Get Soaked at Vancouver’s Largest Waterfight this Saturday

vancouver waterfight 2014

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Time to raid the local dollar store to stock up on water balloons, water guns, buckets, sponges, and any other means of getting other people wet. This Saturday, August 9, 2014 is Vancouver’s largest water fight, the 8th annual event that happens in Stanley Park at Lumberman’s Arch at 1:00pm.

This isn’t your typical squirt and dash, Vancouver’s largest water fight is a flashmob that goes beyond your expectations. Hundreds of people are likely to show up at this year’s water fight with temperatures expecting to reach 24 degrees.

You’re going to get soaked, and you’re going to soak other people. But, that’s part of the magic of the water fight! Acceptable gear includes: super soakers, water guns, squirt guns, spray bottles, water balloons and water blasters.

vancouver waterfight 2014

Photo credit: Ianiv & Arieanna | Flickr

Like most randomly run events, Vancouver’s largest water fight has a few rules to follow if you want to keep having fun next year:

  1. Don’t bring weapons apart from water pistols
  2. Clean up after yourself – especially if you bring water balloons.
  3. Dress for the occassion, you’re going to get WET! Shorts, bikinis, flippers, floaty arm bands, whatever?
  4. Don’t squirt people who are just watching, if bystanders want to get involved, let them.
  5. Don’t bring cameras into the fray as they are going to get wet.
  6. This is supposed to be fun, don’t take it too seriously!
  7. No dyed water – it stains cloths AND it could stain the pavements. Not good, it’s vandalism.

If you want to join Vancouver’s largest water fight, head to Stanley Park at 1:00pm on Saturday, August 9th and meet at Lumberman’s Arch. Get ready to get soaked!

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