New “Little India” Neighbourhood Coming to Metro Vancouver

Women wearing saris in India. Photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive | Flickr

Women wearing saris in India. Photo credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive | Flickr

Vancouver already has a Chinatown, a Little Saigon, a historic Japantown and a Little India.

Now it’s about to get a Little India . . . er, well, another one.

Plans are in the works to transform a portion of the Newton neighbourhood in the Vancouver suburb of Surrey into a dedicated South Asian-themed shopping district.  The commercial precinct would feature an outdoor mall set amid tree-lined boulevards, with shops selling everything from saris and bangles to chai and traditional Indian foods, according to an article in the Vancouver Sun by Kelly Sinoski.

If this sounds an awful lot like the existing Little India on Main Street, technically called the Punjabi Market, there’s a reason.  Over the course of the last decade, many of the top Indo-Canadian shops from Main Street have migrated out to Surrey.  Not only is commercial space cheaper, but there’s a larger customer base: Approximately 31 percent of Surrey residents (some 142,445 people) are of South Asian origin.

Currently, however, the Newton neighbourhood still feels more industrial than commercial.  Banquet halls and small retail shops nestle between large warehouses and distribution centres.  A first step in transforming it into a new “Little India” will be rezoning the area from industrial to commercial.  A public hearing on the rezoning is pending.

Anecdotally, Surrey already represents one of the top South Asian shopping hubs in the Pacific Northwest.  Shoppers come not only from Vancouver but from as far away as California to browse the 128th Street corridor in Newton, a historic neighbourhood bounded by 72nd and 76th Avenues and 124th and 128th Streets.  Current commercial hubs there include York Centre, Payal Centre and the Punjab Cloth House.

A recent study indicated that the area could handle an extra 12 hectares of commercial development in the next 15 years.

What all of this means for the survival of Vancouver’s own Little India, the Punjabi Market district centred on Main Street and 49th Avenue, remains unclear.  The area has already seen the loss of multiple retailers in recent years, as savvy shoppers head out to Surrey.

What do you think about the idea of a new “Little India” neighbourhood in Surrey?  Let us know below. 

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10 Responses to New “Little India” Neighbourhood Coming to Metro Vancouver

  1. Barbara

    I think this is fantastic but wish it could be developed closer to downtown. I recently moved from toronto to vancouver and I find the city a little too bland ethnically. Hopefully both little India’s will be able to thrive!

  2. Dana

    Uh, it’s Newton, not Newtown. Pretty surprised by such a major error, frankly!

    • Thanks. Corrected above.

  3. brad

    IS Newtown anywhere near Newton???
    Way to represent LOL!!!

  4. Janice

    An interesting idea, but Surrey is NOT a suburb of Vancouver. It is the second largest city in BC, with it’s own government.

  5. Darlene Hancock

    Remy Scalza – perhaps you should have someone edit your pieces before posting!!! I live in Newton – I have no idea where Newtown is located unless I’m the one totally confused and have lived in Newtown for 12 years and not know it!!!!

  6. jenjit

    Spelling error funnier because they also spelled it correct as well. Im happy to see south asian culture and business thrive more in metro van…surrey is an obvious location for this evolution.

  7. Suki

    The street gridlines for Newton as defined in the article are also incorrect.

  8. Rob

    Well, there’s going to be a NEW TOWN in Newton? Right?

    I think it’s great that Newton is getting a Little India. Main Street’s Little India is slowly dying with business moving to Newton anyways.

  9. Neal R

    Totally agree! What a great thing, the community is already thriving there, and this will only add to making it shine on the map.

    As for Vancouver….it’s tough to argue that you’re undermining the growth efforts there, when they’re already moving to a more affordable area.