5 Things To Do in Vancouver When It Snows

Pacific Spirit Park. Photo credit: Wendy Cutler | Flickr

It rarely snows heavily in Vancouver, if at all, so with the recent snowfall in Vancouver it got me thinking: What on earth do you do when it snows in Vancouver? Unless you’re heading up to the mountains, coming up with snow-appropriate activities in Vancouver can be a head-scratcher. Rain, I’m accustomed to and can work well with; snow is a mystery. Luckily, the snow lasted a few days longer than normal for Vancouver (aka a few days in total), giving me ample time to come up with some snow-related ideas. Here are five things to do in Vancouver when it snows:

1. Take a walk. You know the snow won’t last long, so enjoy it while you can! Take in the snow’s calm beauty with a walk in the park or woods. Walk along the trails in Stanley Park, Pacific Spirit Park, and Everett Crowley Park, or stroll through Queen Elizabeth Park and VanDusen Botanical Garden for snow-covered nature at its finest. The snow-covered trees and trails will almost make you feel like you’re in the wild.

2. Sip on a hot chocolate in one of the city’s finest cafes. Watching the snow fall while you’re safely on the other side of a window, staying warm, and sipping on a steamy mug of hot chocolate, might be the coziest way to experience the snowfall. And what better excuse to indulge your sweet tooth? Some of the most popular cafes in Vancouver for hot chocolate include Thomas Haas, Thierry, Mink, and Leonidas.

English Bay under snow. Photo credit: Jonathan Khoo | Flickr

3. Go to the beach. No, not to suntan! Seeing Vancouver beaches covered in snow is a rare sight and worthy of a trip to the shore itself. And where else can you build a snowman right by the ocean? English Bay, Kitsilano Beach, Jericho Beach, and Spanish Banks are all picture-worthy in the snow.

4. Go tobogganing. Dust off that toboggan and feel like a kid again as you glide down the slope! It’s always safest to stay off the streets and sidewalks so head on over to your local neighbourhood park. There are several parks around Vancouver with appropriate hills for tobogganing; you can find a list here.

5. Go ice skating. If there’s snow on the ground, you may as well try a winter sport! While there are no outdoor ponds to skate on, Vancouver has one outdoor covered skating rink in Robson Square, as well as a number of indoor rinks in eight community centres.

What do you like to do in Vancouver when it snows? Share your favourite activities in the comments below! 

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