A Midsummer Night’s Dream brings visual exploration of pleasure to Ayden Gallery

photo 5

Art by Jane Cheng.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a new exhibit opening at the Ayden Gallery this Friday (Aug 15). The show features work by eight Vancouver artists and illustrators and “is a visual exploration of pleasure,” says curator Pandora Young. “We will be examining aspects of pleasure like, ironically, pain, drive, loss, sensuality, inspiration, and all of us being ladies, femininity.”

Artists include Chelsea O’Byrne, Helsa Ahmadi, Laura Bonnie McIntosh, Iris Yao, Jane Cheng, Tina Yan, Chelsea O’Byrne, Lani Imre and Young. The opening reception is on Friday and A Midsummer Night’s Dream runs until Sept. 7. The Ayden Gallery, known for hosting offbeat art shows, is at 2103-88 W. Pender St (in International Village, 2nd floor). 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Facebook event page

photo 6

Art by Tina Yan.

photo 2

Art by Helsa Ahmadi.

photo 3

Art by Laura Bonnie McIntosh.

photo 4

Art by Iris Yao.

photo 7

Art by Chelsea O’Byrne.

photo 8

Art by Lani Imre.

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