Food Cart Fest Returns to Vancouver on June 22

food cart fest vancouver 2014

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Back by popular demand, the Food Cart Festival will be launching this Sunday, June 22nd for another summer of food, fun and sun! Since its inception in 2012, Food Cart Fest has quickly become a must-attend event of the summer.

Held every Sunday afternoon until the end of August, Food Cart Fest hosts thousands of Vancouverites each week, showcasing the exploding street food scene. And what a scene it is! Popsicles, grilled cheese, meat pies, and organic salads – Food Cart Fest has everything you could possibly be craving – and more!

food truck festival vancouver 2014

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From 12-5pm every Sunday afternoon until August 31st, Food Cart Fest will feature a rotating selection of some of the best food carts in Vancouver, including:

  • Aussie Pie Guy
  • Community Pizzeria
  • Culver City Salads
  • Holy Perogy
  • Johnny’s Pops
  • Juice Truck
  • Roaming Dragon
  • Tacofino
  • Yolk’s Breakfast
  • Ze Bite
  • and many more!

In between meals, you can also enjoy the other aspects of the Food Cart Fest which will include community markets, DJs, artisanal food vendors, kids’ activities, backyard chicken and bee keeping tutorials, soccer matches, and urban gardening workshops.

food cart fest vancouver 2014

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Food Cart Fest launches Sunday, June 22nd and runs until August 31st (that’s 11 weeks of awesome food cart festivities!) from 12pm to 5pm. The festival takes place at 215 West 1st Avenue–the paved area underneath the Cambie Street Bridge–and is easily accessible by foot or transit.

Admission to the Food Cart Fest is $2, but free for Vancity or Car2Go Members. Alternatively, you can bring a non-perishable donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society to receive free entry.

Food Cart Fest Vancouver

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What’s the “MUST HAVE” food that we’ve got to try at the Food Cart Fest? Lest us know in the comment section below!

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4 Responses to Food Cart Fest Returns to Vancouver on June 22

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  2. Neil Gibson

    I just don’t think $2 for entry is justified. Most people want to visit one food cart, get some food and leave. The food is already expensive so the additional $2 is just a money grab for the organisers.

    • Ade C

      I agree. The event is outside, at a venue where millions of people will pass thru throughout the summer months (free to go there I might add) & will consume plenty of $s worth of delish foods and will pay generously for them, so charging an additional cost to just pay more for food once you get past the entrance…I can go to a cafe, sit outside & enjoy what I chose without having to pay extra just to get at the fare!

  3. Captai Carnage

    $2.00? That’s all? For music and activities? I can’t believe how cheep some people are in this city. A lot of time, money and effort go in to planning these events so people have something fun to do on a Sunday afternoon. After all the visitors have left and gone home the area of festivities is a disaster zone, garbage left everywhere, likely by the disrespecting people who complain about the measly $2.00 to cover the cost of the permits and efforts to maintain such an event. It’s $2.00 people! Quit yer bitching!