Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas Video – Free Ticket Giveaway!


Grouse Mountain’s annual Peak of Christmas festivities take holiday revelers 3,700 meters above downtown. It offers some of the best views of the city, an incredible ride up on Grouse’s Skyride gondola, and a guaranteed ‘white Christmas’ during Vancouver’s otherwise mild winter.

Centered around the Peak Chalet, there are a number of family-friendly attractions to visit, including: a Gingerbread Village, outdoor ice-skating, sleigh rides, and fireside carols. Santa Clause and his right-hand reindeer Prancer are also on-hand for visiting and photos.

Proceeds from skate rentals supports the Karen Magnusson Foundation for young skaters. Donate at the Gingerbread Village and for a photo with Santa to support SOS Children’s Village, which provides long-term care for children in-need.
Our recommendation: visit before or after skiing or snowboarding on Grouse or make the Peak of Christmas a destination in its own right.

For more information on hours of operation, Skyride admission tickets, and a detailed daily schedule of activities, visit:

Don’t forget to tweet us at @myvancouver, @grousemountain and @steamywindow to share your experience.


We have a pair of Alpine Experience tickets (includes Skyride and Peak of Christmas activities) to give away to our readers. To be eligible, watch the video above and post a comment below. We’ll pick a winner next week and notify you by email. Good luck!

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367 Responses to Grouse Mountain’s Peak of Christmas Video – Free Ticket Giveaway!

  1. john

    great video, great views

    • Looks and feels like an old fashioned movie. Looks beautiful. Would love to visit beautiful Vancouver…Especially the mountains…

    • Hans

      Wow swow snow!
      ITS just gorgeous up there.
      Breathtaking experience full of fun

    • Michelle Chan

      Looks so festive :) I would like to visit!

    • Michele

      Love that we are only 30 minutes away from this winter wonderland experience. Something to add to our Christmas activities.

    • Patti

      Beautiful view.. Outdoor ice skating haven’t done that in Vancouver since I was a kid.. It’s just what I need to put me in Christmas mode!!

    • Amber Flanagan

      Looks awesome!

  2. Larissa Meade

    What a fabulous family christmas experience!! we would love shear this with our kids

  3. katie

    its lovely up there, actually feels like christmas

  4. Vanessa Wilson

    Rental proceeds going to a local charity – love this!

    I would very much enjoy the free tickets :)

  5. Jessica L

    Awesome way to celebrate the season and have a white Christmas! :)

  6. Janet

    I have some incredible memories of bringing my son here when we was little. Would love to bring the family back up there! Great snow-shoeing up there too!

  7. Kerris

    Just THE best place in Vancouver to get into the Christmas spirit!

  8. Amy L.

    I’ve never skated on Grouse Mountain before so I hope I get to go and bring a friend with me to enjoy the Peak of Christmas!!

  9. joyce

    I’ve heard so much about this experience and would love to be able to go with my fiance.

  10. Sabinah R

    This would be something really cool to do with my kids -they love snow and skating!

  11. Ameeta

    That looks amazing. Really need to go visit before I have to head back to Australia.

  12. karen

    It looks spetacular up there. Would love to go.

  13. Mona

    This would be a fantastic family adventure for the holidays!

  14. Lana

    What a great way to play in the snow! Plus i have never been!

  15. Terry

    never been .. would love to go

  16. Would love to go. I’ve never been to Grouse for Christmas.

  17. Vicky Kilpatrick

    What a magical winter Wonderland! Would love this!

  18. Incredible scenery! Fingers crossed:)

  19. Larry

    Best skiing place!

  20. Swapnil

    perfect for Christmas

  21. mike k

    omg if i win this it would be my first time ever going up to grouse mountain to celebrate christmas in such as cool way. thanks for the opportunity. :)

  22. Kim Emanuele

    Oh how I love the snow and outdoor skating!!!

  23. cassy

    I’ve always wanted to go skiing but never have had the opportunity to do it.

  24. Esther L

    The Peak of Christmas looks so magical, what a wonderful escape from the city. I would love to go ice skating and spend the day there.

  25. Diana

    Always wanted to go ice skating there!

  26. Joanna Caraan

    Love that Grouse mountain is so close to the city, yet still feels magical

  27. Lana McCarney

    Id love tickets!!

  28. andrea donaldson

    This would be awesome, have not been to Grouse in years, was hoping to visit this year especially when my adult son told me about the “peak of Christmas”! Would love to visit soon..

  29. gillian

    I didn’t realize there was so much to do up there at Christmas time, something for everyone :)

  30. family bradshaw

    We have 2 young boys who would probably fall flat over if we won this. Even better then the north pole as they could see their home from the top of Grouse Mountain! Fantastic competition and stunning video. Thank you!

  31. Lisa Kaminsky

    I think it’s time to take a trip up to Grouse Mtn. for some skating and to visit with Prancer. I love the look on his face at 0:39. Priceless! Happy Holidays All :)

  32. Nick k

    Looks beautiful! Would love to see it in person.

  33. Ngoc Nguyen

    so magical, just like Christmas should be :)

  34. Tracey

    How fab that Grouse gives not only festive family fun but funds to worthy causes. Missing friends & family in the UK but looking forward to our first real white Canadian Christmas.

  35. Jane Paquiding

    I love grouse mountain summer or winter time!…

  36. aideen j

    Looks magical!!

  37. Kay

    Looks amazing!

  38. Elena

    Beautiful! Would love to spend a day there with my family…

  39. Kay

    Beautiful local getaway

  40. Would love to go – have never been. My girls would love it!

  41. Jennifer Neymeyer

    That is so amazing! The perfect Christmas treat! Very beautiful like an old time Christmas village. Love it!

  42. Mabel M

    Sounds like there’s lots of fun other than just ski. I’d love to try out those skates, see the reindeer and meet with Santa!!! :D

  43. Nicolette Co

    I would love to visit the gingerbread area and sleigh ride

  44. Nicole

    My boys would love this, they are Christmas Crazy!

  45. Laura

    The view looks spectacular and there seems like there is a lot of things to do there. I would love to win some tickets and go up with my special someone and check it out.

  46. Won

    Would love to bring the family up this year!!

  47. Samantha Yang

    I love the video and I love grouse mountain! What a fun experience it would be!

  48. Ginger Hartman

    My boys would love the skyride!!!

  49. charlene courtman

    Looks like the ultimate christmas must do! I would love to experience this!

  50. Sheila

    I haven’t been up Grouse for years. What a lot to see! My seven-year-old would love it.

  51. Derick O’Neill

    Place looks amazing can’t wait to visit :)
    Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childhood days, recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth, and transport the traveler back to his own fireside and quiet home!

    Charles Dickens (Mr. Christmas)

  52. Angela J.

    It looks like a fun way to spend the day.

  53. Ellen T

    A wonderful winter wonderland!

  54. Grace

    Beautiful. Would love to experience it. :)

  55. Jamillia

    Looks amazing!!!!

  56. LucieB

    Great contest, I haven’t been up Grouse in winter in many, many years!

  57. Sabrina

    What a great place to create heartfelt memories that will last a lifetime!

  58. Sonia

    Beautiful especially over the Winter Holidays!

  59. Sebastian

    Looks amazing … I enjoy the view down Grouse Mountain. Should be even nicer in winter.
    I am desperately waiting for some snow, though ….

  60. Serena

    My daughter has had her Rudolph stuffy for 2.5 years (she is only 4) and loves all things reindeer. A chance to see one on Grouse mountain would be a dream come true!

  61. Kalie

    This will be my first Christmas in BC and I will definitely be missing the white Christmas and family that are back home. I would love to go up to grouse and get to skate on a real frozen pond like I get to do back home.

  62. glen hoppe

    Can”t wait to take my family up for a day, Thanks

  63. ceren

    I am new Vancouver lover and really really need to be there ;)

  64. Kelly Ma-Ritchings

    I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life and have never been to Grouse, how is this possible?!

  65. Simone

    I want to spend Christmas at the peak!

  66. daniella

    that looks amazing my mum will love it! :)

  67. Amir

    Very nice view!

  68. Subinoy

    The video looks interesting to spend the Christmas along with my wife there. We are never been there but the view and the activity there is just awesome. Surely it would be a memorable experience for both of us.

  69. sneh

    I would like to go and enjoy the white Christmas and goodies

  70. Sounds like an enchanting way to spend my first Xmas season in Vancouver! Fingers crossed :)

  71. Audrey

    My boyfriend is going to visit me there from France and it seems like a good place to show him =)

  72. Maeghan Leary

    Looks like such a perfect way to celebrate my very first white christmas in canada. Would love to see the views while its snowing and skiing. Such a beautiful amazing video. :-)

  73. Leena

    My first Christmas away from home where is snow so it would be lovely to go to Grouse and experience the white Christmas!

  74. I have always wanted to experience the Peak of Christmas! More so now that I gave kids:)

  75. Vanessa

    That would be such a romantic date spot, I’d love to go ice skating up there!

  76. Julie

    A scene that takes my breath away. So many memories for our family, a very special sugarplum, candy cane place.

  77. Claire Graham

    My boyfriend and I have crossed the globe from Perth, Western Australia to give life in Vancouver a shot. We have never set foot on a snowy mountain, let alone skied, though we admire the views of Grouse Mountain every day (taunting us slightly).
    This time of year is particularly hard to be so far from our families. I would love to surprise my man with a ski trip for Christmas (as we can’t afford to buy each other gifts this year), and the opportunity to make lifelong memories of beautiful views, new experiences, and I’m sure a bruise or two or ten.
    This trip would make Christmas feel like Christmas.

  78. Dianne

    I live in Vancouver and have never experienced Christmas at Grouse Mountain! It looks like so much fun!

  79. Elaine


  80. Carol Chiu

    Peak of Christmas at Grouse would be a nice way to celebrate my 8 year anniversary with my bf who just picked up all his snowboarding gear last week!!

  81. Joseph

    Would love to take my New Zealand girlfriend up there. She would love that place!! Views, snow, santa what more could you ask for?

  82. Cute video! I love having the opportunity to experience a White Christmas (for as long or short a time as you’d like) so close to the city.

  83. Grouse is so beautiful at sunset!

  84. Laura Murray

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! So picturesque and beautiful! Enchanting!!! Love to experience it with my family this Christmas. What a wonderful give away!

  85. Lisa K.

    I would love to see that sunset, after vising santa of course!

  86. Anne B.

    “A pretty slick skating rink.” LOL! It looks gorgeous. Would love to take kids to see Santa!

  87. Sacha

    I like that proceeds from skating go to a local charity, I’ll definitely be lacing up this season. :)

  88. Jenifer

    This video is really inviting and I’ve always wanted to do peak of Christmas!!! :)

  89. Rosalie

    This would be such a magical time with my daughter!

  90. Amanda Rek

    From Vancouver, new to Vancouver, or visiting: this is the best experience anyone could wish for.

  91. Shannon

    Looks beautiful! I would love to come up and see it!

  92. Areta

    I love the outdoor ice skating ring!

  93. Amy

    Looks amazing- I’ve never been to Grouse!

  94. shawn

    beautiful view.

  95. Kerri

    I’d love to go, I’ve never been! What an awesome early Christmas present! Ho, ho, ho!

  96. Kylie

    So christmas-y I hope I win!

  97. Alice

    Looks like a lot of fun!! Lots to see and do.

  98. Fred

    Nice !
    Would love to win a pair of tickets for this ..!

  99. Sonja S

    I’ve actually never been to Grouse Mountain, so this would be magical for me!

  100. Fiona

    This has to be the most magical place on earth during the holidays! The atmosphere & the views look spectacular! Our kids would love to go and see Santa & his real reindeer in the North Pole :).

  101. Liz

    Thanks for sharing some Christmas joy with the Vancouver community! So many fun and festive winter activities to try on Grouse Mountain! Can’t wait!

  102. Jake

    My daughter asked Santa to meet one of his reindeer last year for Christmas. Lucky for us he was keeping two at the top of Grouse Mountain! Thank you!

  103. Kendall

    yes please!

  104. Angela

    That is the cutest video! My birthday is on Christmas Day,.. and it’s just my favourite time of year. I would really love to spend an evening on Grouse taking in all the sights.

  105. Katie Borrett

    I’ve always wanted to go !!!!’

  106. Graeme

    Are there any cotton headed ninny muggins in Santa’s work shop?

  107. Joanne

    I love Grouse!

  108. Harpal

    I’ll be heading up there whether I win or not!

  109. Pearl

    a xmas experience for all ages that captures the Christmas spirit……thank you!

  110. Teresa

    Wow! Looks amazing!

  111. Karen Fedak

    What a magical place! Would love to take my husband on a surprise getaway to your extraordinary view and who doesn’t love Santa?

  112. liz cordonier

    This sounds magical

  113. Jan

    Out of the rain, up in the snow, that’s where all Vancouverites should go :)

  114. Lovely sunsets up there, no kidding! Great giveaway.

  115. Jennifer

    It looks magical. I would live to show my in-laws when they visit for Christmas.

  116. Pavel

    Grouse has the best view of city when riding

  117. Kathleen

    So beautiful!

  118. Kristy

    This would be the best Christmas gift ever for our family!

  119. Janson

    Love this place and hopefully get to go this Christmas!

  120. So want to take my 2.5 year old! He would love it!

  121. Vania

    I am dreaming of a white Christmas… Love Grouse and haven’t been there in quite a while, that would be wicked awesome!!!

  122. shelley

    Would love to take in this Christmas Experience!

  123. Oooh sounds like a wonderful time!

  124. alicia p

    Looks like alot of fun.

  125. david

    Never been..looks really awesome up there..Go Vancouver

  126. Pat

    Gorgeous! Would love to experience it in person!

  127. Marie Rose

    Love the video looks like a ton of fun! Would love to go!

  128. Alli

    Love grouse! Happy holidays!

  129. alex

    looks beautiful!

  130. caroline

    i havent been to grouse during the christmas season but it looks pretty fun

  131. Alexis Ham

    Would be a lovely romantic christmas gift!

  132. Yvonne


  133. camille

    Happy holidays indeed!

  134. Danielle Lucas

    I’m so ready to start the season.

  135. Marline

    Absolutely stunning, would be great to experience it!

  136. S Lau

    Would love to take my son up to experience the peak!

  137. Kerri Nardulli

    So beautiful! Would love to win tickets!

  138. Cassia Morais

    Fingers crossed to experience “Winter Wonderland” at Grouse Mountain!!! :)

    Pick Meeeeee :)

  139. Karen

    This looks amazing! The view is breathtaking!!

  140. Pauline

    my parents immigrated here for so long yet never went to celebrate xmas at the peak of grouse mountain…it would be great to get a chance to bring them up esp after watching the video.

  141. Julie Morris

    Wouldn’t be Christmas without a trip to Grouse Mountain!

  142. I’m Brazilian and I have never seen snow In my life, I can’t wait to go uphill this mountain and got a pair of ski and rock down!!!!! Please insidevancouver give me a hand to make it faster :]


  143. Tracey Flattes

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Love the reindeer, lots of snow, skating, a true winter wonderland!

  144. Jenny

    Love Love Love the thought of spending Christmas on the Grouse Peak! My daughters would have the time of their lives <3

  145. Brenda

    This would definitely qualify as a Christmas spirit lifter!

  146. Josephine

    I’ve always thought it would be cool to experience Peak of Christmas on Grouse Mountain. Indeed, it looks cool in this video! Would love to take my little baby girl up to see Santa in his workshop!

  147. Jenette King

    Oh my goodness this is soooooo beautiful!!! I can’t wait to visit. Just don’t ask me to shovel snow…….. :)

  148. Lisa

    I would love to get the opportunity to visit this place. Looks amazing. Happy Christmas

  149. Dal

    Can’t wait to see it

  150. Lisa

    I would love to go up there to enjoy the festivities and watch the gorgeous sunset!

  151. Natalie

    If I could live up at Grouse Mountain I would! It has everything and anything one could ask for. Amazing views, Snowboarding, Snowshoeing, Snow 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Skating, Festive displays and so much more. It’s one of my favourite places in the Winter and all year round!

  152. Fatima

    Looks like a great Christmas time on top of Vancouver’s best mountain.

  153. Rick B

    Nice job. Getting better every year.

  154. Anna

    Merry Christmas to all!

  155. Everina

    Love the reindeer! So festive @ grouse!!

  156. Isabelle

    Pick us, please…we would love to go!

  157. Serena Trinder

    Santa and gingerbread!!! Everything a girl could want. What a wonderful festive display.

  158. Linda Rempel

    What a wonderful place to go!!

  159. jennifer

    Video is amazing. I miss getting snow in south delta…love to spend the day at grouse mtn and visit Santa and the reindeer.

  160. Marie

    Beautiful place to visit during the holidays. We had our wedding on Grouse this summer and would love to come back there during the Christmas time to experience magical moments again.

  161. Some of my fondest memories as a child were made on Grouse Mountain, it definitely holds a place in my heart. Love the video!

  162. Devi

    Love the random reindeer and Santa Claus ! Great place for the teens and parents to have some holiday fun!

  163. Aysulu

    Just love it and can’t wait to see it!!!!!

  164. Stephanie

    This sounds awesome!!! I would love to take my nephew.

  165. Alan Tai

    Thanks for the contest Inside Vancouver!!

  166. Olivia

    Skating with Rudolph who could resist;)

  167. Paige

    Great video

  168. Natasha

    AMAZING! I hope to go there soon :)

  169. Cristina L

    WOW! It’s gorgeous up there! I’d love to take my kids to experience Grouse Mountains Peak of Christmas! We haven’t been up there before.

  170. Petra

    Such a great place to go in winter!

  171. Cassie

    Yes please, would love to go! :)

  172. Therese

    Really looks like the ultimate Christmas experience. Would love to feed Rudolph :)

  173. Melissa

    This will mark our 5th and final year of living in vancouver. Never have we been up grouse! This looks like the perfect way to bid this amazing city farewell!!

  174. Luisa

    It`s my first Christmas in Canada and I`d love to spend it on Grouse Mountain!

  175. Mario Cruz

    my kids will love it!!

  176. May

    It’s *really* looking like Christmas up there! Merry Christmas everyone!

  177. lisa a

    Got my pass and Im ready for snow!!!!!

  178. Lily

    I would love to revisit Grouse Mt.
    We used to go up there, with the kids, for a horse-drawn sleigh ride. This time I would try the skating and enjoy the view!

  179. Greg

    Scenic views .. awesome vantage point for sunsets.. would love to experience it.

  180. zhou ze cheng


  181. Gord

    Wow! It looks breathtaking. :)

  182. Mark

    Great video!

  183. Cassie A

    Would love to take my kids up there this holiday season!

  184. Melissa Hoffmann

    What a great way to have that White Christmas! Looks like a fun evening. =)

  185. Illiana

    Would love to spend my first white Christmas there!

  186. Lawrence

    Boy you look awfully like Chevy Chase! :)

  187. David Hadid

    Beautiful! Hope it’s me!

  188. Robyn MacIver

    Wishing for a winter wonderland

  189. Stephanie

    Wow I can’t even remember the last time that I went to Grouse. I feel like it’s been years!! Hellooooo winter wonderland!

  190. April

    That’s the way to spend Christmas!

  191. Jenn lam

    Haven’t gone boarding in forever! Would love this!!

  192. Richard Woo

    I would LOVE to take my girlfriend!

  193. Julia Ballard

    I love Grouse this time of year, winter wonderland!! I would love to take my kiddos!

  194. Jamie

    Awesome :)

  195. Christina Ko

    Didn’t know about the ginger bread there. I would love to take my boys!

  196. John

    Cant wait to go!!

  197. Destyni

    Good video

  198. Lina

    Looks like a great place to visit during holidays!

  199. Echo

    Great atmosphere!!

  200. Lisa R.

    Would love to win this!

  201. Lynn

    HO HO HO I’d love to go!!

  202. zoe

    Great video! I would love to have the chance to get up Grouse this winter and experience a sunset like that one from the top. Gorgeous mountain, gorgeous city!

  203. Amber

    In all my years living in Vancouver I have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing the Peak of Christmas at Grouse Mountain. Would love to take my girls up to partake in all the festivities, especially visit the reindeer!

  204. cris

    how festive!

  205. Marita

    Looks like fun for the whole family!

  206. Emma McHugh

    As an individual who loves Christmas and will be spending it for the first time in Vancouver, I would LOVE the opportunity to see Grouse in all its Christmas festive glory!! :)

  207. Lisa Fleek

    Beautiful ski destination…time to return

  208. Warren Dy

    For sure to try and check it out. My kids would love it. The last time i was up there for Christmas was with my wife without the kids yet.

  209. Kenneth Wong

    Grouse is where I first learned how to ski, in 1978. Time to return to the mountain.

  210. Estefanía

    HEY Santa i bet your reindeers that you can’t beat us doing snow shoes over there

  211. J nguyen

    Omgosh sooo much snow and I want to skate

  212. Tina

    What a fun experience and an incredible view!

  213. Wenice

    It’s very festive up there!

  214. Julie

    I really want to go there ! The video is very nice and gives even more eager to go!

  215. Kelli

    Sooo pretty!!!!

  216. Zorry

    I remember experiencing it when I was younger, would be great to do it again!

  217. Greg

    Hope to make it there sometime this winter. Looks fantastic!

  218. Kathy

    Great place, great view, love to go

  219. lee

    Looks Beautiful!

  220. Stephanie Ringor

    my only wish this christmas is to experience a winter wonderland on top of a mountain. make my wish come true please .

  221. sheldon

    Looks like a lot of fun,
    Great way to get into Christmas spirit!

  222. Sandy Yung

    Great video! Would love to bring the family to visit this magical winter wonderland & enjoy the festivities =)

  223. Zita Kovacs

    Awesome Christmas program for the whole family!
    Never been to Grouse Mountain in winter!

  224. Kathleen

    would love to go!

  225. Minniel

    skating under the open sky will be an awesome treat!

  226. Kim Kawashima

    My firstborn son spent 9 months riding the skyride every day before he was born. 12 years have passed and I can’t wait to take my third child and first daughter up for her first skyride, and first visit with Santa, in her very first Christmas!

  227. cherryl

    my family has never experienced that ! Id love to take my 8 year old up there!

  228. Chi Hsi

    My first snowboarding experience was on Grouse Mountain! I fell down a lot but I got to admire the amazing view!

  229. Stephanie

    I like the music, so jaunty good feels :)

  230. Raunak

    Certainly a breathtaking experience.

  231. Cheryl

    Grouse Mountain …. Spectacular any time of year but Outstanding during “The Peak of Christmas” …. could any place be more magical? ♥

  232. Kelly Chapman

    The ultimate in Vancouver Christmasy fun!

  233. Peter Fan

    Sounds like a great date idea with my girlfriend!

  234. Jam

    I wish they could post a schedule for the rink online. Sometimes I get up there and it’s being used for a hockey game.

  235. shells


  236. Mai

    Oooooooh, I need to meet a reindeer!

  237. Jaime

    yeap! lots of fun and love for all the family and friends! happy holidays!

  238. Kirn

    A visit Really gets you in the Christmas spirit!!

  239. kathie

    Looks like fun Hope I win!

  240. Dani

    There’s so much to do at the too of the world!

  241. Anna

    Grouse is gorgeous and very quick to get to from downtown Vancouver.

  242. Alia

    Looks amazing! I’d love to go!!

  243. Nadia

    Great video. The music is really fun. The whole experience looks great but the sunset seals the deal for me.

  244. L Wong

    excellent video! I wish I could experience it myself!

  245. J Chang

    I would love to go visit Grouse Mountain!

  246. wenxiao

    Oh it certainly is lovely that Santa has real beard on Grouse. I shall pay a visit to the jolly Santa. :D

    Thanks for the video. :D

  247. Laura

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas!!!!! I love Grouse Mountain!

  248. Jenie Britto

    This is so amazing! Just like a winter wonderland :)

  249. YAS MIN

    Such a beautiful view! It’s so festive up there, a a true Christmas winter wonderland!

  250. Harmony Poisson

    The peak of Christmas is the epitome of a traditional christmas for my family. It is the best way to immerse yourself and really embrace the christmas season. Just beautiful!

  251. Christina

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

  252. Sharon

    I want to go to there.

  253. Catherine

    So festive. A great way to get in to the festive mood.

  254. Derek

    Sounds awesome!!

  255. Jean

    Great family outing for us

  256. charlotte

    oooh pick me!

  257. Monique

    Yes please!!! It would be great fun.

  258. Hanna

    So Beautiful!
    It would be fun for my 5 yr old son.
    Even though I am aftaid of falling on the ice myself ^^

  259. christine the elf

    Ive worked so hard all year and ive been good!!!

  260. Erica

    What a great video! This would be amazing to win :)

  261. Ayesha

    It would be sooooo much fun!!

  262. Corrine LaPlante

    Winter wonderland! Hope I win, but if not…Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  263. maria

    Awesome! This looks so fun for the holidays!

  264. Kristen

    What a Beautiful place to spend sometime with family at Christmas! I would soooo much love to take my kids there this christmas season! Simply put…..Most Beautiful Place On Earth!!! :-)

  265. Ong

    There’s something for everyone :) Blessings to all this Christmas season

  266. Aimee

    I went last year with my kids and the experience they had was beyong words.. Definetly we will like to repeat it again!! A must for this season

  267. Would make a wonderful Christmas Gift! Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!!!

  268. Jacquelyn

    It looks beautiful! I’d love to go. This is my first time in Vancouver and this place is now on the list of things to see while I’m here!

  269. Joanne Thompson

    Looks like great fun for the whole family!

  270. Cat

    I’d love to go!

  271. Gina

    Absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to go up.

  272. Gloria

    My daughter would love the Gingerbread Village and visit with Santa. She has been dying to make a snowman and snow angels.

  273. P.

    Now that looks like Christmas. Love it!

  274. Sharon

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