Bike This! Re-Discovering the Central Valley Greenway

Central Valley Greenway Vancouver

If you’re looking for a relatively flat, easy and fun bicycle ride in Vancouver, the Central Valley Greenway is the place to go. This 29km trail can take you from the heart of Downtown Vancouver to the peaceful, suburban city of New Westminster in a couple of hours of easy cruising.

Used daily by commuters, the Central Valley Greenway isn’t as popular for the casual biking crowd, but it should be! This trail is constantly receiving upgrades and is becoming one of the best things to do on a sunny, Saturday afternoon.

central valley greenway vancouver

The best way to access the Central Valley Greenway from Vancouver is via the 10th Avenue bike route that runs parallel to Broadway. After you cross over Commercial Drive, the bike route transitions from 10th avenue into the Central Valley Greenway.

The trail changes frequently throughout the length of its route. In some sections it is fully constructed as a separated urban greenway or a rural recreational trail. In other sections the route runs parallel to a railway corridor or the edge of an industrial roadway.

The route is very easy to follow and well marked, but if you end up missing a sign and ending up on a busy road (easy to happen for the easily distracted!), check the Central Valley Greenway Route Map to re-align yourself with where you need to go.

central valley greenway vancouver biking trails

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The Central Valley Greenway winds its way from the Science World Area all the way to New Westminster. If you want to take your time during the trip, there are some great stops along the way, including: Trout Lake Park, the East Van sign, Deer Lake Park, and New Westminster Quay. Once you’ve made it to New Westminster, either hop on the skytrain if you’re too tired to ride back, or begin the journey back to Vancouver, retracing your route from before.

Have you ridden the Central Valley Greenway? What did you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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2 Responses to Bike This! Re-Discovering the Central Valley Greenway

  1. J&J

    Our family just rode the central valley green way this morning, and it turned out to the best thing we have done during the long weekend. It’s well constructed and well designed. We will definitly going back again, and will invite families and friends to go with us next time.
    One question though, it seems the bike route will be merged into the auto mobile traffic lane betweem slocon (where we stoped today) and Clark. We are not sure if it’s safe enough for our pre-teens. Can you provide some advice or input on the riding condition of that part of route?

  2. Leigh Palmer

    I have ridden the Central Valley Greenway end to end several times during the last few years, mostly because I live in Burnaby near the centre of the trail. I am eighty years old, and the flat profile fits very well the physical limitations of someone my age. It would also be quite suitable for me to ride with my young grandchildren if it did not require so much on-street riding. While Winston Street in Burnaby is not terribly busy, it is also not terribly interesting. Clearly it would be better to have a piece of the Greenway nearer to Burnaby Lake. As soon as a suitable opportunity arises I will take my five year old grandson on the Brunette River part of the CVG. I will have to drive to the trailhead, but it should be a pleasant hayride for him. I hope that there will be sufficient enthusiasm among local cyclists to improve the CVG during my lifetime. I think that Metro Vancouver should aspire to a cycle path approaching Seattle’s Burke-Gilman Trail in quality.