Vancouver Personalities share their End of Summer Bucket Lists

Malkin Bowl: a popular summer concert destination || Photo CrediT; Flickr/Creative Commons Keep it Surreal

Malkin Bowl: a popular summer concert destination || Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons Paul Joseph

Swim at an outdoor pool. Go to Buntzen Lake. Say goodbye to sandals; say hello to closed toed shoes. Maximize patio time. Eat mini donuts at the PNE.

Thinking about the end of summer always makes me a bit panicky. Now that summer is running out and the sun is still shining I’ve decided I need to compile an ‘end of summer bucket list’ of places I want to go and Vancouver-y things I want to accomplish before the season’s end.

For a little inspiration I canvassed some Vancouver personalities about their end of summer bucket lists. As the days get shorter and the temperatures dip a little more each night, I want to stretch my summer to the max.

Below you’ll find some tips on how to extend the summer season from an artist, a mommy blogger, a designer, a food blogging duo and an editor/first time Sea Wheezer. Maybe you too will add a thing or two to your good-bye-sunny-warm-times-must-do-list.

Artis Zoe Pawlak || Photo Credit:

Artis Zoe Pawlak || Photo Credit: Janis Nicolay

Zoe Pawlak – Artist

How do you stretch out your summer?

September is gorgeous. We plan BC trips because everyone else is back in work and school and the prices are better than in summer months. We orient our travel around apples and wine and other activities that are so special and specific to fall. We also stuff in as many patio dinners as possible both out and at friends places.

What’s on your end of summer bucket list?

I definitely want to get to one more outdoor concert if possible! I want to go to the VAG on a Tuesday night to see the Douglas Copeland show before it closes and I am excited to see Allouette Lake before it gets too cold for a swim!


Mompreneur Christine Pilkington

Christine Pilkington – Founder: City Mom Now & Entrepreneur Mom Now and Publisher

How do you stretch out your summer?

We BBQ all year round and get ice cream cones regularly. We’ll picnic into early October and are even considering camping during a mid-September weekend when it might be easier to get a site. We’ve also booked a cottage on the Sunshine Coast in October. Summer is a state of mind!

What’s on your end of summer bucket list? 

I’m out of town, but if I was in Vancouver, I’d say: take in Playland /the PNE, go for a picnic at Whytecliff Park and Jericho Beach, walk around Rice Lake (or fish off the dock), visit Reifel Bird Sanctuary, bike along Iona Beach and go to New Brighton Pool.

Forest & Waves' Eduard Juan

Forest & Waves’ Eduard Juan

Edward Juan – Owner and Designer Forest & Waves

How do you stretch out your summer?

I don’t, I love the season so I welcome the autumn.  Also, the best time to go surfing on the west coast is in the fall.  The swell is perfect and the tourists are all too scared to get in the water.  Summer is great but I moved to Canada for the change of seasons.

What’s on your end of summer bucket list?

Oh man, tonnes. I’ve always wanted to try mountain climbing along the Howe Sound.  I want to try doing the Vancouver Triathlon in the Stanley Park in September.  Go see a live concert at the Malkin Bowl.  I love the band Tennis and I missed out on them when they played there.  I also read there’s a viking longboat, called The Munin, docked somewhere in the city.  Apparently you can go sail with them on the boat in the English Bay. Though my favourite thing to do in the summer is swimming in the 2nd beach outdoor pool.  I go there twice a week for a morning or evening swim.  Nothing beats the view and its stillness when its empty.

Editor and writer Kate MacLennan

Editor and writer Kate MacLennan

Kate MacLennan – Lululemon Blog Managing Editor and Freelance Writer

How do you stretch out my summer? 

For one, it ain’t over til it’s over. As long as the weather holds—or at least holds a bit—I am ready to hike, camp and swim outdoors all the way through September. In fact, September is often the best “summer” month in Vancouver because fewer people are in all those hike-y, camp-y, swim-y places within a quick drive from Vancouver. (Read: the kids are back in school!) I intend to get Diez Vista (a 15 kilometre route near Buntzen Lake) under my belt before the snow flies.

In an effort to extend my summer I also spent a couple solid paycheques on concert tickets, and now find myself going to a live show about once a week right through to October. (Jack White is next at Deer Lake; can’t wait!)

What’s on your end of summer bucket list?

I’ve been training for the SeaWheeze half marathon all summer, which means I’ve been utterly neglectful in jumping onto a Vancouver Brewery Tour. I’m quite looking forward to a brewery-crawl once the finish line of the race is in my rear view.

Speaking of imbibing, an afternoon in the Fraser Valley visiting some farms, dairies (mmmm, Farmhouse Cheese!) and wineries out there is probably just what the doctor ordered in pretending it’s still the dog days of summer. I’m thinking I’ll tack on a dip in Harrison Hot Springs, for good measure. I also have yet to hit the Trout Lake Farmers Market this summer, and relish the idea of doing so as the harvest comes in during the next few weeks. I could even convince myself I deliberately put it off in order to get the best of the harvest.

And if the weather goes completely sideways and summer suddenly vanishes, then that’s probably the time I’ll finally get to Fly Over Canada. I’ve been meaning to hit that up since it opened!

Food bloggers (aka The Food Gays) Jeremy Inglett and Adrian Harris

Food bloggers (aka The Food Gays) Jeremy Inglett and Adrian Harris

The Food Gays (Jeremy Inglett & Adrian Harris)

How do you stretch out your summer?

For us, we try to make use of every last bit. August has been a particularly busy time for us this year, so we’ll be looking forward to just winding down somewhat – doing a little patio gardening in prep for fall, and hopefully enjoy at least one or two barbecues at home before fall rolls in. Summer is a state of mind after all, and we’re definitely not ready to let it go quite yet.

What’s on your end of summer bucket list?

We’d love to check out the fair at the PNE this year, as we haven’t been for a few years now. We’re also looking forward to checking out some newer restaurants in the city we haven’t visited yet, like Belgard Kitchen located in the Settlement Building in Railtown, and Mr. Red Cafe in East Village.

What’s on your end of summer bucket list Vancouver? Share your must-do end of summer activities in the comments section below.

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