The 2014 Vancouver Zombie Walk Shuffles into Town this Saturday

2014 Zombie Walk Vancouver

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Summer in Vancouver ain’t officially over until the streets are taken over by the undead during the annual Zombie Walk, a flashmob-esque event that aims to scare. This year’s event will be happening on Saturday, September 6th.

Every year the Vancouver Zombie Walk grows bigger, with more participants of all ages, ever more creative costumes and levels of GORE, and more huge quantities of blood-soaked fun every single time. 

To participate, all you really need to do is cover yourself tastefully in fake blood, meet at the Art Gallery and shuffle your way with other zombie corpses to English Bay.

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014

Image courtesy of Matthew Grapengieser |

In past years, the Vancouver Zombie Walk has taken place in August. But, because of the huge amount of pedestrian traffic the event causes, it was moved to the first weekend of September this year.

Some would consider this the slowest moving parade, so if you’re curious and interested in watching rather than participating, you should have no problem finding the zombies. They’ll be the ones dragging their feet and covered in blood. Don’t get too close, you don’t want to get infected!

Vancouver Zombie Walk 2014

Image courtesy of Matthew Grapengieser |

If your appetite has switched to craving brains in the last few days, take part in the Zombie Walk by assembling at the Vancouver Art Gallery steps off of Georgia Street by 3pm on Saturday. The “tour de flesh” starts at 4pm on the dot and moves (very slowly) up Robson towards Denman Street before continuing to Sunset Beach at English Bay.

The 2014 Vancouver Zombie Walk takes place on Saturday, September 6, 2014 from 3pm to 6pm. Spectators are welcome, but you’re encouraged to join in!

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2 Responses to The 2014 Vancouver Zombie Walk Shuffles into Town this Saturday

  1. Fred Beddard

    This is a very pathetic representation of a very beautiful city. What is the purpose of such a parade, and do Vancouverites not have any other way to find meaning in their lives on a sunny afternoon then smearing blood on themselves and dragging their feet through the streets? Next year, skip the parade and head for the beach!

    • Souventine

      Fred Beddard, sorry not everyone is such a stuck up snoot and actually have the balls to dress up in outlandish costumes and actually have a fun time on such a sunny day, all the hundreds of people that showed up, all the photos posted and the public, very much enjoyed this presentation, so im sorry but if this offended you, leave Vancouver, we don’t need such nobs such as your self. who ever shit in your coffee should have gave you a double.