Local Chocolatiers win big at Canadian National Chocolate Competition + Giveaway!

Photo credit: Sean Neild

Photo credit: Sean Neild

Since 2012, Canadian chocolatiers have competed to win a spot at the International Chocolate Awards. The 2014 Canadian qualifying competition was held October 9 and an awards ceremony took place at popular Vancouver chocolate shop, xoxolat. The Canadian National Competition of the International Chocolate Awards saw Lower Mainland chocolate makers take the podium last night.

With entries from coast to coast, chocolate makers competed in a number of categories including:  Bars – Milk chocolate flavoured with an infusion, ganache, truffles and nut-based pralines among many other.

There were some familiar entrants competing for the second year in a row: Sweet Lollapalooza, Violet Chocolate Company from Edmonton, Christophe Morel from Montreal and Beta5 Chocolates from Vancouver. 

Some of Canada’s lesser known chocolate-loving cities were also represented during the competition, too. There was Miss Chocolate from Hull, Quebec; Gusto Chocolates from Maple Ridge and Hummingbird Chocolate from Mississippi Mills, ON. Speaking of lesser known cities, there were also a fair number of lesser known chocolate flavours at this year’s competition – think Grandma’s rhubarb crumble, buttered popcorn or caramelized onion.

Vancouver’s Beta5 chocolates were awarded gold medals in the Milk – nut based praline with their Carrot Cake praline and also in the ganache and truffle mixed with dark/milk/white fillings category with their unique Yuzu curd flavoured chocolates. Once again, Beta5 won the dark chocolate ganach truffle section with their Fisherman’s Friend dark chocolate ganache truffle.

Meanwhile, Chez Christophe Chocolate Patisserie won silver in the White flavoured filled chocolate category and Gusto Chocolates won bronze in the Bars – flavour white chocolate section.

Photo Credit: Sean Neild

Photo Credit: Sean Neild

The Canadian winners are invited to enter the world finals held November 4–6 in London, England, where they will compete against the best from the European and Americas Semi-final rounds.

The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition recognizing excellence in fine chocolate making and in the products made with fine chocolate. The Awards were founded in 2012 based on years of experience running chocolate awards and other events in the UK, and are run by a group of international partners based in the UK, Italy and the USA. The Vancouver competition is run by Eagranie Yuh, author of The Chocolate Tasting Kit (Chronicle Books).

One lucky Inside Vancouver reader will have a chance to win a chocolate prize pack containing chocolates from Canadian National Competition Vancouver competitors plus a copy of the Chocolate Tasting Kit. To enter, tell us your favourite Vancouver chocolate maker in the comments section below. The winner will be chosen at random the afternoon of Tuesday, October 14.

UPDATE! Congrats to Daniel – the winner of the giveaway. Thanks to all who participated.

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91 Responses to Local Chocolatiers win big at Canadian National Chocolate Competition + Giveaway!

  1. kay

    my fav will always be Purdy’s – its accessible to most people in the lower mainland

    • Tom

      chocolate art

  2. Anna

    Mink chocolates – so so so good :)

  3. Christine

    Thomas Haas all the way. Always consistent, not afraid to try new flavours even on the drinks front (hot chocolate), has a great mix of super fun designs. You can pick something up for a youngster, something sophisticated to take to a dinner party and know you can sit down for a while to savour and enjoy in the company of good friends. Friendly staff and 9/10 you always see Thomas front of house chatting with customers or making their orders. He’s not just a back of house chef. One of his own recently set themselves up in business and I believe is doing super well.

  4. Pat

    rogers use to be, but they were also neighbours. now it’s Purdy’s, but any one that makes a chocolate high heel gets my marks.

  5. sharyle lyndon

    Thomas Haas

    • Carla Wertman

      thomas Haas

  6. Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France

  7. Jamilla Ng

    BETA5 Chocolates!!

  8. Karolina


  9. Wendy

    Thierry is my favorite!

  10. Julie

    XOXOLAT is my favourite at the moment.

  11. Philip T

    Purdy’s because they are always so conveniently accessible.

  12. Debbie

    xoxolat is my favourite and Purdy’s remains my trusted stand by in a chocolate emergency!

  13. Stacey R

    XOXOLAT :)

  14. Sarah

    Beta 5 is always my go-to when I want to wow friends and family!

  15. Chiharu

    Mink Chocolates is my favorite!!!

  16. Rebecca

    Beta 5!

  17. Praveena

    Mink chocolates

  18. Tammy

    Thomas Haas

  19. Jess DB

    Mink Chocolates! Yummm!

  20. Mabel Mak


  21. Amanda

    East Van Roasters by far! Amazingly delicious bean-to-bar chocolate and love watching it made in teh cholcolate lab. Also such a great solcial enterprise and community initiative that provides training and work to the women residents of the Rainier Hotel.

  22. Vince

    My favourite is Thomas Haas.

  23. Sarah N

    BETA5 Chocolate
    So creative; delicious
    So sad when its done

  24. Kathleen


  25. Isabela

    Mink chocolates!!!

  26. Beta 5 !!! I love their innovation and how unique everything is.

  27. Sherrill

    I first fell in love 20 years ago with their Rhubarb Chocolate. I’ve been true to Chocolate Arts ever since

  28. lynne

    Gem Chocolates–very fresh tasting!

  29. Erin

    Thomas Haas!

  30. Vivian


  31. Sara

    Thomas Haas

  32. Pany

    Thomas Haas

  33. Stephanie

    Thomas Haas :]

  34. Lucie

    Thomas Haas has been my favorite Chocolatier for years here on the West Coast! To die for!

  35. Marlene

    Thomas haas… For his chocolate and customer service!

  36. Vanessa

    Chocolate arts!

  37. Marissa

    Mink chocolates, so good!

  38. Tina

    Xoxolat. The west coast breakfast is so good!

  39. Shirley


  40. Sylvia


  41. Baylaker

    Thomas Haas. Or Mink.

  42. Ryan

    Purdy’s! They always use only the highest quality ingredients from across the world and it shows! I mean tastes! Orr umm…

  43. Courtney

    Beta 5 all the way!

  44. Melissa Hoffmann


  45. june

    Purdy’s (‘∀`)

  46. Lavina

    Beta5 or Thomas Haas….both amazing! Great service too!!!

  47. bessie

    purdy’s yum yum hedgehogs!

  48. Bons

    I’m going with Thomas Haas.

  49. L

    Thomas Haas!

  50. sharon

    Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France’s

    Their chocolate is simply delectable.

  51. Alice


  52. rannie


  53. Abrar

    BETA5! :D

  54. Thomas Haas! Xocolat is great too :)

  55. Vivian

    My favourite chocolatier in Vancouver is Thomas Haas! I spoke with him once and he joked with me that if I could finish the tiramisu cake I was having (meant for 6-7 people) by myself, then he’d hire me! That was one of the best tiramisus I’d ever had, haha. But I couldn’t finish the entire thing.

  56. Emil

    Charlies choaolate factory,

  57. Lorraine Kelly

    xuxolat is certainly number one for their quality and creativity! Always a great match with a great scotch! Purdy’s is a favorite standby as well!

  58. Angela moss

    Beta 5 no doubt

  59. Sanford Lam

    Xoxolat is my favorite overall! Cheers!! :)

  60. My Chocolate Tree

  61. Irina Y.A.

    Mink Chocolate!

  62. Crystal

    Xoxolat, the west coast breakfast one with coffee, maple syrup and bacon. That was amazing!

  63. Thomas Haas

  64. Angela


  65. Congrats Beta5 we love your delicious creations!

  66. Swapnil


  67. Alice

    Mmmm chocolate!!! I have lots of favorites, but recently it’s Xoxolat!

  68. Christine


  69. Taanya

    Great Chocolate is like a Good Wine, always better to have a few favorites…………….just in case

  70. Davida

    Rogets Chocolatrs! :)

  71. Jennifer K

    Mink chocolates is my favourite! Their Mermaid’s Choice bar is soooooo good! I also love Beta5, and Purdy’s. We are lucky so have so many awesome choices for local chocolatiers!

  72. Karen

    Beta 5 for their creativity

  73. Robert

    Beta5 Chocolates

  74. Marianne

    Koko Monk Chocolate

  75. Klare

    Charlie’s Chocolate Factory at 3746 Canada Way near Boundary in Burnaby is the home of a chocolate river.
    This place has candy and Callebaut chocolate from Belgium molded into every shape imaginable, even a chocolate toothbrush!

    The owner Charlie conducts educational tours for anyone, from Grade 1 students to seniors’ groups, to teach people about the business. He and his friendly staff always offer a free sample of chocolate to customers.

  76. SE

    Thomas Haas – reminds me of Patrick Roger

  77. Linda


  78. sam won

    Thomas HAAS !

  79. Daniel


  80. afrooz


  81. I have loved Chocolate Arts for years but recently tried DC Duby Wild Sweets. Yum.

  82. Gloria

    Chocolate Arts!

  83. Marilyn MASSOUD

    Thomas haas is a life changing experience

  84. SANDRA

    Chez Christophe not only makes excellent chocolate candies, but also chocolate mousses and pastries!

    I have also recently enjoyed Schokolade – especially their Sea Salt Lavender Caramel Single Origin Dark!

  85. CHRIS


    Wim Tas makes amazing looking and tasting confections. Available at Granville Island Market.

  86. Sandy

    Purdy’s because of their Sweet Georgia Browns!

  87. Mink!

  88. Ronin

    Koko Monk

  89. David

    Temper in west vancouver