Attention Johnnie Walker Fans: $2000 whisky coming to Vancouver

Photo credit: djwtwo | Flickr

Photo credit: djwtwo | Flickr

Connoisseurs of fine scotch in Vancouver (with deep pockets) are in for a treat.

Legendary distiller Johnnie Walker has just announced the release of a rare scotch whisky in Vancouver and across Canada.  And this one goes way beyond the familiar Red, Black and even Blue labels.

Johnnie Walker Odyssey consists of three rare single malts blended together in accordance with hand-written notes from Sir Alexander Walker (Johnnie’s grandson), then aged in European oak casks. The result: a 750-ml bottle that retails for $2000, or roughly $80 a shot.

So how does it taste?

I’ll probably never get a chance to find out, so here’s the lowdown from Johnnie Walker’s Global Scotch Whisky Ambassador, Ewan Gunn, who was in Vancouver recently and interviewed by the Vancouver Sun.  He says Odyssey has a “a lovely honey sweetness and gentle rich texture.” That’s complemented by “a nice zesty citrus note” and a “hint of signature smokiness.”  Sounds good, but $2000-good … ?

The name Odyssey derives from the fondness of Sir Alex (1869-1950) for world travels. In fact, Odyssey’s launch has coincided with a round-the-world journey of a 157-foot Johnnie Walker yacht (which must be one heck of a party boat).  The yacht made landfall in Asia and Europe in previous months, before reaching North America in January. Along those lines: The Odyssey bottle has a special weighted bottom, designed to rock with the motion of the ocean (just make sure it doesn’t rock right off the table).

Now the real question for all you big spenders: Where can you find Odyssey in Vancouver? Only 46 bottles are available across Canada, with just 24 bottles reserved for B.C. No word yet on exactly which Vancouver liquor stores will have the privilege of carrying this highest of high-end scotch. Legacy Liquor Store in Olympic Village, the largest private store in the province, is known for having an extensive selection of premium spirits and might be a good place to start your search.

Would you pay $2,000 for a bottle of scotch? Let us know below. 

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