NorthFest brings Yukon and Greenland indie musicians to Vancouver

Nive Nielsen and Diyet will play at Northfest, January 31 @ the Rickshaw Theatre

Nive Nielsen and Diyet will play at Northfest, January 31 @ the Rickshaw Theatre

Three distinct musical acts, one stage and an expansive landscape ‘north of ordinary’.

On January 31 three bands will converge at the Rickshaw Theatre for NorthFest. Meant to give Vancouver music fans a taste of indie sounds emerging from the lands of Aurora Borealis and midnight sun, NorthFest promises to broaden horizons and your northern music library.

Two of the acts are from our neighbour directly to the north, the Yukon Territory. Speed Control hails from Whitehorse while Diyet was born in Burwash Landing. Nive Nielsen, meanwhile, is from from Nuuk, Greenland.   

A punk band on a mission, Speed Control makes music with hard basslines, course vocals and slightly angry lyrics. Known for their kick-axe live shows and educational touring show called ‘Rags to Rawk’ delivered to schools across Canada. Speed Control was also finalist in CBC’s Searchlight Competition for Best New Group with their song “Tent City”, a cheeky commentary on the working homeless folks. For the last six months the trio has toured through 50 cities and drove an average of 700km on their latest swing West. Glad they had time to slow down and hit Vancouver on their way back home.

Touring folk singer and songwriter of Southern Tutchone-Japanese-Tlingit-Scottish-Yukoner heritage, Diyet was raised in a two room cabin and was trained in Opera. Diyet went to University in Vancouver to study music and decided but decided to return to Burwash Landing a couple years back to focus on her music. Her debut album ‘The Breaking Point’ was nominated for 2011 Album of the Year at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. Diyet is now touring her sophomore album released last July entitled When You Were King. With her honest and vulnerable lyrics, she’s reminds me a bit of a cross between Regina Spektor and Joni Mitchell.

From Greenland’s capital, Nive Nielsen’s sweet brand of ethereal indie-pop is sung in both English and Inuk. She’s sang for the Queen of Denmark, acted alongside Colin Farrell and worked with The Black Keys. In 2012, Nive was dubbed ‘Top 10 International Artists to Watch’ at South by Southwest. Her whimsical lyrics, electro-rock stylings and sweet sounds are one part Joanna Newsome and three parts Yukimi Nagano from Sweden’s Little Dragon.

Northfest takes place at the Rickshaw Theatre, January 31; tickets for NorthFest are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. You can grab tickets here or numerous record shops in town including Neptoon, Highlife and Red Cat.


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