Zombie Paintball Hunting Returns to Vancouver Area

Photo sourced from Zombie  Combat Zone

Photo sourced from Zombie Combat Zone

The zombies are multiplying.  And humanity’s only hope is you and a paintball gun.

Zombie Combat Zone – the only place in Canada where you can hunt and shoot zombies with paintball guns – is back for its third season.  The unique facility in White Rock bills itself as an immersive, zombie-fighting experience.  Dressed up in tactical gear and armed with paintball guns, you and your squad must fend off wave after wave of the undead under the cover of thick forest. 

And, just to up the ante, all of this zombie mayhem happens after dark.

So what’s it like? The website warns, “There will be blood, gore, zombies, violence, loud noises, gunfire, strobes, smoke, fire and darkness. You may get blood on you too…” The highly scripted, 30-minute mission is equal parts live theatre and paintball. After a briefing by a squad leader, you and your troops are sent into battle, with limited ammunition and only the faintest idea of the zombie-filled chaos that awaits in the White Rock forest.

Photo sourced from Zombie  Combat Zone

Photo sourced from Zombie Combat Zone

Zombies are played by actors wearing well padded suits and protective headgear underneath ghoulish masks and make-up.  As they swarm, hungry for blood, it’s up to your platoon to fend them off and complete the mission.  Some paintball guns are equipped with special spotlights to help track and dispatch zombies in the dark forest.

Zombie Combat Zone, located at 16499 Beach Rd. in White Rock (just before the Peace Arch border crossing) is open from 7 p.m.-midnight, Thursday-Saturday.  Missions are $499 for groups of up to 10 people and must be reserved in advance on the website.

Currently, operators are booking for October and will begin booking for September once October dates are sold out. The price includes a 15-minute orientation and 30 minutes of gameplay.  As Halloween approaches, special attractions involving yet more zombies will be added. 

Anyone been zombie hunting yet?  What did you think of it?  Let us know.

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