Improv comedy meets Game of Thrones in Throne and Games!

Throne And Games - Group Photo

Throne and Games. Photo courtesy Fictionals Comedy Co.

With its British accents, fire-breathing CGI dragons, moody stares and leather-and-studs fashion, HBO’s Game of Thrones is ripe for parody.

A Vancouver comedy troupe has taken up the challenge. The Fictionals Comedy Co. have already performed two Throne and Games, their improvisational riff on the show and series of books; next week, on June 5, the company will present the third and final instalment of Throne and Games. So what can audiences expect?

There are some new characters, for one thing.

“The first two shows had three different duos representing Westeros [Game of Thrones’ fictional setting],” said Fictionals member and Throne and Games co-creator Daniel Chai. “For this show, we’ll have trios of performers. So the comedy will not just be from the improv comedy games but how the different characters will interact.” Besides members of the Fictionals, the show features TheatreSports performers Allen Morrison, Ken Lawson, and Lauren McGibbon.

Not to be confused with the more risqué (and bloodier) Game of Thrones Burlesque, which passed through Vancouver in March, Throne and Games is a more fanciful retelling. “We’re putting the teams into new, improvised situations,” Chai said. “We’re not just retelling the stories from the series and books. We’re presenting new scenarios based on audience suggestions.”

Throne And Games Pic 1

Throne and Games. Photo courtesy Fictionals Comedy Co.

Chai emphasizes that Throne and Games isn’t just for people who are familiar with GoT characters like Daenerys (the white-haired lady with the dragons) and Tyrion (the little person). “We specifically made it so we pay homage to people who are fans, but at the same time we’re doing broad improv comedy as well,” Chai said. “So it’s for people who are interested in learning more, or just want to take a photo on our Iron Improv Throne, as well.”

Ah yes, the Iron Improv Throne. In Game of Thrones, the ultimate prize is the Iron Throne – an intimidating piece of furniture made of (mostly) swords. He (or she) who holds the throne rules over the kingdom of Westeros. In Throne and Games, improv teams compete for control of the Iron Improv Throne, which isn’t quite as intimidating as the Iron Throne.

“We wanted to give our players something to battle for,” Chai said of the chair, which was made by Fictionals member Brad Rossington. “I would say ours is less dangerous, as there are no actual real swords attached. But I would say it’s much more photogenic. And comfortable.”

Throne And Games Pic 2

Throne and Games. Photo courtesy Fictionals Comedy Co.

The winning improv team is selected by the audience. Audience members are encouraged to dress as their favourite Game of Thrones characters, are to throw on some suitable-looking items from the closet which will a land and time of kings, castles, dragons and giant walking snow zombies.

The third instalment of Throne and Games is  June 5 at the Rio Theatre (1660 E. Broadway).

Throne And Games Pic 3

Throne and Games. Photo courtesy Fictionals Comedy Co.

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