Get Your Grouse Grind On Even During the Winter

Snowshoe Grind Grouse Mountain Vancouver

Image courtesy of Grouse Mountain

The Grouse Grind is one of the most famous outdoor workout spots in Vancouver. Nothing can match the full-body exercise regime that comes from hiking up a mountain. So, where can all the Grind-addicts go when the snow falls and renders the Grouse Grind impassible?

Grouse Mountain has answered your sweat-craving prayers by opening up the Snowshoe Grind, a 4.3 km snow-covered challenge that is just as rewarding as your summertime Grind routine.

Located at the Peak of Vancouver (with complimentary stunning views), the Snowshoe Grind promises to challenge. Starting at the relocated Grouse Grind timer, outside the Chalet adjacent the Skyride ramp and just southwest of the skate pond, the Snowshoe Grind is the perfect way to start Grouse Grind hiking season fit and strong, while enjoying the winter landscape.

Snowshoe Grind Grouse Mountain Vancouver

Image courtesy of Grouse Mountain

If you don’t already own a pair of snowshoes, you can rent them from Grouse Mountain for $15 (2 hours) or $20 (full day). You’ll also need a way up there, so to get to the top of the mountain you’ll need an Annual MembershipΒ or an Alpine Experience ticket ($40 for adults, $24 for youth).

The Snowshoe Grind is open from 9am to dusk every day of the week, and only takes about an hour to complete. Anyone who is reasonably fit can do the winter Grind, and it’s suggested that you bring some waterproof gear depending on the conditions.

Think you’ll be able to conquer the Snowshoe Grind? Let us know in the comment section if you’ll be taking up the challenge!

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