  295. BF

    yes pls!

  296. val king

    me please,

  297. Jeff O

    Looks really fun!

  298. Sherry

    It would be so nice.. to go see this..

  299. Teresa

    Would love to go to Flyover Canada :)

  300. Michael

    I would sooooo love to Fly Over!!!!!

  301. Monique

    This would be a great rainy day activity! Please (randomly) pick me.

  302. Yvonne

    Entering – this looks so fun!

  303. Jo-lynn

    Would love this cool Xmas experience!

  304. ah

    Lovely. Love it

  305. Jessica Rico

    Would love to take my children!!

  306. Isabelle

    Crossing my fingers! :)

  307. Petra

    Would love to go!

  308. Mihaela

    This would be a great gift for us and our godson! You could make extremely happy a little boy that do not afford this otherwise.
    Thank you for this chance!

  309. Ana

    I would love to gooooooooooo! Please pick meeeeeee!!
    I have sooo many family members to come and visit me …this can be awesome experience!!…:D

  310. Lynn Montes

    WOW!! This would be an awesome thing to do as a family!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  311. C

    Really hope I can get the tickets and bring someone special to this!!

  312. Pat

    would love this for a special family for xmas. they could so use it. thanks.

  313. Mabel M

    Fly me away in Christmas! :D

  314. Oliver

    Me please!!! Awesome prize!

  315. Bessie

    pick me! I love Canada :D

  316. Vicki

    This would be lovely!

  317. Jennifer

    Please enter us in your contest! This sounds like a great family outing to go to and I have heard lots about it! It would be great to experience it first hand. Thanks for the opportunity!

  318. Cristina L

    I want to fly over Canada!!!

  319. Emre Ogutcen

    I’ll help Santa any day of the year with whatever he needs.

  320. Carolyn

    would love to go with the whole family when dad is down here at xmas!!

  321. Kendall

    We would love to go!

  322. Denise Boucher

    Would love to go

  323. Shelley Moss

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