5 Best Places to Try Poutine for the First Time in Vancouver

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Are you drooling yet?
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Trying poutine in Vancouver is like having croissants in France, sushi in Japan, and bagels in New York. It’s a must do if you’ve never tried it. It’s the quintessential dish of Canada, and while it may have originated in Quebec, Vancouverites sure do know how to pack a plate full of delicious, steaming hot fries smothered in gravy and squeaky cheese curds.

If you’re new to Canada, or just have never had a chance to try poutine, it’s time to take a trip to flavour-town and experience the taste sensation that some of the best poutine in Vancouver has to offer.

While many restaurants and bars feature poutine on their menu (even McDonald’s introduced it in the last few months), there’s something to be said for visiting a restaurant that specializes in the ultimate Canadian comfort food.

There are tons of different options around Vancouver (pastrami poutine, fried chicken poutine, hot dog poutine, etc…), but if you’re a poutine virgin, you’re best bet is to try some good ol’ fashioned fries, gravy and cheese curds.

For your first time, (of many to come–hopefully) there are a few great places to introduce yourself to Canada’s claim to fame. There have been some heated debates on who exactly offers the best poutine in Vancouver, but the answer is all subjective.

Here are 5 great places to start on your journey to finding your favourite poutine in Vancouver, because you’ve gotta give yourself some reason to go to the gym!

best poutine in Vancouver

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1. Fritz European Fry House

This tiny french-fry house on Davie street is a favourite for nighttime partiers who want something greasy to soak up the alcohol. Not only a late-night treat, Fritz European Fry House does fries amazingly well and also serves them with delicious European mayonnaise. Their poutine is drowning in delicious gravy and their cheese curds are squeaky and manage to stay intact until you bite into them (this is a good thing). A small poutine costs $5.00 (or you could get a bucket for $11!)

2. La Belle Patate

What else could you expect from a restaurant aptly named “the beautiful potato”? There are around 30 different flavours of poutine ready to order, and there is usually a line up of drooling patrons at this Davie Street poutinery. Luckily for vegetarians, the gravy is meat-free at La Belle Patate, so you can avoid having to stare at your friends in envy. Squeaky cheese, delicious gravy, crispy fries. Not much more to ask for! You can even get an All you can eat poutine for just $19.50, think you can handle it?

3. Mean Poutine

Mean Poutine is a relatively new poutine place in Vancouver that is, quite literally, a hole in the wall. Found on Granville Street and again popular with late night partiers, Mean Poutine is a family-owned business that offers delicious assortments of poutine for around $7 a box. One of their more popular options include a fried chicken poutine, which mixes crispy chicken with their tasty fries, gravy and cheese curds. You’ll have a hard time trying to keep yourself from hitting up their window every night.

4. Belgian Fries

Nestled on the bustling street of Commercial Drive, Belgian Fries is a favourite among locals who love to stuff themselves with gravy-soaked fries. Often touted as offering the best poutine in Vancouver, Belgian Fries also offers huge portions of the stuff for decent prices.  The gravy is vegetarian-friendly again, but if you’re looking for more meat in your meal, you can pack the poutine with pastrami, chicken, pork, or other assorted toppings. A great place to people watch, coupled with some great poutine means that you should probably head there right now.

5. Wallflower

For all the vegans out there, the Wallflower Modern Diner on Main Street has answered your poutine prayers by offering the only (?) vegan poutine in Vancouver. Sure, it’s not quite like the real thing (they use daiya mozzarella cheese), but for vegans out there who are craving some gravy-soaked comfort food, the Wallflower is the answer. Tofu, veggie gravy, and delicious fries… the Wallflower is making poutine almost… healthy!?

Did we miss your favourite poutine place in Vancouver? Where do you think is the best place to try poutine for the first time? Let us know in the comment section below!

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47 Responses to 5 Best Places to Try Poutine for the First Time in Vancouver

  1. Cathy

    We had poutine at the Tap And Barrel in Olympic Village.. Best I’ve ever had

    • jl

      I agree….Tap and Barrel is a ten!

  2. Natalie

    Chambar does an amazing poutine!

  3. susan

    Big Red Poutine ( presently located on dewdney trunk in maple ridge. FANTASTIC and a few selections to choose from – mine will always be the original

  4. Fairness

    Mean Poutine? Really? Has the blogger even gone to this location? It’s dirty…. Outside and in

  5. Aressem

    Fairness. Perhaps you should read a little more carefully. The blogger did mention it being a “hole in the wall”. We are talkin about delicious food; not appearance of the restaurant!

  6. Doris

    Big Red’s Poutine……BEST Poutine in the province. Handmade, homemade, prepped potatoes in a variety of styles. Currently have their truck situated at The Outpost Liquor store on Dewdney. It is an outdoor experience that leaves you wanting to return often, rain, snow or shine. I grew up in Montréal and have eaten quite a few poutine plates in my day and this one company makes me feel like I am back in La Belle Province. Bon appetite! Check them out on Facebook to see where/what places they are travelling to this summer.

  7. amy

    I go to new york fries

  8. chris

    poutine at the Costco food court can hit the spot if the above places are out of immediate reach.

    • Daniela lopez

      agree! i live in quebec 8 years and i can truly say that costco’s poutine is really up there!

  9. Emmanuel

    Costco ;)

  10. J

    The Spud Shack in New Westminster Skytrain Station

  11. Nadine

    Not exactly Vancouver, but there’s an outdoor kiosk in Whistler village called Zog’s….poutine of every kind. To. Die. For.

  12. Steph

    Hog Shack in Steveston!!!

  13. C

    Trying poutine in MONTREAL is like having croissants in France, sushi in Japan, and bagels in New York. Poutine originated in Quebec. Associating poutine with Vancouver in that context doesn’t even make sense.

    • I moved here from mtl 7 months ago and I must say it’s hard to compare any of these places with the real deal. But let me get through this list and I will come back and share my thoughts.

      • Vince

        Agreed! As someone who lived in Montreal for 22 years, there’s nothing in Vancouver that compares to the real thing.

        I’ve found places in Vancouver that will make a decent poutine, but nothing what you can get in Montreal.

  14. TL

    brado on commercial.

  15. Mad Fish

    Burger King… always has been the best!

  16. Peter

    Tried a couple of the ones listed above but have to say Costco can certainly compete.

  17. Rei

    In tact….intact?

  18. klamb

    Vegan (and gluten free) Poutine is also made at The Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial

    • JaFARi

      StormCrow is the worst!!…been their three times everytime I say never again! If your on commercial Brado does a good one as long as you can handle his anti-Semitic chatter. The pull pork poutine is great.

      • Seraphim

        Why would you ever patronize an establishment where someone had “anti-semetic chatter”? I wouldn’t care if they had the best poutine on the planet.

  19. anonymous

    Corduroy on Cornwall near kits Beach/Burrard bridge has the most amazing poutine. Their gravy is what does it! Definitely not your average/regular poutine.

  20. Droog

    All of those places above are great and make some great gourmet poutines but agree with Mad Fish… Somehow Burger King has always made my favourite poutine.

  21. Darryl

    For traditional poutine, like I had as a teenager in Quebec, I like Annie’s in New Westminster.

    • J

      Annie’s has been closed for since November.

      • Cherie Third

        Annie’s in New Westminister is NOT closed. Just had the best poutine outside of Quebec for lunch two days ago. Annie will even talk to you in French if you think it will taste better.

  22. Amie

    Estrella’s Montreal Deli in Langley!! It’s AMAZING.

  23. JM

    Trying poutine in MONTREAL is like having croissants in France, sushi in Japan, and bagels in New York. Poutine originated in Quebec. Associating poutine with Vancouver in that context doesn’t even make sense. – Very well said!

    • Heather

      Well, when you can’t get to Montreal – Vancouver is still in Canada. Poutine is Canadian.

  24. rusty

    Craft Beer Market! House made fries/gravy, HUGE portions served in a skillet and the option of pulled chicken or brisket

  25. Kayleigh

    Dunn’s Famous makes a killer poutine as well!

  26. Dan

    Maple Ridge seems to have it going on! I went to Hunger Management food truck and they have a AAA Prime Rib gravy that smothers the locally made Cheese Curds and fresh cut fries! Delicious!!

  27. Jeff C

    Annies poutine in New Westminster has some of the tastiest Poutine I have tried in vancouver. Annie is also originally from Quebec and has delicious classic poutine. It closes earlier when it’s slow in the winter so be sure to come during the day to be safe

  28. Sarah

    As someone who has lived in Montreal for 5 years, none of these are as good as the real thing, however, the best I’ve had from this list was #2. La Belle Patate on Davie. I also recently tried the Guiness gravy poutine at the Cannibal Cafe on Commercial Drive, and it was pretty good!

  29. Kirsten Close

    The Spud Shack Fry Co. in New West is AMAZING! They have authentic cheese curds and the best Belgian fries I’ve ever had. Their Sunday Brunch poutine is to-die-for too! Highly recommend it!

  30. Chalise

    I’ve been going to Harvey’s for years, there poutine is the best !!

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  33. rob

    The ‘Home Restaurant’ in Maple Ridge on Lougheed Highway. Fresh-cut potato fries, delicious gravy, lots of melted cheese!

  34. Jodi

    I don’t recommend the Spud Shack at New Westminster Station. I’ve been there a few times and the last 2x the cheese curds have been ice cold.

  35. Daniela Lopez

    Costco’s is the best!

  36. Clem

    Maybe it’s because I grew up in Ontario but Harvey’s poutine has always been the benchmark for me, something about their gravy

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  38. One thing to say for sure… most of these places except a few use old soggy cheese curds made of MMI that no one would even dare eating back east. Cheese curds should be warmed up by the sauce before being served over crispy fries, not soggy fries and warm to the point of maximum Squeaky addictiveness! I am launching today the Squeaky Revolution! That will be a huge improvement on poutines in the west all over!