Free Transit on BC Day in Vancouver

Free BC Transit Vancouver

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This BC Day–August 04, 2014–Translink services is offering a free day of transit for all commuters. Whether you’re traveling by bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus or HandyDart, you can ride for free!

This courtesy free transit day comes as a result of a frustrating few hours of commuting that was felt on July 21st when the SkyTrain service ground to a halt during rush hour.

To make it up to customers who may have felt more than a little stressed about the glitch, Translink has offered a free transit day on August 4th, the Monday of the long weekend.

So, if you’re in Vancouver on August 4th, we’ve got a few ideas on where to take your free transit ride:

1. Bus to Grouse Mountain

The journey to Grouse Mountain by bus is a fun one that takes you through the suburbs of North Vancouver. If you’re catching the bus from Georgia Street in Vancouver, catch the 246 Grouse Mountain bus to the Peak of Vancouver. If you want to head up to the top of the mountain, you’ll have to pay for a Skyride ticket. Otherwise, take a gander at the wolves or walk along the powerlines trail at the end of the gravel parking lot area. Alternatively, take a hike up the Grind! Catch the “236 Lonsdale Quay” bus to get back to the city.

2. Seabus across the harbour to the Quay

A cruise for free, sounds like good! The Vancouver SeaBus offers a pretty cool cruise through the harbour for 15 minutes from Downtown to North Vancouver. The SeaBus runs frequently throughout the day, so you won’t have to wait very long for your journey. After you’ve crossed to the other side, take a stroll around the Lonsdale Quay for some fresh fruit, craft beer, or handmade goodies.

3. Bus up to UBC for a stroll around the constantly changing campus

The University of British Columbia campus on Point Grey is constantly changing each year with new constructions and landscape features. Take the 99 B-Line or 25 bus to head up to the campus to take a stroll around when the campus isn’t clogged with students. If it’s hot, head down to the infamous Wreck Beach, or just stick to The Rose Garden if naked plants are more your cup of tea.

Free Tansit BC Day Vancouver

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4. See Vancouver from the SkyTrain

At Burrard Station catch an Expo Line Train heading East and ride it all the way out to Scott Road Station. This route offers great views over Metro Vancouver as the tracks are elevated. You’ll also get the chance to cross the world’s longest transit-only bridge high above the Fraser River. Exit the train at Scott Road station before heading to the westbound platform to catch the next train going back to historic New Westminster (the first capital city of BC).

5. Take the bus to Stanley Park and go on a walking tour

Grab a Stanley Park #19 bus to take yourself into the heart of the urban forest otherwise known as Stanley Park. Buses run frequently to and from Stanley Park and can get you close to the sights. After exiting the bus, take a lap around the Seawall, or check out the park’s main attractions like the Aquarium.

Got any other great ideas on trips to take by transit this BC Day long weekend in Vancouver? Let us know in the comment section below!

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