Here There Studios Brings Unique Food-Focused Events to Vancouver

Here There Events Vancouver

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You have probably never heard of Here There Studio before, but this dynamic, two-person team has been putting on unique and exciting events in Vancouver that are getting everyone excited. So excited that their events keep selling out shortly after they’ve been announced!

The focus of the studio is creating multi-sensory events, from pop-up dinners with local culinary talent to acclaimed speaking series to large scale street festivals and more.

While you may have not heard of Here There Studio themselves, you may have already caught wind of some of their past intriguing events, including:

  • The Golden Dumpling Cook-Off & Derby: An open air street festival in the heart of Chinatown that had top restaurants competing to create fresh takes on the dumpling, while 16 men and women gulped down dozens of dumplings to earn the title of Chinatown Dumpling Eating Champion.
  • The Great Outdoors: An evening of drink, food and story at the UBC Botanical Garden that celebrated nature with pies, punch, and a plethora of stories.
  • An Orphan Thanksgiving: A secret-dining experience for people in Vancouver who didn’t have a Thanksgiving dinner to go to, with gourmet food prepared by Annabelle Choi.
  • Das Lexikon: A fun-filled night of German appreciation, with beer, bratwurst, and a celebration of the idiosyncrasies of German culture.
here there studio vancouver

Images courtesy of Grady Mitchell |

Okay, hold up. All those events sound pretty awesome. So how did you not hear about them?! Even though Here There Studio doesn’t seem to do a lot of marketing, they have a huge following for their events from word-of-mouth.

If you like the sound of what they’ve got going, your best bet is to subscribe to their newsletter or keep refreshing their website.

This moth, Here There Studio is hosting two exciting events that have already sold out (but maybe tickets will pop up on Craigslist):

  • Roaman evening dedicated to experiencing live classical music in a relaxed, intimate dinner setting with an inspired menu by chef Annabelle Choi.
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox Sensory Cinema Experience, a tasty new way of experiencing movies. Sensory Cinema serves food and cocktails that are inspired by special moments in the Wes Anderson classic, prepared by award-winning chef Brian Skinner.

If you don’t want to miss out on the next event produced by Here There Studios, make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to stay on top of their unique and interesting monthly happenings!

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