$139,000 Whisky on Sale in BC Liquor Store in Vancouver

THE DALMORE CONSTELLATION COLLECTION - The Dalmore ConstellationAmong Vancouver residents, seeing high prices at B.C. Liquor Stores is nothing new.  Still, this price tag is bound to raise some eyebrows.

As of this week, shoppers can find a set of four vintage whiskies on sale for $139,000 inside the Signature Liquor Store on Cambie Street and 39th Avenue in Vancouver.

Dating from the 1960s, the single-malt whiskies are from Scotland’s Dalmore distillery, a favourite among connoisseurs as well as investors in rare whiskies.  The four-bottle set includes a 1964 vintage, one of only 67 bottles ever created, as well as a 1966 vintage and two 1969 vintages.

Each whisky comes in a hand-blown crystal decanter with a solid silver stag emblem, the distillery’s logo.

Dalmore is already famous for its ultra high-end whisky offerings. DalmorePatersongroupbottlesonblacype+finalIn 2010, it produced a limited three-bottle run called Trinitas. The first two bottles sold for $190,000 each, while the third sold for $229,000.  Currently on the market is the Dalmore Paterson Collection, said to be the world’s most expensive whisky. Valued at nearly $2 million, it has yet to find a buyer.

So why would anyone pay that much for a bottle of booze? For buyers, it’s less about the taste than about the long-term investment. “With instability in the stock markets worldwide, investors are looking for alternative sources of asset appreciation,” said David Robertson, Dalmore’s Director of Rare Whisky in an official press release. “Whisky as an alternative investment has shown remarkable growth …”

Photo credit: Justin | Flickr

Photo credit: Justin | Flickr

According to an article in the retirement and investment magazine High 50 (and cited by Vancity Buzz), whisky is one of the highest-return assets out there. The 1,000 best-performing investment-grade bottles of whisky appreciated by 23.8 percent in 2013. Experts report that annual increases of 15 percent are commonplace.

In other words, instead of doubling down on your mutual funds this RRSP season, it might make sense to head down to the liquor store.

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