Last Chance to Step into the Fascinating World of TOTEM in North America (Free Ticket Giveaway!)


Only nine performances left under the Cirque du Soleil blue-and-yellow big top at Concord Pacific Place through Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cirque du Soleil’s awe-inspiring production TOTEM will soon be leaving Vancouver on Sunday, July 6, 2014 after a successful engagement that will have brought wonder to more than 140,000 local spectators. The cast and crew members are now preparing for their next adventure that will take them overseas to New Zealand and Australia for the next 15 months. Since its World Premiere in 2010, TOTEM has visited 23 cities in North America and has mesmerized more than 3 million spectators with its uplifting array of athleticism, comedy, heartfelt emotions and surprising visual effects.

“This animal-free circus celebrates the marvels of the body and the imagination with dazzling derring-do. Unbelievably strong, flexible, beautiful humans spin, fly, balance in impossible ways, twisting themselves into shapes human bodies were never meant to take.” – The Province

“…the show is serving up some of the most ambitiously choreographed acts that the Quebec ringmasters have ever stage” – Georgia Straight

TOTEM is performing through Sunday, July 6 at Concord Pacific Place. For show and ticket information, visit

FREE TICKET GIVEAWAY: We’re giving away a PAIR OF TICKETS to the final day’s performance of TOTEM on Sunday, July 6th at 4:30 p.m.! Simply leave a comment below and be automatically entered to win. We’ll select a winner on Wednesday, July 2nd and notify the winner by email. Good luck!

Updated Wednesday, July 2nd: Congratulations Selena! You are the lucky recipient of a PAIR OF TICKETS to the final day performance of TOTEM happening on Sunday, July 6th at 4:30 p.m. Please check your inbox for further details on how to go about claiming your prize. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment. Keep checking back for more awesome stories and giveaways on Inside Vancouver.

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387 Responses to Last Chance to Step into the Fascinating World of TOTEM in North America (Free Ticket Giveaway!)

  1. Radhika Khan

    Thanks for the contest! I would love to go :)

    • Paulo del Rosario

      Never been to any cirque du soleil shows. Would be fun to go!

    • Claudia

      We will so lucky to see this amazing show. We would like to participate for free tickets.

      Gracias/thank you!!!!!!


    • Brenda McDonald

      I want to see this show. Have a fun summer Brenda

    • Jen

      Never miss for this contest

    • al

      Free stuff, alright!!

    • Mariola

      Love Cirque. Would love to go :))))

    • Janice

      Thank you. It would be great to have the opportunity to go.

  2. Andrea Visscher

    Would love to win tickets – I’ve seen the show, but would really like to take my boyfriend. It’s spectacular! *fingers crossed!*

    • Jen

      last chance! how can I miss it

  3. Chris Hoffman

    It would be nice to go. My wife’s Birthday last week. Be a nice Birthday present.

  4. Amanda

    Cirque du Soileil always has great productions. The detail into their costumes are always so beautiful.

  5. Tatiana

    Wow. Cirque is amazing

  6. Denise Morris

    It would be amazing if I could take my husband to see this show. He has not seen Cirque du Soleil except on TV (which does not do this amazing group justice.)

  7. Would love to go!

  8. Tina

    Would love to see the show!!

  9. Nancy

    Would love to win the tickets! Sounds like a great show.

  10. Marisa

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  11. Jenny

    I will be very grateful if I win tickets. ..and I will invite someone who is living with poverty to come and enjoy something they would not normally get to see! Thank you in advance for selecting me :-D

  12. john

    Cirque all the way. Would love to go. Thanks

  13. eric c

    i’m a cirque virgin !!

  14. Nicci

    Would be great to go|!

  15. Samantha

    What a fantastic opportunity to see Cirque de Soleil in our own backyard! I would love to see the show for the first time here in Vancouver! :)

  16. Noel

    My friend and I would love to go! Haven’t been to totem yet this year, unfortunately… but from all the great things I hear about it, I would really love to watch!!

  17. Melanie Mulherin

    This would be the most amazing surprise for my family. Good luck everyone :)

  18. orgio

    Absolutely great show!

  19. Mackenzie

    Would love to go !!!

  20. Would love to go!

  21. Jenny

    Wow!! TOTEM is amazing, what a fantastic prize.

  22. Inez

    What a great contest ! Would love to see Totem :)))

  23. Marlene

    Seen a tiny little peace of Totem when Mayor Gregor Robertson proclaimed June 16 as Cirque du Soliel Day in Vancouver! Been trying to go ever since but just haven’t had a chance! Please please please and thank you! ;)

  24. kay

    Would Loooove to go

  25. Adrian

    I have read many great reviews about this show, but yet I haven’t had a chance to go and see it; or any cirque du soleil for that matter.
    Entering this contest on the slight chance that I’ll be picked. I just so happen to be available on the 6th!! I shall wait with baited breath

  26. leanne

    I would love to go with my husband

  27. Marc Sander Montant

    Sweet! Huge fan of Cirque du Soleil Productions

  28. Marianne Q

    sign me up, I would love to go see TOTEM!

  29. Emily Rude

    Tickets please!

  30. Anita

    I have never been to a show and would love the chance to finally see what everyone is talking about.

  31. Kevin Castillo

    Awesome! Would greatly enjoy going!

  32. Emily

    Never been! Would love to go on a much needed date night to Cirque!

  33. Stephanie

    I would love to win tickets!

  34. May

    Would love to go! :)

  35. Kathy A

    I would love to see Totem on July 6!! I have not seen it but I love cirque shows and my fiance has never been to one.

  36. Bonnie

    Would LOVE to go to this show!

  37. Samantha Yang

    I would love to take my mom on her 50th birthday! She’s always wanted to see a show, this would be perfect!!

  38. Justin Tung

    Looks spectacular!

  39. Mark

    I’d love to take my girlfriend to the show.

  40. Jamss

    I’ve heard so many awesome things about this show! Would love to chance to see it

  41. Jennifer

    This would be so much fun to win tickets to see the show TOTEM

  42. Vee L.

    I went to see it during the first week it was in town, and I loved it!! Hoping to share this great experience with my parents who are fans of Cirque du Soleil shows as well. Thanks!

  43. Oyut

    My daughter’s keep asking me to go to the Totem, but wasn’t able to go. It would be great if i get couple tickets. That would be amazing!!! We have never experienced Cirque the Soliel…i imagine it must be amazing!

  44. Deb walker

    Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets to one of the best shows by a truly innovative Canadian company.

  45. lucy

    would love to see this great show

  46. Kiran hundal

    Wow what a treat it would be to watch such an amazing performance of a human to physically go beyond one,s imagination. My eyes are waiting to be mesmerized by such magnificent display of flexbility. It would be a lifechanging experience.

  47. Vanessa

    Would love to go see this show!!

  48. S Lau

    Would love to take my son :)

  49. Victoria

    Would loveeee to go!

  50. Jozi Cheng

    Would love to have the last chance to see this show!!! :)

  51. Percy

    Here’s hoping we win the tickets! :)

  52. Katie

    I would love to take my daughter to this!

  53. adriana cormier

    cirque du soleil is a dream!!!

  54. Sheena

    I’ve heard great things about Cirque du Soleil! I would love to go and see this performance. :)

  55. Siobhan O

    Love Cirque! Would love to see this show!

  56. Cycy

    I would love to finally see the cirque du soleil. Thanks for the oppotunity

  57. Will

    Cirque de Soleil in Vancouver!! Awesome!

  58. Stephanie Turner

    I would love to take my daughters to see this amazing performance :)

  59. Ana

    My husband and I are new in the city , we’re in love with Vancouver that’s why we moved and my birthday is coming soon (July 18th) but with the moving we cant afford the show now so it will be such a nice bday present , thanks for having this kind of contests!!

  60. It’s my Birthday on the 8th, pick me!

  61. Carlos

    It would be amazing to see it! Fingers crossed!

  62. Sergio Cordova!

    Would be very nice to see the show for my Birthday!

  63. abby l

    Hi Totem,
    I drove many times and saw the blue and yellow bedode the Science World. I am thinking to see and I win a pair tickets to see final day show for free!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  64. Mahi

    Awesome! Would greatly enjoy going!
    I’ve seen the show, but would really like to take my boyfriend. It’s Awesome ! *fingers crossed!*

    Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets to one of the best shows
    Wow!! TOTEM is amazing,
    Hope I WIN ……………..

  65. Miki

    I really love to watch your show ! Hope I can win two tickets to watch and to celebrate my birthday as well on that day !! Good luck to me and my boyfriend !!

  66. Helen Chan

    Would love to see the SHOW!!!

  67. Ashley Finch- Field

    Would love to see this!

  68. Yunett

    I have a friend who unfortunately can’t afford to go. If I win the tickets I would give it to her because I already saw the show. It would be the first show for her and her husband :)

  69. Kim

    Would love to see Totem before it’s gone!

  70. Miki tse

    What a news! Hope we can win two tickets !!

  71. Sidra

    I am new to canada …and this is a great chance for me to form my belief of the great culture of North America …thanks

  72. Jacquie

    What a wonderful idea for a summer staycation!

  73. Ryan Yacyshyn

    Love to watch totem !! Please please please pick me !!

  74. W Leung

    I would like to go

  75. Deborah baggs

    Would love to see this!! :)

  76. Paola

    Pick meee!! I’d love to go!!

  77. Zeila

    I would love to go and enjoy this show!

  78. Erin Desautels

    Totem me, please.

  79. Jackie

    I have seen other Cirque shows and would really like to see Totem as well! We would love to come down from Whistler for a family night out and see the show!

  80. Diana

    I’ve been dying to see this! Please please please

  81. Lilian

    Please and Thank You!

  82. Amy

    I’ve heard that the show is spectacular! Would love to go!

  83. vlad

    would be best b day gift ever !

  84. Paulo del Rosario

    would be fun to check this out since ive never been to any cirque du soleil shows

  85. Michelle

    Would love love love to go

  86. Sonja B

    Everyone is raving about Totem; I’d love to go! :)

  87. Would love to take my daughter for a date here

  88. Alice

    Never been. Would be wonderful to get a chance to see it.

  89. Rhu

    good luck!

  90. Lisa Laderoute

    I’d love to go!

  91. Sherry Ho

    I love the show so much that I don’t mind going there the second again. :)

  92. Lex

    Would love to surprise my significant other’s birthday in mid-July, but I can’t afford the tickets; this would mean a great deal. Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to everyone! Nothing beats summer in Vancouver!

  93. praveena

    Would love to go

  94. Selena

    I would absolutely LOVE to go see Cirque du Soleil’s first production to draw on Native influences & I am a Northern Cree who dreams of seeing the show with my 6 year old son. Thank you ‘Inside Vancouver’, for this one last chance! (fingers & toes crossed!!) ( (( <3 )) )

  95. phyllis

    My son will be so happy to go if I win the ticket

  96. karen

    we would LOVE to go.

  97. Dayle George

    Haven’t been yet!! Would LOVE to go!!! PLEEEEASE

  98. Jacqueline

    I would love to go!!!
    It would be a great date night with my husband

  99. Jessica

    Pick me please!!! I would loooove to go to a show!!

  100. D

    This would be such a treat!

  101. Art

    I would love to go and take my daughter for the first time!

  102. ahyeon park

    I’m going back to my country in a month. I’d love to go there before I leave this beautiful city, vancouver! It must be one of the amazing experiences and memories here, if I watch it :)

  103. christina

    After moving here from ireland, we are celebrating being engaged a year and I would love to surprise my amazing fiance… Fingers crossed :)

  104. Abdullah

    Wow that’s awesome

  105. wanda-mae anderson

    This is one performance I would love to see – First Nation History a fav of mine!xo please choose me


    wish i could go i missed the 30$ tickets last time!

  107. Elena Krsteva

    Would love to see the show! Thx :)

  108. Ben

    It would be amazing to see it!!

  109. We’ll be in Vancouver then. That would be perfect!

  110. Shiva

    Beautiful show. I had a friend who worked for CDS and she loved it but I was never able to go. Great giveaway :)

  111. Ally

    Me please!

  112. Kylie

    Would love to bring family to see the show. Thanks.

  113. Rhoda

    A chance of a lifetime :) would love to see these talents!!

  114. Anita

    Would love to go! Never been before.

  115. Lelyn Caballero

    Would love to see it. Thanks

  116. Jeremy Liao

    thank you for the opportunity

  117. John Francois

    Would love to win free tickets to see this amazing show

  118. cherryl dativo

    Would love to take my nieces!!

  119. Rita

    I’d love tickets! I’ve never been to cirque!

  120. Janice

    As the donkey said in Shrek, “pick me, pick me”!

  121. Paula C.

    Thanks for the contest! Would love to go :)

  122. June Cho

    On my birthday, my boyfriend gave me the best present ever- the VIP ticket to TOTEM! This is the best show I have ever seen and we certainly don’t mind going there again!!!!

  123. Josefina Barbera

    Cirque du Soleil and Vancouver B.C. two of my favorite things!

  124. I have seen so many different Cirque’s, they are all unique and amazing and would love to see this wonderful show as I have heard nothing but great things.

    Thanks for the contest

  125. Heidi C.

    A great giveaway

  126. Greg

    Thanks for the chance

  127. Karen Anshelm

    Would be a fantastic way to spend our anniversary! & to see all the amazing elements that go into such a intricate & talented show!
    Sensory explosion please!

  128. Tracey Hayman

    Would love to go to this! Please pick me!!

  129. Ka Wing, Ng

    I would love to go :D

  130. Sara

    Would love to go to the show!!

  131. Rebecca

    Heard it’s amazing, would love the chance to go!

  132. Anthony Doyle

    Having never been to Cirque du Soleil, this would blow my mind.

  133. Meagan

    I want to take my daughter!!!

  134. Neena

    cirque pour moi sil vous plait

  135. Rariane

    Would love to go and Share this moment with a friend. Thanks :)

  136. Steve

    I would love to go

  137. Joyce

    My husband of 3 months would lovvvvveeeee to go!!:)

  138. Summer

    Look interesting! Thanks for the chance to win tickets!

  139. Cassie Li

    It would be great if I could get the tickets since it is the first year for me to study in Vancouver and I love everything here!

  140. Mike Chao

    Heard nothing but good things about this show…:S

  141. ian

    Entered thanks.

  142. Kiran R.

    Cirque du Soleil’s Totem? Would love to go! please pick me!

  143. Brittia Thompson

    I would love to win!

  144. Emily

    Me please! I love Cirque Du Soleil sooo much! Will bring my husband with me to the show!

  145. Kimmy

    I have never been to a Cirque show & would love to go!!!

  146. Madison Perry

    Thank you for the opportunity to win tickets! I have only seen the Michael Jackson cirque which was amazing! I would be so greatfull to see totem. I have heard so much about it and have dreamed of going but can’t afford to. Thank you again :)

  147. Michael

    I would love to take my parents; Thank You!

  148. PG

    Winner winner, chicken dinner?

  149. Karla

    I would be amazing to see it !
    Fingers clossed!

  150. Isabelle

    Oh, oh, please, pick me! :))

  151. Would love to win! My dreams would come true!

  152. Tracey

    Love Cirque!!!

  153. Russel Adrian Torres

    go cirque du soleil!!
    go totem!
    i would love to see this show

  154. Parisa

    I would love to take my 9 years old son! Thanks!

  155. Danielle

    I would love to see Totem!!!

  156. aidan

    Pick me im great

  157. Sandra

    I’d love the tickets to give to my daughter and her husband. They are new parents and can’t afford to go.

    Thank you!

  158. Sarah Corrigan

    I would absolutely love to get to see Totem!

  159. molly

    It would be suuuper sick to go to. Such a rad opportunity.

  160. Crystal

    Would love to see them!!!

  161. Wilson Wong

    I’ve been to Amaluna and it was amazingly fantastic! I’d love to enjoy the breathtaking performance again!

  162. Carl

    My daughter and I would love to see this performance. We both have always wanted to see a Cirque performance but have never been able to afford the tickets.

  163. Mona

    Yes please:)

  164. Erica Potts

    Looks great, would love to attend!

  165. Lily

    Pick me please. I know u’re never going to Bangkok. So while im here in Van, id like to see TOTEM! :)

  166. Johnny P.

    I want to go!

  167. melanie

    love Cirque…. That could be an early bday present!

  168. Catherine Young

    Stunning performances by a committed group of performers and their supportive team. All of the Cirque productions are amazing and I’d love to err this one too!

  169. Ada

    It’s superbly amazing performance! Totally jaw-dropping experience! I want to bring my 8 yr old boy to watch the phenomenally spectacular show!

  170. Thanks for the contest and i would love to go with my kids.

  171. Junius

    Love Cirque du Soleil shows and they are my mom’s favourite!! It will be great to attend Totem with my Mom and sister because we are rarely in the same place. Thanks for the contest.

  172. Carol Schulz

    We would love to go! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  173. Miho

    Thanks for the contest. I love to see Cirque du Soleil in Vancouver!

  174. Ruth Masterman

    Please enter me and draw me! Thank you

  175. ana

    I would really enjoy going!

  176. Brittney

    Hope I win! I’d love to see this.

  177. Daun

    Would be awesome to win tickets and take my daughter. She would love it. Thank you.

  178. Mike

    Fingers and eyes crossed!!

  179. Sach

    Crossing fingers :)

  180. Randy

    I would love to see the show, my girlfriend are huge fans

  181. Tammy Brown

    I would love to go see the Totem performance. Please pick me

  182. vickie nieh

    we love all their shows….and my little girl will be so happy if she can watch
    this time

  183. In awe of the physicality and creativity of cirque! Would love to see this performance :)

  184. Teresa K

    I’d love to win.

  185. Randy Quinn

    Me and my girlfriend are huge fans, we were so bummed when we weren’t able to attend in Portland… Pick us Pick us!!!

  186. Anna Day

    Our family has never been. We would love to go!

  187. Karla

    Love all the Cirque shows!

  188. Vanna

    would love to go!

  189. Illy

    I’d love to go!

  190. Dom

    Please me! I would love to go

    We are huge fans of cirque do soleil and it’s always a wonderful experience to get to watch them

  191. Joseph

    I thank you for this chance to win free tickets.

  192. Jena Fraser

    Got to love the circus!! Amazing control over their bodies :) I would love to see them.

  193. Katrin Weinrich

    I am a fan of cirque for many years, but haven’t had the chance to see totem yet.the last 3 years have been filled with kids activities, leaving not that much time for ‘grown up’ moments.I’d love to show my little precious girl the show here in Vancouver. I’d be more then happy to win the tickets. Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  194. Mahsa Tashakor


  195. Spencer McKay

    Would love a chance to see Cirque

  196. Tanya Wilson

    I would love to win the tickets!

  197. Chris king

    Heard great things

  198. Mitsuhiro Kutsuwa

    I’ve heard nothing but good comments about Totem! Please let me be a winner!

  199. Carina Yancha

    It’s gonna be a wish come true if i win ! :)

  200. Joyce

    Would love a chance to see this amazing show!

  201. nyssa

    Would love to go!! :)

  202. Kyoko W.

    I’d love to go!!
    Hope I can get a chance☆

  203. wendy

    What a great giveaway! Thank you! Fingers and toes crossed!

  204. Cathy

    i really like watching your’e shows, when we went to Vegas we were able to watch a couple, including KA

  205. Marissa

    It would be amazing to see Cirque du Soleil perform!

  206. Andrew

    Just lost my job so decided it would be fritherless to buy tickets, hoping I can win a pair instead!

  207. Ailsa stobie

    Could be my first child free outing in who knows how long!

  208. Owen

    Never been to a Cirque performance, would love to go to one!

  209. Rene

    Thanks for the contest!

  210. Reggie

    Amazing show. 10 out of 10… Would see again!

  211. Visiting Vancouver from 1 – 4 July. would love to see the show xxx

  212. Nicole

    Thank you for celebrating the 30th anniversary in Vancouver. We will love to see the show!

  213. Filipe

    First time I saw a Cirque du Soleil show was at 2008, Corteo.. I still remember that day, it was a whole new world of emotions for me..

  214. Michelle


  215. Lexie

    I’d love to go see Totem!

  216. Filipe

    Thanks for this opportunity to win two tickets!
    Now.. positive thinking!

  217. Vivia Hsu

    Thanks for the contest! I would love to win. Bought my parents a pair of tickets for their anniversary and they said it was a truly amazing show. Would love to go see them with my boyfriend :)

  218. Adalbjorg olafsdottir

    I would love to go on a date with my husband of 6 years we got 3 kids and been a long time since we been out together :)

  219. Tim Ip

    Last time I saw a cirque show was LOVE in Las Vegas a few years back. Would be so happy if I get to see Totem too!

  220. Filipe

    I would love to go .. positive thinking! :)

  221. André

    There is no better experience than this!

  222. Hamideh

    Would love to see the show

  223. André

    I love Cirque du Soleil it’s like a magic world!

  224. Jeans

    Paleaaaaaseeeeeeee let me go :)

  225. Cecile

    Yes, I would love to go!!!

  226. Dianne

    I would love to go!

  227. aumeituen

    I would like to see !

  228. Filipe

    Sorry I didn’t realize that my comments were being posted as I was looking at the top and not at the bottom. Please delete my entries or disregard them and count only one! :o

  229. Javier

    I want it, I think that it’s an amaizing show.

  230. Javier

    I want it :D. I think that it’s an amaizing show …

  231. Hannah

    Love Cirque – would be awesome to go!

  232. Susana brito

    I want to wiiiiiiiiinnn

  233. Peter Yeh

    me me pick me…
    I wanna go see it so badly…
    thank you

  234. SK

    Would love to go see Totem!

  235. PC

    me!! :D

  236. Jerilyn

    I would love to finally see a Cirque du Soleil show

  237. Erica W

    This would be great to win for my birthday! *fingers crossed*

  238. PH

    Cirque du Soleil show was held in Taiwan several years ago and I missed the show.
    Hope I have chance to see the show with my family.

  239. Angela

    Would LOVE to go! <3

  240. Elyse

    Would love to go!

  241. Elena

    Cirque du Soleil is the best show I’ve ever seen! It is my dream to deep it the du Soleil’s adventure again!

  242. Julie

    I would love to see Cirque preform!

  243. After all the great reviews, I would love to go!

  244. Jen

    Love inside Vancouver’s events, and of course love the contest too.

  245. Amy

    I have seen it in Las Vegas and Japan. Every time different theme and very good .I wanna see Totem, too.

  246. Would love to go to this amazing show

  247. Katherine

    A second chance to win tickets! Wohoo!

  248. Candace

    Would love to see this!

  249. Alberto

    A must see!

  250. Marina

    I haven’t been and would love to go!

  251. Love Cirque! Would love to see this show with my 84 year old Mom .

  252. Lori

    Cirque du Soleil shows are always awesome!!!

  253. Kim

    Would love to go with Hubby to celebrate our upcoming 35th Wedding Anniversary in July. Thanks:-)

  254. Ana

    Totem looks like an amazing show! I would be so happy if I won! =)

  255. Michelle Beks

    Need a break from the farm….would love to go!

  256. Nelly

    I want the ticketsssssa

  257. Ali

    I wish I could see it before it leaves so I can tick off from bucket list.

  258. Christopher Co

    I’d love to see the show!

  259. Sandy Leung

    How can I miss this!!! Bring me to cirque de solei please!

  260. Danny Chou

    Pick me please! I wanna go!!

  261. maria

    Would love to go!

  262. mary blanca villa y battenberg


  263. Hello, I like pie!

  264. Hannah

    I’ve always wanted to go!! <3 but haven't had the opportunity!

  265. Julie

    Pick me!!

  266. Stephanie

    Would love to see this Cirque show!! good luck everyone!!!

  267. Frederic

    Yeah, would be sweet to go see Cirque du Soleil :))))

  268. Tiziana

    I’ll definitely go!

  269. Ritchie

    Good luck to everyone!

  270. Tina

    Perfect treat for a celebratory month!!!! Would LOVE to be there!

  271. Stephanie

    Thank you~

  272. ann

    Would love to see cirque!

  273. Amber lee

    Would make a perfect first date night after the birth of our baby girl 7 weeks ago.

  274. Ben Pineda

    I would like to have the chance to see the show.
    Please include me in the draw for the free tickets.
    Thanks very much!

  275. Vivian

    Please please please let me win I really really want to take my mom to see this!! >___<

  276. Areta

    I would love to see this before it leaves Vancouver! Thanks for the chance!

  277. Anna

    That would be a great present for my BDay

  278. Olga

    It would be lovely to see with performance!

  279. Emma Demers

    How perfect! The 4 of us are flying in to Seattle from S.F and then driving to Vancouver on Sunday. Seeing TOTEM would be glorious!!!

  280. Ariel Huang

    This is awesome! I wish I can win those tickets!

  281. Moneesh

    Cheers … hope to watch it :)

  282. salina

    Thank you for the chance! Hope that i can win. :)

  283. Mehdi

    Great contest!!

  284. Becky

    I heard the show is AMAZING! I would love to see it before they’re gone. Thanks for this opportunity!

  285. Allison

    looks so amazing!

  286. Kim

    S’il vous plaît!!!
    Pleeeeeeeeease :)

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    I love it!


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    Would love the opportunity to attend!


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  301. silvia

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  302. Celeste Grenon

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    There are a lot of comments here, but at least I have a chance. ;)

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  325. O (In Vegas), Dralion and Varekai so far my favorites… Cirque du Soleil is simply the highest level in acrobatic shows…

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  332. Wendy He


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  338. Jay


  339. Maxwell Carroll

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  340. Danielah

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    • Danielah

      I was too excited and misspelled my e-mail address in the post above. The end of my email address is, thanks!

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    I want to be part of the people who has seen TOTEM :)

  367. Rajesh

    I saw lot of circus in India with Animal and Human, but
    In 2012, I saw “Amaluna” its amazing show , totally with humans acrobatics show, I would like to see the new Totem.

  368. David’s dad

    Hi I just said something that offended my wife.
    I already apologized to her but it will be great if I could take her to this show to make her happy.
    We have never watched a cirque de soleil show before because we have lived in another country.
    My wife has a little fairy in her so I am sure she will enjoy it!
    Thanks for the tickets!
    David’s dad

  369. M.T.

    I would love to take my 82 years old grandma, whom travelled from Hong Kong to Vancouver, to celebrate her great grand daughter ‘s 1st birthday.

    She has never seen a cirque de soleil show and it would be a wonderful memory to complete her trip in Vancouver. She is leaving Vancouver on July 8, 2014.

    Please choose us!
    Thank you.


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