Discovering Vancouver’s Trivia Scene

Photo Credit: o5com

Photo Credit: o5com

“This plant, whose name is derived from the Latin word for ‘milk’ is known for its milk-like juice and edible leaves. What is it?”

Know the answer?  I’ll give you a second.

Times up! It’s lettuce. And if you knew that, you’re smarter than I. Yes, this was a question at Falconetti’s Trivia Night last Tuesday, and unfortunately, I didn’t know the answer. I was stumped, and so were my teammates. But that is the nature of any trivia night— there will always be questions that stump you, and there will always be questions whose answers you know. That’s the fun of it!

If you’re a trivia night veteran, you know the feelings— the frustration of having absolutely no idea, the strategy of making an educated guess, and the thrill if being certain. If you’ve never been to a trivia night, well, maybe it’s time to try. And considering that in Vancouver, trivia nights are available almost every night of the week, you have no excuses! So warm up with an episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire or a few questions from the Trivial Pursuit game that’s been collecting dust on your shelf, and go test your mettle. Convinced? Good! Now, let’s look at some of the choices.

On Monday nights, where do you go to exercise your mind? Try Displace Hashery in Kitsilano (the fun begins at 8:30), where you can accompany all the brain-bending fun with excellent drink deals and a groovy vibe. But your choices don’t end there. On Mondays, the Bimini also hosts an excellent trivia night. The perks? Awesome bargains including a burger-and-beer deal for only $12. D’oh! I almost forgot— once a month, Monday’s also play host to a Simpsons-themed trivia night. The location varies (though lately, it’s been at the Waldorf), so stay glued to the event’s Facebook page if you’re interested in an evening complete with full Simpsons episodes between trivia rounds.

Photo Credit: Link-LeoB

Photo Credit: Link-LeoB

Tuesdays are also tremendous for trivia. As I mentioned, there’s Falconetti’s on Commercial Drive. There’s also a brilliantly brain-bending trivia night at the Lamplighter in Gastown. Not your neck of the woods? Try The Manchester on Broadway, where, along with great questions, you’ll find $10 pitchers, and $10 pizzas! Closer to kits? Try Gargoyles, where all questions come from the Quizmistress, who has become a fixture of the city’s trivia track.

On Wednesdays, give your mind a workout at The Bottleneck on Granville, just a few blocks from the SkyTrain station. 131 Water Kitchen and Bar also has a solid hump-day trivia night, just be sure to check their Facebook page for weekly hints! And of course, on the first and third Wednesday of each month, head to The Stormcrow on Commercial for trivia with a great, geeky twist!

Come Thursday, if you want Trivia with a rowdier backdrop, head to Samesun Hostel at 9:00, or try Yagger’s in Kitsilano for awesome questions and awesome prizes. And the options don’t end there—Darby’s, down on MacDonald and West 4th, also has terrific, Thursday night trivia.

Fixin’ to fill your Friday with fun? Head on down Eastside Craft House. There, you’ll find another trivia night hosted by the Quizmistress, complete with a high-stakes “lighting round.” The prize? Beer! A whole pitcher of it. The last Friday of each month is also, quite fittingly, home to The Friday Quiz, at The Park at English Bay. Head that way to play for awesome prizes!

Saturdays, unfortunately, are something of a trivia drought. But worry not, Vancouverites. Kick back, catch a game at a sports bar, and before you know it, it’ll be Sunday, when you can catch great night of trivia at Rowan’s Roof in Kitsilano. The evening is hosted by IQ 2000, who have been bringing trivia to Vancouver for over a decade. That, my friends, means time-tested, quality questions!

So, if the question is “should I go play trivia tonight?” in Vancouver, the answer should always be “yes!” Your options are plentiful, after all, and if you’re sharp enough, you might just find yourself on the receiving end of awesome prizes. Better still, there are bragging rights to be won. So, put on your thinking caps, Vancouverites, and get out there.

I’ll even leave you with a practice question:

“Which Canadian city has the smartest residents?”

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