Coenpalooza comes to Vancity Theatre

His dudeness in The Big Lebowski

His dudeness and entourage in The Big Lebowski

The Coen brothers are coming to town. So are Frances McDormand, John Goodman, Tim Robbins and Jeff Bridges. Well, maybe not literally.

On December 20, the folks at the Vancouver International Film Festival kick off Coenpalooza, a six film showcase of Joel and Ethan Coen’s earlier films brought to life thanks to the acting talents of Goodman, McDormand, Robbins, and Bridges. Coenpalooza takes place at the Vancity Theatre at 1181 Seymour Street.

Known for their gritty characters, twisting plot lines and numerous accolades the Coen brothers created a modern day empire based on equal parts quirky comedies and oft-violent historical or noir films.

Somewhere between their thrillers Blood Simple and No Country for Old Men, the brothers produced a number of funny films. These will be the main focus of Coenpalooza.

Coenpalooza kicks off with a late night viewing of Blood Simple on December 20. Then all day December 21 the mini-marathon surveys the Coen’s more humorous films from the 1980s and 1990s. The Coen mini-film fest on December 21 includes: Raising Arizona, Miller’s Crossing, Hudsucker Proxy and the Big Lebowski.

Busy on the 21st? Well you have another chance to enter the weird world of Joel and Ethan Coen on December 31st. On New Year’s Eve, Vancity will play Hudsucker Proxy and The Big Lebowski again

As a little gift to diehard Coen fans Vancity is offering the second evening with his ‘Dudeness’ – aka the December 31 showing of The Big Lebowski – for free.

Check the Vancity Theatre website for show times and ticket info.

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