Second Annual Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby Returns August 10

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

If you’re in Chinatown or Strathcona this Sunday, be sure to make your way to 100 block of Keefer Street. The second annual Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby will be heating up Keefer as some of Vancouver’s hippest chefs compete for the Golden Dumpling championship.

This is how it works: local master Chinese chefs will be selling traditional dumplings roadside, while cooks from 20 of Vancouver’s top restos will plate up fresh takes on the little pouches of yum. A panel of expert dumpling-eating judges – like Global BC Newswoman Sophie Lui – who decide the winner

The cook off competitors’ list reads like an honour roll of Vancouver’s finest eateries including: Oru, Campagnolo, Wildebeest and Vij’s. Attendees can sample the 20 different dumpling offerings by purchasing a $30 passport. Though online passports are sold out, 100 tickets will be available the day of the event and we’re giving away two passports (see details below).

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

If you like a spirited eating competition, the derby part of the event will see eight men and eight women scarfing down as many of the golden morsels in two minute heats. The winner will claim a gift certificate to the event sponsor, Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie, and bragging rights. Rumour has it the reigning champ from last year’s derby will defend his title “Chinatown Dumpling Eating Champion”.

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

Photo Credit: Daniel Burke Photography

The Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby are part of the free Chinatown Festival taking place this weekend. All proceeds from the Cook Off and Derby will go to Chinese Elders Community Kitchen, a project of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre. The program encourages often isolated seniors to come together, cook and share a meal while learning about food safety and healthy eating.

The Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby will take place rain or shine  between 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., Sunday, August 10.

Congrats to Rebecca! You’re the winner of two passes to the Golden Dumpling Cook Off this weekend.

Thanks to all the folks who shared their dumpling destinations with us. 

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208 Responses to Second Annual Golden Dumpling Cook Off and Derby Returns August 10

  1. Maison

    Pick ME! I love dumplings!!

    • Marlene

      Love dumplings!

    • Cecile

      Cindy’s Palace…great SuiMai :)

  2. Bronwyn

    I actually quite like the hot take-away dumplings at TNT for a quick and cheap weekday lunch.

    • Helen

      Too shanghai

  3. Nathan

    Lin’s Restaurant at Granville and Broadway is where I go to get close-by, tasty, xiao long bao dumplings!

  4. Sandra

    I don’t know. That’s why I need to go to the dumpling cook off. Educate me!

  5. Christine Chan

    Floata in Chinatown is hands down my favourite place for dumplings :)

  6. karen

    Juicy delicious soothing dumplings…get in my mouth NOW!
    I like Kirins dumplings. And my friends dad makes pretty tasty ones also

  7. Marianne Q

    I love dumplings at Kam Wai Dim Sum in Chinatown. Cheap and Yummy.

  8. glo

    My favourite place for dumplings? In my mouth. Duh.

    • glo

      But from the competitors, it would be Pidgin

  9. kanis kalam

    We usually go to chong lum hin restaurant in burnaby. They do have one of the best dumpling. I would love to win these tickets. Thank you

  10. Rita

    Please pick me! Love dumplings!

  11. Andrea

    my favourite dumpling destination is the dim-sum food truck that is by Canada Place! They are delicious and SO close to work :) I could eat an entire take-out container of them!

  12. Andrea Vieyra

    I LOVE the dumplings at fresh egg mart!!

  13. Eunice Chen

    I like dumpling from Dynasty (Richmnd and downtown )

  14. Reza

    Hi , i’m a visiting researcher at UBC so i’m new to Vancouver, i would like to take this opportunity and explore the city. By the way your website has been very useful for me so far and helped me catch up the City’s main events.

  15. Eunice Chen

    I like dumpling from Dynasty!

  16. ray

    I’ll go with the most reliably good tasting dumplings in Vancouver…..Hon’s.

  17. Janette

    Red Star – the best

  18. Renzo

    kirin is the best dumpling restaurant in my opinion. love dumplingssss yummm

  19. M Mak

    What is golden dumpling. Let me have the ticket and try it.

  20. Lauren

    Lins on Broadway or Longs on main or Congee Noodle House on Broadway!!

  21. kay

    Shanghai river!

  22. Carol

    Please pick us. My daughter is a dumpling lover. We do T&T take out for yummy dumplings and I also make them at home.

  23. Hillary

    I love dumplings at Dai Tung on Kingsway! Pick me!!!!!!!

  24. Li Leng

    Dumplings from shaolin noodle on west broadway are yummy! I’d love to go to the dumpling cook off!

  25. Benjamin

    I love getting the soup dumplings from Peaceful Restaurant on broadway and cambie ! Check it out !

  26. brett

    Wonton dumplings from Congee Noodle House!

  27. Cory

    Gotta love dumplings, no matter where you get ’em. But I’ll pick: Kirin

  28. Theresa


  29. Ian

    Various dumplings from the Grand Dynasty Seafood Chinese Restaurant in Burnaby is consistently good.

  30. Candy

    Pick me please.

  31. Dianne

    Fraser Court Seafood Restaurant

  32. W. L.

    Dumplings from Flota and Peaceful Restaurants are nice and plump. Love in every bite.

  33. Deanna Le

    Any dumplings from Western Lake Chinese Seafood restaurant are the best!

  34. Deborah

    Long’s Noodle House for their Xiao Long Bao’s. So good.

  35. I wanted to try first time in my life.. interesting..

  36. Jeremy Ingoldby

    Dinesty on Robson near Denman has a pretty good selection of xiaolongbao

  37. Lily

    Wang’s Shanghai in Crystall Mall (sadly closed!), so maybe Shanghai river or top Shanghai in both Richmond.

  38. Janet

    My favorite dumpling place is without a doubt Sun Sui Wah Restaurant.

  39. Corrine

    Peaceful on Broadway and Cambir has the best, freshest pork dumplings that just burst in your mouth! Delish!!!

  40. Henry

    Top Shanghai

  41. Kathleen


  42. Ray


  43. Pat Cheung

    The Pork Steamed Dumplings at Dinesty on Robson. No MSG! No brainer!

  44. Sophia S

    Great dumplings at Kirin!

  45. Ally

    I love the dumplings at dinesty! Would be amazing to go try so many though:)

  46. sandeep

    I’d love two tickets!

  47. Janice

    Long’s Noodle House 小龍記麵家 – I love their XLB.

  48. Kendra

    The xiao long bao at Dinesty restaurant on robson is pretty delicious! I go there everything I crave dumplings :)

  49. Thuraya

    Whole family like it

  50. Arthur

    Lucky Gate Coquitlam, fresh daily made, when they are out, they are out so go early and enjoy. 1139 Austin Ave

  51. Arthur

    Wah Wing Richmond Suite 1298-3779 Sexsmith Rd, best soup filled ones.

  52. Arthur

    The Vancouver equivalent of Lucky Gate in coquitlam, Peaceful Restaurant 532 W Broadway #110

  53. Monida

    I love the dumplings at Sun Sui Wah!!

  54. Desiree

    Au petit cafe on main!

  55. Jean

    Floata’s dumplings are just amazing!

  56. Annie Hsu

    I love the ones at Dinesty! They are the closest to Din Tai Fung, which is the pride of Taiwan! :)

  57. Chrissy

    sha lin noodle house! Or Lins!

  58. Michelle K

    My fav0urite dumpling destination is Shanghai River in Richmond – top notch!

    I SO want to go, I didn’t realize there’s such an event! I would’ve purchased myself a passport if I’d known!

  59. May

    Golden Wheat in Chinatown–a secret gem!!!

  60. Julie

    Hons is a great go-to for dumplings!

  61. Angela L.

    Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant on Hastings next to Kootenay Loop! Crossing my fingers for those tasting passports!

  62. Adrienne H

    Well I love the pork dumplings at Long’s Noodle House on Main St. but Bao Bei on Keefer has fabulous dumplings which you can eat in a lovely setting.

  63. Irene W

    Can’t pinpoint just one restaurant for dumplings… Floata, Dinesty, and Lin’s Teahouse are some of my all-time favorites!! I’d love some free tickets thanks!

  64. Ricky

    I love dumplings!! my favorite place is Wu’s Wonton at crystal mall’s food court. best XLB ever

  65. Jennifer Cheesman

    Yum! I could feast on dumplings

  66. Sarah

    Dinesty for the xiao long bao!

  67. Karen

    Lins on Granville and Broadway, so close to my work and sooo good!

  68. Andrew C

    Crystal Mall’s Xiao Long Pao. End of the foodcourt.

  69. Debbie

    Rainbow Garden is my favourite as they are close by. Years ago it was right in the heart of Chinatown.

  70. Celine

    Lucky Gate in Coquitlam. A family favourite :)

  71. rebecca

    Shanghai River makes awesome xiao long bao!

  72. April

    I have had only two experiences with dumplings but enjoyed both. I had some really amazing soup dumplings in NYC, but have only been to Dinesty here in Vancouver and had their kimchi dumplings which were really tasty as well!
    Need. More. Dumplings.

  73. Mona

    Grandma’s house is always the best, but my son likes the ones at Aberdeen food court:)

  74. Judy Vitke

    I love having dumplings at Won More restaurant on Denman St. I love dumplings. Pick me.

  75. Divya

    Floata’s dumplings hands down!

  76. Sarah

    I would love to try all the dumplings!

  77. angela

    I love them at Shao Lin!

  78. mike

    I have never had authentic dumplings. Would love to try them.

  79. Karen

    Kirin & Dynasty have delicious dumplings :)

  80. Alana

    The best dumplings are at Happy Valley Seafood restaurant in East Vancouver – woot woot!

  81. Jenee

    Pick me! I love dumplings at the Kirin Restaurant.

  82. Erica

    I love them at Golden Phoenix on Nanaimo St!!

  83. Suniti

    Lamb dumplings at Peaceful noodles

  84. Bev

    Kirin and Dinesty! Yum!!

  85. Minnie

    Best foodie date ever.

  86. May

    Fraser Court is our fave… drool…

  87. tze

    At home! My wife makes great dumplings.

  88. Yvonne Tang

    I grew up on dumplings and still love them. More dumpling please!

  89. Alisa

    I’m not sure of the name because it’s in Chinese but it’s the wonton house with the yellow awning in crystal mall. It’s at the very back of the food court by the windows. Closest to what I’ve had in Asia!

  90. Martin

    Would love to go. Lin’s on West Broadway has the most AMAZING juicy dumplings.

    Thanks for considering me for your contest!

  91. Michael


  92. Nadine

    Lin @ Granville and Broadway for the best dumplings. Thin skinned Xiao Long Bao that’s full of tasty soup!

  93. javier

    dinesty on robson st … love dumplings

  94. wenxiao

    I like my moms homemade dumplings. TNT dumpings will do when homemade oes are unavilable.

  95. Johanne

    Love dumplings…usually going to small resraurant near home… Not fancy…cheap and good!

  96. Alberto

    Dinesty (Robson). Yummy! :)

  97. Brandee

    I adore dumplings.

  98. I

  99. Dianne G

    Love the Asia Restaurant in Surrey

  100. Cathy

    Please pick me. This sounds just so awesome and fun and SO Vancouver.

  101. Michelle

    Love Flamingo for dim sum!

  102. Sheila

    Shanghai Gourmet House in Aberdeen. Great for a quick bite. Otherwise, Continental Seafood in Richmond

  103. Jessica


  104. julie

    Would love to attend love dumplings

  105. Michelle

    Kirin is my go-to for dumplings…but I want to taste them all!

  106. Sav

    Kirin dumplings!! Mmmm

  107. Tim

    Top Shanghai Cuisine for the Xiao Long Bao

  108. Lawrence

    Pick me! I love dumplings, too!!! :)

  109. Judy Warner

    Pick ME. Loooove dumplings:)

  110. Dan

    Long’s Noodle House in Vancouver for amazingly made XLB. great service as well!!

  111. Silvia

    yu xiang yuan has a variety of dumplings i love to sink my teeth into!

  112. Isabel

    Long’s Noodle House on Main has very yummy dumplings! Please pick me :)

  113. Ray

    Long’s has the best XLB… now gimme my passes!

  114. Eliza

    I love Nigh Thu , horns and of course my home made dumplings! Oh my precious….

  115. Erin Desautels

    Love the dumplings at Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway. Best dumplings ever were from Chinatown in NY though…

  116. Cecilia Chan

    Pick me please. My favorite dumplings are Xiao Long Bao sold in Shanghai River restaurant.

  117. Elissa Chow

    Dinesty on Robson St :)

  118. Nicola

    I’ve never EVER tried a dumpling. It’s on my to do list. Moved to Vancouver two weeks ago & I’m trying to tick of the places to see and things to do. This would help ;)

  119. Alice

    My fav are Xiao Long Bao from Golden Great Wall!

  120. Ritchie


  121. wyn

    XLB from Peaceful or Dinesty. Thanks for running a contest!

  122. Helen

    Hands down , Top Shanghai has the best XLB

  123. A. L.

    Ningtu Restaurant on Kingsway :)

  124. Mary

    I love the xioalong bao’s from Shanghai River…so yummy! I hope to get picked so I can go to this event since the online passports are sold out! Thanks!

  125. Anita

    Peaceful on Broadway…AMAZING Place for dumplings!!!

  126. LC

    Love dumplings!!!

  127. Paula Kwong

    I enjoy the Asian culture and especially its respect for the elders of the community. I think that should be supported!
    Paula Kwong

  128. nancy

    So many dumpling places… first one that comes to mind is Lin’s Restaurant on W Broadway @ Granville…

  129. Amanda

    Shanghai wonderful has delicious dumplings!!! Bomb!!!

  130. Jessie

    I love dumplings. But i’m convinced nobody can make better dumplings than my mother. So i’d be *very* curious to find out how talented is Vancouver at making dumplings!

  131. Anna

    Congee noodle house! My mother in law makes pretty amazing dumplings too :)

  132. Hannah

    Chinatown Hon’s dumplings are the best! I hear they’re sponsoring the fest too!!

  133. Andy

    Love dumplings. Favouite place is a bbq store on Victoria and 43rd. East side of the street. Frozrn dumplin= in freezer chests thete.

  134. Mariyeh

    I’ll go to see wich one is more famouse dumplin. :)

  135. Norah

    Hon’s pan fried pork dumplings are my fave dumplings from my childhood! I like how they have them available in frozen form to cook at home :)

  136. Lisa

    Juicy dumplings Xiao long Bao at Lins the best!

  137. Mai

    Happy Man on Victoria has the best Lobster dumpling in soup!!

  138. Mike Taylor

    Dinesty dumpling house on Robson has awesome chicken dumplings. No website though.

  139. XLB (Soup Dumplings) at Shanghai River in Richmond!

  140. Amy

    Dinesty on Robson. We used to go there weekly for their XLB until we moved. Miss ‘dem dumplings!

  141. Emily

    Haven’t tried many dumplings but I LOVE the ones from Dinesty in Richmond.

  142. shannon steele


  143. Paula

    Pick me! pick me! I love dumplings, especially the soupy dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) from Longs noodle house!

  144. Linda

    I have yet to try it, but I heard that the pork dumplings at Lin Chinese Cuisine is very good.

  145. I really love the Chinese dumplings at Come Along in east Vancouver – can’t go wrong with good dim sum

  146. Gord

    Dinesty dumplings :)



  148. Angi Williamson

    This week will be my first trip to Vancouver, cant tell ya the best place now but hope to after Sunday!

  149. Nicole

    The prawn dumplings at the Grand Dynasty (Villa Casino in Burnaby).

  150. Eva

    Peaceful Restaurant for Vancouver, Shanghai River for Richmond. I want to try Dinesty though since I’m reading they have no MSG!!

  151. jt

    Lin’s on Broadway at Granville. Thanks for running this contest!

  152. Ellizabeth K.

    Love dumpling in my life since my family homemade dumplings from Snow Garden and also like other rests as shanghai morning and long’s of their dumplings~

  153. Debbie

    Shui gaw dumplings at Tsim chai Noodles in Richmond. Yummy!

  154. Alice

    Dumplings a Chinese food staple. Yum!!

  155. Janice Lee


  156. Laureen

    I love shanghai dumplings from shanghai wonderful! ;D I’d love to try out all the different dumplings at the Golden Dumpling cook off!

  157. Dennis L.

    Love dumplings! One of my faves is Dinesty on Robson.

  158. Sam Rodriguez

    Have not found a favorite dumpling place, but I sure do love them!!

  159. Dolly

    Fave xlb dumpling so far is Chen’s Shanghai Restaurant in Richmond

  160. Colleen

    Sun Sui Wah has great dumpling and dim sum!

  161. Marion

    Bao Bei!!

  162. Gary

    Shanghai river in Richmond makes good buns.

  163. Iris

    Shanghai Wonderful has great dumplings.

  164. Michelle

    Long’s noodle house!

  165. Stephanie

    My mom’s are the best!

    • Stephanie

      Sorry this post has my correct email…not the original.

  166. cynthia

    Every cultural group has dumplings!!! Dumplings UNITE!!! The Congee House on Kingsway, Shanghair River, Peaceful on Broadway…..Lao Shang Dong on Nelson in Burnaby….all the Crystal Mall places…

  167. gord

    hey,my wife makes a mean wonton, AND a pork/mushroom dumpling with green onions, chinese dried scallops…at dim sum, we love going to Kirin’s, West Lake….we can even get frozen dumplings at Ling Nan for xiao long boa, siu mai, ha gow…..WE LOVE OUR DUMPLINGS!

  168. cynthia

    Din Tai Fung is INTERNATIONAL!!! BEST dumplings ever! Vancouver has soooo many places for dumplings, we are so lucky. Dimpling Dumplings forever!

  169. John F

    Hon’s have to be my favorite dumplings in the city! Good luck and happy eating to the winners. My fingers a crossed!

  170. rita m

    Best dumplings were made with love by my grandma. Now for quick & easy dumplings… T&T

  171. Monique

    I love Long’s Noodle House! Please (randomly) pick me.

  172. Tracy

    LOVE dumplings!!! Golden Swan on Victoria.

  173. Matt

    Favourite place? Wild Rice! Todd (pictured in the article!) does a fantastic job with dumplings and everything else from their kitchen!

  174. Maggie

    I love northern Chinese dumplings! The steammed veggie dumplings at Lucky Gate in Coquitlam is really good!

  175. colleen

    Western lake on victoria dr :)

  176. olivia

    i scream you scream, we all scream for DUMPLINGS!!! Give me a D…give me a U…..give me a M….you get what I mean! Love the way the xiao long bao bursts in my mouth…..give me more and more and more!!!!

  177. I always have from dumplings from T&T in my freezer for a quick fix lunch.

  178. Nicole

    My favourite dumplings are at Long’s Noodle House! The XLBs are the best!!

  179. Cameron

    Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway has my favorite dumplings!

  180. Cory

    2 passports + me and my best bud = dumpling heaven :) otherwise we’ll have to drown our sorrows by scarfing down a big bowl of dumings at Shao Lin like usual.

  181. Jenn

    Happiness is a dumpling made by my friend’s grandma, bursting with ginger, chicken & green onions with her secret sauce.

  182. Jennyfur

    Peaceful Restaurent has the BEST dumplings

  183. lianne


  184. Audry

    I would LOVE to win the tickets to get to taste the exciting dumplings!! I love Peaceful restaurant on Broadway :)

  185. janine

    Luxe in langley is the closest to me, so that’s my favourite place to go if im craving dumplings! Now i want some…

  186. Jessica

    Shanghai River in Richmond,the best place for xiao long bao :)

  187. Gian

    New town bakery and restaurant.

  188. cynthia

    Golden Wheat in Chinatown!!! i buy in the morning for my family and 3 other families…and i drop off the goodies to their homes as a surprise treat!!! BEST dumplings. Recipe has not changed. Go and try them and you will find, for the price, you are getting a super goooood deal.

  189. Kevin

    By far my fav dumpling place is Hoy’s Wonton House (Kingsway & Inverness) in Little Cedar Cottage!

  190. DB

    I haven’t eaten many dumplings in my life yet. Clearly, I need an education.

  191. Wei Chen Hsu

    There is a food court stand at the far end in Burnaby Crystal Mall. Their dumpling is very delicious!

  192. Sophie

    Peaceful Restaurant!

  193. Mei

    Floata in Chinatown

  194. Denise

    Shanghai River in Richmond, for pork dumplings Shanghaiese style!!
    Hope luck’s on my side! :) Thanks for this contest.

  195. Elaine

    The vegetarian dumplings at Dinesty in Richmond can’t be beat! (Shanghai River isn’t bad either). I often think of the 5 best foods I’d like to eat around Vancity if I am sick in the hospital bed, and the vegetarian dumpling at Dinesty is definitely one of them!

  196. anya

    Peaceful restaurant!

  197. AM

    Peaceful, Lin, and Legendary Noodles! :-)

  198. Nothing beats my mom’s gyozas but Santouka’s are the closest thing. I also love the xiao long bao at Dinesty.

  199. Shirley

    Prince Seafood Restaurant …. But homemade dumplings are the best! Looking forward to this!

  200. Tong z

    Lin’s dumplings are pretty good. I wonder how does one sign up for the dumpling eating contest?

  201. Mah

    Lin’s on broadway for their XLB.

  202. cwangdom

    Love the xiao long bao dumplings from Dinesty on Robson.

  203. Jackson

    Lins, its quite a trek from where I live though!