Dine Out Vancouver Festival Presents The Grape Debate, Jan. 31 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


All bets are off in this head to head debate on a key issue facing the British Columbia wine industry. All is resolved with the wine tasting that follows!

The Motion: Is wine made in the vineyard or in the winery?

Every wine is unique in some way. Some would attribute these distinctive qualities to terroir, while others would consider them to be a reflection of a winemaker’s style.

Vineyard location and weather during the growing season certainly impact the grapes in many ways, but the winemaker’s attention to detail and signature techniques may also have significant effects on the final product. Is the importance of terroir overstated? Are talented winemakers undervalued? And where do vineyard managers fit into all of this?

Join us for this year’s The Grape Debate, where our panel of wine experts will debate whether great wines are grown or made. Following the program, sip and sample your way through some of BC’s finest wineries and cast your vote!

Date: January 31
Time: 7:00pm Debate | 8:30pm Wine Tasting
Location: Vancouver Public Library, 350 West Georgia, Lower Level
Presented by: Alumni UBC and the Wines of British Columbia

We’re giving away Two Tickets to the Grape Debate on January 31st. All you have to do is post a comment below and we’ll randomly select a winner on Friday, January 17th and notify the winner by email.

Updated on Friday, January 17th: Congratulations Daryn! You are the lucky recipient of two tickets to the Grape Debate on January 31st. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your tickets. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment, and we hope that you can all find some time this year to experience the Dine Out Vancouver Festival!

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73 Responses to Dine Out Vancouver Festival Presents The Grape Debate, Jan. 31 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Christie M

    Would love to go. I love wine!

  2. Deanne

    I come from a family of coffee farmers. The personality starts in the soil and growth and is again tempered by the process. There is no either/or in the question of taste.

  3. Mark Harris

    Sounds like a blast!!

  4. Kimberly

    Excited for this!

  5. Charmaine

    Would love to go!

  6. Sveta

    Sounds tasty :)

  7. kay

    vino vino vino!

  8. Kayla

    I LOVE BC wine. Would love to attend this great event!

  9. Love wine and grape

  10. marisa p

    well, coming from an Italian wine making family- this would be pretty interesting.

  11. love to go

  12. kyliecv

    Sounds like fun, would definitely love to go. Thanks

  13. Richard

    a comment

  14. Vanessa Wilson

    I am a big wine drinker and would love to view this debate! :)

  15. Rana

    Sounds like a great night – would love to go :)

  16. Fanda

    Sounds like a fascinating event, and the wine doesn’t hurt!

  17. Alisa

    Would love this.

  18. Michelle W

    Wine Wine Wine!!!

  19. I wanna go. I love wine!!! ::)

  20. Luke

    I love wine!!!

  21. Marianne

    Love this idea, a night of wine

  22. Brenda

    Looks awesome!

  23. Cliff

    Sounds like fun

  24. Jennifer

    What a beautful venue for a fun event!

  25. Natalie

    Thank you!

  26. Vanna

    would love to go! thanks

  27. phyllis

    I like to win

  28. christina ulangca

    would love to go :) feeling excited..

  29. Megan

    This is an interesting debate, nature vs nurture. I don’t think we can ever separate the two however and its a combination of both.

  30. LAinVan

    I’d love to hear opposing sides on the Grape Debate … from my little knowledge, by understanding has always been … it’s all about the terroir … you must have the right site and then plant the right grapes for that climate … and then it’s all up to Mother Nature … with the shepherds in the fields and then the winemakers finishing the process. Of course, in the end … it’s a team effort … and every stage is critical … but if you don’t have good grapes … you don’t have good wine. Chicken or egg debate continues.

  31. Aria Bakker

    Very proud to be from a province with so much wonderful wine to offer.

  32. Zain

    Would love to go!!!

  33. Wen

    Would love to go!

  34. Barb

    Sounds like a LOT of fun!

  35. deneen baler

    oh please,,,,wine ,,,,

  36. Michelle

    I want to go!

  37. Laura Sanders

    Would love to go!!

  38. Paul Giles

    Sounds awesome, would love to go!

  39. Bob Pember

    Sounds like a blast – I could debate that all night! Especially after we’ve moved on to the bigger reds ;)

  40. Neena

    Would love to go

  41. Alynne

    I would love to attend – always been a big BC wine advocate!

  42. katie chowne

    How fun, bet it will be lively and we all win in the end because we get to have BC wine!

  43. June Miller

    This would be exciting, and it would be “A NIGHT OUT”

  44. kyungoh kim

    I’d like to make a special experience in Vancouver. It would be the best way I think <3

  45. DARYN


  46. Lisa Chiu

    Fantastic panel of speakers. Would love to hear what they have to say. BC wines rock!

  47. Diane

    Sounds like fun.

  48. isaac

    Cork soaker!

  49. ij

    Awesome contest. I’d love to go.

  50. Lynn Montes

    Thank you for a great opportunity!!

  51. Debby Berekoff

    I would love to sip and same this debate!!!! Thankyou!!! :)

  52. Fiona

    Wine not, eh! ;-)

  53. Fiona

    Wine not, eh? ;-)

  54. Anita

    An experience I would love to try.

  55. Cristina

    I would love to be part of this event.

  56. Erica

    Sounds very interesting!

  57. monique

    Wine tasting fun!!

  58. wine tasting would be great!

  59. Linda

    Excited to attend this event!

  60. Krista

    I’d accept grapefully ;)

  61. Kathleen

    would love to attend!

  62. Grace W


  63. Amy

    I need to learn more about B.C. wine!!

  64. Tammy

    After the last couple weeks, I’ll happily start sampling now.

  65. Shazleen Khan

    Would LOVE to go and learn more about wine :)

  66. Ning

    I would love to go!!!

  67. Katie

    Would love to go!!

  68. Barbara

    Wine is conceived in the vineyard and birthed in the winery.

  69. Sonya

    This would be a nice treat!

  70. Jamie B

    I love my wine!

  71. Shaer

    “corkin fun”

  72. Betsy

    I need a break from my hubby…..and he would actually leave the house for this.

  73. Kirsten

    hmm wine :)