Soft Peaks Organic Soft Serve Causes Gastown Sensation


Although it’s making a comeback in Asia, New York and LA, soft serve ice cream in Canada has always had a bad rep of being an over-sugared blend of cream and chemicals. However, two new ice cream kids on the block plan to change all that with Soft Peaks, Vancouver’s first 100% organic Avalon milk-based soft serve.

Co-Owners Dan and Ken Kim weren’t expecting line-ups when they soft opened last week, but they hadn’t counted on the city’s foodies, so when word got out on social media, queues began forming outside the small store on Alexander Street. “We thought that if we sold as much as 200 portions all day it would be incredible,” laughs Dan. “But within two hours of opening we’d sold out of everything. We had to go and buy a second ice-cream machine to keep up with demand.”


Ice-cream fans from as far afield as Seattle and Maple Ridge came to try Soft Peaks’s cones and cups which come topped with gourmet treats like Fraser Valley honeycomb, yuzu marmalade, Tim Tam cookie crumbles, or organic maple syrup and Himalayan pink salt. The Kim brothers plan to change up toppings on a regular basis, with inspiration coming from their friend’s stories of what they used to love to eat with milk as kids.

Prepare for an Instagram soft serve overload when the brothers open their doors this week.

Have you tried Soft Peaks yet? What’s your favourite topping? I loved the Himalayan pink salt with organic maple syrup.

Soft Peaks will be open Wednesday-Sunday weekly from 12:00pm-9:00pm at 25 Alexander St, Vancouver.

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