Music producer sets sights on video with fundraising campaign

Vancouver musician/producer Reid Hendry is in the midst of a campaign to raise fund for a music video. Photo courtesy Reid Hendry.

Vancouver musician/producer Reid Hendry is in the midst of a campaign to raise fund for a music video. Photo courtesy Reid Hendry.

Reid Hendry is a musician and producer working on launching his career in Vancouver. Originally from Acton, Ontario, Hendry plays in a duo called Watasun and has accompanied artists such as Vancouver singer/songwriter Wanting. Recently, he completed a 10-song album of upbeat instrumental world music. To bring more attention to the release, which he’s recorded under the name re-ID, Hendry has launched a fundraising campaign to make a video for the album’s first single, Clockwork. We talked to the young artist about his career, his new music project and the fundraising campaign, which ends Jan. 26.

Q: What drew you out to Vancouver in the first place?

A: My music partner at the time and I moved out at the same time. We’d both been to Vancouver. It’s great. It’s been four years now. I don’t see myself going back to Ontario. The environment out here, the quality of the air, is so nice.

Q: You’re also involved in something called Playground (a band and audience are put together in a make-shift recording studio for an hour with the goal of collaborating on a song).

A: It started in March of 2011. A couple of friends of mine had this idea. Watasun was the first band who performed at it, and since then I’ve volunteered with it. I used to just come in and help set up the sound, but since December I’ve been the head sound engineer. In December of 2012 we partnered up with Telus Optik Local and received some of their community arts funding. We did five episodes with them. Right now we’re in the midst of lining up new shows and events for this year.

Q: You’re releasing music from you new album online, one track at a time. Will there be a hard copy after all this?

A: Yes. At the end of the campaign I’ll press a physical copy, then we’ll be shooting the video.

It’s a newer project for me. I’ve been producing for a long time. People might say it’s electronic but there are a lot of live elements, I play drums and keyboards and bass. I’ve been making a lot of this music for awhile, and didn’t know what to do with that. A lot of people would hear the tracks and say, This sounds like something from a movie. It’s very cinematic. That’s why I want to do a music video for it.

Q: Do you have an idea for the video?

A: We’ve toyed with some concepts. I’m a big fan of one-shot videos. The guys who are going to help me make it have worked on videos for Linkin Park and Ringo Starr.

Q: What are some of the perks people can receive for contributing to the campaign?

A: If people put in a hundred dollars, they can get three one-hour drum lessons. That will be more hand percussion. If you give $150 you’ll receive a physical copy of the album, a hoodie with original artwork by Sangito, and credit as an executive producer of the video. And for $500, my friend Soren, who goes by the name Thomas Workshop, and I will play at your event or party.

Q: Great. And let’s give a shout-out to your sister, Kate, who’s written some copy for your website and is struggling to be a writer herself. (Visit Kate Hendry’s website here.)

A: Yeah. She was actually in Vancouver until recently. But she’s moved back to Ontario.

To support Reid Hendry, visit his Indiegogo campaign page here.



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