Discovering Vancouver’s Board Game Bars

Photo credit: thebarrowboy

Photo credit: thebarrowboy

There’s no shortage of great watering holes in Vancouver. From nightclubs, to pubs, to sports bars, in this city, there are plenty of options for the thirsty. But what if, alongside a hankering for a cold beer or cocktail, you’ve also got a craving for Clue, an appetite for Apples to Apples, a yearning for Yahtzee?

Fear not, Vancouverites. In our fair city, there are a handful of great board game bars. So why not call up some friends, grab a table, and uncover whether it was Colonel Mustard in the conservatory with the candlestick, or Professor Plum in the kitchen with the poison?

If you’re in East Van, try The Storm Crow Tavern on Commercial Drive, where the combination of beer and board games is beefed up by a great, geeky twist.  Their selection includes everything from Settlers of Catan, to Cards Against Humanity, to Risk to Monopoly, all under a dazzling decor of light sabers, battle axes, ray guns, and photographs of some of the biggest names in Sci-Fi and fantasy. They’ve also got a slew of Choose Your Own Adventure books to keep you amused in case Monopoly doesn’t go your way. But Storm Crow’s strengths don’t end there: they’ve also got a mouth-watering menu and a drink list complete with shots with names like the “Martian Heat Ray,” (Tabasco and tequila) and the “Khal Drogo” (Malibu and peach schnapps). So, if you’re in East Van, sheath your scimitar, and hunker down at The Storm Crow for a night of fun.

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Then there’s Ludica Pizzeria and Game Room, at 189 Keefer Place. The name says it all. This should be your destination if you’re after some of Vancouver’s great pizza alongside an astounding array of board games. Yes, Ludica’s strength is in its selection— a roster of over 500 games, laid out, and organized by difficulty on several towering shelves. So, whether you’re after a time-intensive, challenging game, or something you can play with your kids, Ludica has something for you. Better still, you can keep your hands busy between turns with delicious local beer, and of course, any of their many, steaming pizza pies.

Last but not least on our list is Scoop! Yogurt in Kitsilano, which is perhaps a bit of a concession, as it doesn’t actually serve alcohol. But as its name suggests, it does serve frozen yogurt. And who doesn’t love frozen yogurt? Better yet, at Scoop! customers have the privilege of serving themselves— of scooping up as much yogurt and toppings as they want. So, once your hands are full with your suitably heaping serving, grab yourself a table, and intersperse delicious bites and sips of coffee with board game turns. At Scoop! the options include classics like Cranium and Monopoly, as well as foosball and air hockey tables. No, they may not serve alcohol, but the combination of frozen yogurt and games is a winning one without a doubt.

Photo Credit: Scoop!

Photo Credit: Scoop!

So, whether you’re after a pint and a seven-letter word on a triple word score, or a coffee and a hilariously vulgar card-combo in Cards against Humanity, Vancouver’s got something for you. There are the spots listed above, and more, which means you’re never far from good times. So, why wait? Roll the dice and make your move!

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