Canada’s Women’s National Soccer Team vs. Germany, June 18 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)



Canada’s Women’s National Team will host two of the world’s most dominant women’s soccer nations in Vancouver in 2014 when it plays Germany, Wednesday 18 June (kickoff 7:00pm) and Japan, Tuesday 28 October (kickoff 7:00pm).

Both Women’s International Friendly matches will be played at BC Place.

These two matches mark the start of an exciting period of International Soccer as Vancouver will be an Official Host City for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™. Vancouver’s BC Place will host a number of matches during the competition including the Final on July 5th!

Fan’s purchasing tickets to the Canada-Germany match will have the opportunity to opt-in to the FIFA Women’s World Cup priority ticket list by clicking on the button on the confirmation page.

Visit to find out about the competitions, learn about soccer related news, access information on Official Host Cities, and engage with the competition as we lead up to the world’s most important sporting event for women.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014 @ 7:00PM
BC Place
777 Pacific Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6B 4Y8

Ticket Info:
$20.00 – $50.00 Single Match Tickets
$36.00 – $90.00 Two Match Tickets

Canada vs Germany tickets are on sale now via , by phone (1.855.985.5000) or in person at all Ticketmaster locations.

**The two match packages are available now via , by phone (1.855.985.5000) or in person at all Ticketmaster locations.

***Individual tickets for the Canada vs Japan match will go on sale following the Canada vs Germany match later this month.

****Group Tickets (Groups of 10+) are eligible for discounts of up to 30%. To request group tickets visit the group ticket order page.

For additional event information please visit

FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away FOUR SETS OF TICKETS to the CANADA vs. GERMANY match on Wednesday, June 18th at BC Place. Simply post a comment below and be automatically entered into the draw. We will select our lucky winners on Friday, June 13th and notify the winners by email. Good luck!
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160 Responses to Canada’s Women’s National Soccer Team vs. Germany, June 18 (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. John

    Will be a great game between two superpowers, may best team win

  2. Tim Whyte

    Go Canada Go. I can’t wait to take my girlfriends boys to see some amazing soccer.

  3. Jeannie

    Would love to watch this game with my son.

  4. Natalie Miles

    Go Canada! Would be great to watch you at BC place!

  5. Mer

    Looks like an exciting match-up. My girls would love to go! :)

  6. Chris

    My friend Jim would love to go to this. He’s a huge soccer fan and has seen it progress in Canada over the past…60+ years? He just had his second grandchild and has had to step up his grandfather role taking care of the first grandchild while the rest of the family is still in the hospital. This would be a nice break for him.

  7. Vance soucy

    Go canada go! I love to watch it

  8. Isabelle

    Would be awesome to see this!

  9. Vanessa Wilson

    Would love to attend the game – as I am a player in the MWSL here in the lower mainland, and an avid soccer fan! Go Canada Go!

  10. Yeseul

    Go Canada Go!!

  11. Susana

    I love that we are hosting women’s soccer here in Van.. would loooooove to go

  12. Ehsan Zaman

    Be great to see some women’s soccer and take my girlfriend who plays.

  13. Patrick

    Yes! I want to see Christine Sinclair kick butt again!

  14. Alex

    I want to go to Vancouver from Victoria and support our team. Go canada Go!!!!!

  15. Robin

    the beautiful game!!! would love to win these tickets!!!

  16. Kais Fong

    The National Women’s Soccer Team keeps getting better. They will be a force to recon with at the World level!

  17. Meghan O

    Go Canada!

  18. Vania

    Go, Canada!!! Can’t wait for world cup here next year!!!

  19. Philipp


  20. That’s great. I’d love to see these games :)

  21. Len Clarke

    All my daughters played soccer. Women’s soccer is a fabulous sport. Let’s hope it’s popularity keeps growing.

  22. hans

    My daughter would love to go

  23. callie

    I would love to take my daughter to this! Plus I know I have the day off:)

  24. Lc

    Please please please. Seeing them win Bronze in London was one of the highlights in my sport-watching career. Would love to see them play live.

  25. Tara

    It would be so awesome to go to this!!

  26. Claudio

    From Italy for support Canada!

  27. Mike

    I want to go so badly with some friends to the Germany game but we are students who can’t really afford it. Would love to see this awesome match!!!

  28. Marlene

    The power of women makes it that much more fun to watch! I’ll be supporting 100% the best that I can! ;)

  29. Would Love to take my Daughter to a the game.

  30. Tatiana

    Canadian girls are the best. Go Canada

  31. Terry

    Pick me I like free :)

  32. Derek

    It will be great to see how we do against world class opposition in Germany

  33. Chris

    Looking forward to an amazing soccer game.

  34. Jean

    Will be great family outing to support our girls!!

  35. Antonia

    I would love to go to this!

  36. Caryna

    Would love to watch this match.

  37. paul

    Go Canada Go

  38. lisa chan

    Proud to be a Canadian. Go Canada Go !!!

  39. Gesa

    It’s going to be an exciting game. I would love to see it!

  40. Vincenzo Bianco

    Go Canada!!!

  41. Jan R

    Would love to go and support our women!

  42. meena

    Fiancee and I love soccer. Would be a great treat before our wedding in four weeks!

  43. Marisa B

    I wish women’s soccer was more popular! Sinclair is one of my soccer idols! Go Canada!

  44. Kristeen

    My two favorite countries, it will be a great match. Would really love to watch it in person.

  45. Gillian

    Would LOVE to go and cheer on our women!

  46. Danae G

    My daughters love Christine Sinclair and they would LOVE to see this game live! Go Canada!

  47. Kathleen

    would love to go!

  48. nancy

    Pls me

  49. Duane

    I have been following the Team for awhile, and it would be nice to take the niece & nephew, and my sister to a Game like this . . .

  50. Emma

    I would love to see this game!

  51. Mitch

    The Canadian Women’s soccer team is one of my favorite sports teams on the planet, I would love to see this game live!

  52. Kate

    So excited for the game. We have a bit of a rivalry going in our house as my husband is German and I’m Canadian. No matter who wins it’ll be an amazing game.

  53. Jeff


  54. Robbie

    would love to surprise my son & hubby with tickets!

  55. Lucas

    Go Canada!!! =)

  56. Jeff

    This is a great game to see! My wife and I would love to take our little girls, hoping it inspires them to be soccer stars one day!!

  57. Ammara

    I want to take my husband as he has been such a great husband and father to our girls.

  58. Diana Grace

    Thanks for the giveaway. My grandkids would love to go. They are crazy about soccer.

  59. Lexie

    LOVE watching the women play!

  60. Lesley

    Always an exciting team to watch! They do us proud.

  61. Lana

    Eager to see the Canadian Ladies in action, they bring on an exciting game. GO CANADA GO!!!!!



  63. sneh

    Go Canada go

  64. K

    Would love to win!

  65. Sally

    Im an international student.
    And id like to experience new things in here Canada! I hope i can go there with free ticket and my international friends! That looks really exciting!

  66. I volunteered for our women’s 2012 Olympic qualifier here in Vancouver. (CONCACAF) I fell in love with women”s soccer. The women play with such heart and are all such class acts. I would love to be there to cheer them on. I’ve already signed up to volunteer for FIFA in Vancouver in 2015. GO CANADA!!

  67. Anita

    Ole Ole Ole…Viva Canada!!! Would love to see more soccer here in Vancouver :)

  68. M Mak

    Love to watch the game

  69. Kirn

    Love soccer and seeing it live would be a lot of fun!

  70. Susanne

    I’m from Germany and just arrived in beautiful Vancouver, I will be staying for several months. Watching this game here would be amazing, I’d love to be there!

  71. My two favourite countries meet in my favourite city.
    June 18th will be a great night! :D

  72. Rex

    Go Canada Go~! Should be a good match

  73. Minnie

    I would love to be at the game!

  74. Go Canada Go!

  75. Anne

    Women’s soccer is great fn to watch!

  76. Vin

    Would love to take my girls to see thee games!

  77. marisa

    This would so awesome to see!!

  78. Jose G

    Go Canada Go!!!!
    Lets bring the World Cup title to Canada!!

  79. Marcia Miller

    This was a thing on my bucket list… hope I’ll get to see a professional game.. Go Canada Go!!!!

  80. Art B.

    Would love to watch our women kick butt!

  81. Antonietta Pavone

    Canadian Girls Rock !

  82. Marcy

    I liebe der fussball ?..Ya!..ha ha.. Okay, but I will cheer for my Canadian Girls!

  83. Julie Marques

    Good to see Women’s soccer is back!! Can’t wait to see this match!!

  84. Deidre

    Love soccer!

  85. Bonnie M

    Women’s soccer is the best! No weenies faking injuries!

  86. fares Alsaafani

    It will be great match we all support canada .

  87. Pat Awmack

    Love women’s soccer and can’t wait for the World Cup in 2015!

  88. Spencer Peters

    I am a German Canadian and my wife is Japanese. Would love to see both games, and will be 100% behind CANADA!! (well, my wife might not be in the second game :-) ).

  89. Renato Brosowsky

    Perhaps this match is the sneak preview of the World Cup Final 2015? That would be awesome and another good reason for everyone to visit Vancouver! :)

  90. toya

    Hi my name is Toya. And I would be very happy to win these tickets. I am only 9 years old but I absolutely love soccer. the Canadian women’s inspire me to never stop trying to become a better player.

  91. Akhil

    Would be a great way to end the school year with my friends!!! :) All the best to whoever wins!!!

  92. Artin

    Go Canada go :-)

  93. kay

    Loooove soccer

  94. Carol

    Sounds soooo good. Thanks for the offer!

  95. CJ

    Would love to see this game with my daughter!!

  96. Keeley

    What an honour to see our Nations best soccer players! Go Team Canada !⚽️

  97. Marg

    Would love to go to this game! :)

  98. Mitja

    GO GERMANY……..

  99. Wendy

    Lets go Germany

  100. Guillaume

    Go Canada Go !

  101. John

    Come on goofballs. Sinclair is going to show Germany the best football they’ve ever seen

  102. tam

    I’d love to take my dad to this! Go sports!

  103. Melissa

    Would love to see our women play!

  104. Darcy

    Its going to be a great soccer atmosphere in BC Place. GO CANADA GO! ! !

  105. Stephen

    Go Canada! Would love to see the Canadian team beat the Germans live.

  106. Tris

    Go Canada Go!! Would love to win to cheer on our Canadians team!!

  107. Cris

    It will be a great game GO CANADA #thesegirlsaregood

  108. Roy

    Have never been to BC Place it would be an fantastic event to go to the day after our 29th wedding anniversary .

  109. Annie

    Go Canada Go!!!

  110. Carole

    Yes Please..would be honoured to go and support our Canadian women.

  111. Dax land

    Go Canada !!!

  112. Gerardo

    go canada go #KCCO !!!!

  113. Carolyn

    Love women’s soccer. I would encourage everyone to get to this game.

  114. june

    Go Canada!

  115. Lea

    Go canada

  116. Roisin Pender

    Holla Canada

  117. Mario

    My daughter would love to see the game!

  118. Cecilia

    It’ll sure be an exciting game! Would love to cheer on our gals live at BC Place!!

  119. Walid

    Go Canada :)

  120. Steph Schumann

    Being German-Canadian, this will definitely be an exciting game to watch!! And how fun would it be to surprise my mom with tickets on her birthday?!! :)

  121. To support our girls, here is the video we did with our friends Go girls go! We would love to see the team with our sons next Wednesday!

  122. Kelly

    Go Canada Go!

  123. karen

    might help take the edge of my daughter missing her grade 7 grad if the strike goes ahead

  124. Jasmina

    Huge Sinclair fan

  125. Paola

    i would love to win because I love soccer and I haven’t watched any soccer game in Vancouver. It will be a great experience.

  126. Celine

    Go girls, we believe in you!!!

  127. Fiona

    So excited for this upcoming game! Go Canada go!

  128. Bryan

    Canada’s womens team vs. Mens World Cup, Yeah I’d rather watch Canada kick some German butt!

  129. Suman

    Go Canada Go! Our women are going to do it on the field! Woohoo!

  130. Sjors

    yeeah go Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Fernanda Foschi

    I wanna go!!!!!!

  132. Nav Mander

    Go Canada Go :-)

  133. Hiro

    Go Canada Go!! Can’t wait!!

  134. Gloria

    Would love to attend. Have never been to a professional soccer game.

  135. Jean-Simon

    Christine Sinclair will again steal the show! Should be a good game!

  136. gail gardiner

    Looking so forward to this game. GO CANADA!! Gail

  137. Justin DesRoches

    Great time to visit vancouver from Edmonton and cheer on our ladies!
    Go Canada!

  138. raphael kluiber

    Go go go Canada

  139. Magdalena Vanderhook

    A wonderful game to see for the young female soccer players in our community.

  140. Kevin graham

    Go Canada….we are super excited to see and support you !

  141. Lizelle

    Would love to see our Canadian Women’s team in action!! Go canada!!!

  142. Heather V

    Canada & Germany my two fave teams how do I choose!!! It’s going to be a fantastic game :)

  143. Annette Mozin

    I really love to see the game canada| Germany with my daughter!

  144. Annette Mozin

    I really love to see the game canada| Germany with my daughter!
    Best 2 Teams playing!

  145. I would like to go but it’s unfortunately impossible…
    Thanks for this post :)

  146. Andreanne

    I want tickets!!! It’s going to be a great game!!

  147. My sister and I would love to watch the Canadian women play against Germany we love football!

  148. Kwok Leung

    yes, pls, free tickets, pls..

  149. Kwok Leung

    yes, the German is a good team.. can’t wait to see them

  150. Kwok Leung

    yes, these 2 teams will give a good game.. looking forward to it.

  151. My favourite sport played by my two favourite countries, it would be a shame to miss it!

  152. Greg

    would love to go

  153. jennifer Graham

    WOW, this is awesome. My 6 yr old soccer superfan, would love to see the game.

  154. Neal R

    Yes Please! Go CANADA Go!

  155. Sandra Ssimoes

    Forget about world cup!
    This is the game to watch!

  156. Canada’s ladies are gonna take it! Hella proud!

  157. Ana

    Should be a great game!

  158. Ana

    Should be a great game! Cant Wait.

  159. RENCE

    Even us old folks love the “”wonderful game” – love to go see these awesome athletes.

  160. My 18 year old daughter found out today, after talking about this event for a year, that we can not afford to get her out there. She so much wanted to go and reality has set in. She’s crying in her room. That makes my heart hurt. Life is tough but we move on. Signed Dad.