Vancouver artist’s first hometown show in nearly a decade

James Picard and some friends. Photo courtesy the Fazakas Gallery.

James Picard and some friends. Photo courtesy the Fazakas Gallery.

A newly opened gallery that prides itself on its eclecticism is a natural home to The Many Faces of James Picard.

The first gallery exhibition in the artist’s hometown in nearly a decade, The Many Faces of James Picard presents this multi-faceted artist’s work in his two favourite media, painting and sculpture.

Picard has exhibited extensively in over one hundred art shows throughout North America and Europe, and his work, prized by an ever growing number of collectors, can be seen in both public and private collections widely across the world.

According to Picard, the show will include a wide variety of his work.

“The show is exhibiting my diverse range as an artist,” he told us. “Pencil drawings, inks, watercolour, acrylic and oils. The concept is basically not only showing my ability to work in so many various mediums but also my prolific output in these mediums as well. I average between 800-1200 paintings a year and between 1000-1500 drawings a year.”

One of the artist’s recent projects is The Dark and Wounded, a series of one-off exhibitions and an in-progress documentary. Picard says the paintings in the series “are reflective of some of the dark and wounded times in human history as well as from my own life experience,” according to the artist’s statement on his website. “I wanted to touch on the fears we have by looking inward. Working on this series has helped me to heal. It is my hope it does the same for you.”

Picard has chosen to show The Dark and Wounded work at non-gallery locations, usually at abandoned asylums or prisons, and for only one day. In Vancouver, The Dark and Wounded was shown at the now defunct Riverview Psychiatric Hospital in October. Plans for the show include a stop at Alcatraz.

The Many Faces of James Picard runs from Nov. 30 – Jan. 15 2014 at the Fazakas Gallery (145 W. 6th Ave.). The opening reception is Nov. 30, from 1 – 5 p.m. The artist will be present, and will give a talk at 2:30 about his work.

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2 Responses to Vancouver artist’s first hometown show in nearly a decade

  1. James is truly a talented, gifted, artist and human being with a heart and soul. He reaches out to people through his art and philanthropic work for children. Focused and diligent on changing our world and making it a better place for all❤️

  2. Michael

    James is a talented artist and an all around great human being. His work is so diverse and well done, I’m always blown away when I experience it.